Shincheonji’s Bible Seminar in Seoul, on 22nd Apr: “Testimony on the Fulfillment of Revelation’

On 22nd Apr, Shincheonji Held a Grand Bible Seminar for Pastors Under the Theme of ‘Testimony on the Fulfillment of Revelation’ in Seoul, South Korea

Shincheonji Church of Jesus (Shincheonji for short) held a Bible seminar for pastors in Seoul (the capital city of South Korea), South Korea. Many pastors participated in the seminar and the instructor was Lee Man Hee, Chairman of Shincheonji. As in the title, the reference verses were whole chapters of Revelation. Chairman Lee summarized and explained the core events of Revelation from Rev 1.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus is a church that survived – even grew fast globally – during the pandemic. The chairman of the church is the promised pastor in Revelation who saw and heard all fulfillment of Revelation and built the church according to the prophecy in Revelation. Churches in various denominations outside of South Korea signed MOU for the religious exchange between the churches and Shincheonji Church and they are requesting Shincheonji to send instructors to teach their church members. Even in some countries, several churches changed their signboards to include ‘Shincheonji’ as their denomination.

Shincheonji has a special process to join the church, which requires the potential church members to study the Bible and graduate from the free Bible course by passing the graduation exams. After that, they celebrate the graduation of the graduates by holding a graduation ceremony every year (which means they discharge graduates every year).

Shincheonji held a ceremony to celebrate 103,764 graduates in 2019. During the pandemic, Shincheonji held another 100,000-graduation ceremony to celebrate 106,186 graduates in 2022 (around 70,000 graduates graduated from 2020 to 2021). The religious field was greatly shaken because this unprecedented event – discharging around 100,000 graduates in a year from a single denomination or a theology school – happened twice in the same organization. While other churches are having a hard time during the pandemic, Shincheonji grew even bigger than before the pandemic. What’s the secret? Shincheonji Chairman answered that there are words in the Bible in Shincheonji.

To spread the fulfillment of Revelation to carry out the mission as Jesus’ messenger (Rev22:16), since 2021, Shincheonji held Bible seminars online and streamed them on its official YouTube channel, however, this seminar was held offline.

Opening the seminar, Chairman Lee introduced himself that he was a rural farmer and never attended a church or learned the Bible in the religious world until he was chosen by Jesus. He said because he wanted to know the audience that what he will say is what he saw and heard, not the word from men.

He said that when heaven prophesized, recorded, and sealed something, no one can know the contents until heaven opens and shows. That’s how he knew the word of Revelation. Revelation has recorded thousands of years ago, however, no one in the world or in heaven couldn’t know the fulfillment until Revelation was fulfilled. However, now, he stood in front of the pastors to testify about the fulfillment of Revelation. What an astonishing fact it is! God didn’t prophesize what he won’t fulfill.

When Mt24 was fulfilled, the world didn’t change a bit. (At Jesus’ first coming,) Even though many things happened in Jerusalem, the world would marry and give marry (Mt24) and won’t change. It was religious events, not wars or events of the world. It is applied to the fulfillment of Revelation, too. In Revelation, it is said that when it’s fulfilled, you shouldn’t add or subtract from the prophecy. Explaining this, Chairman Lee asked the audience if they added or subtracted from Revelation. He added that he stood here to tell what he saw and heard because he knew the fulfillment.

In Rev1, God sent an angel to John to let his servants know about what must soon take place. John carried out what he was told to.

In Rev2-3, to fulfill Revelation, Jesus took the seven stars, came, and worked. Jesus explained that the seven stars and the golden lampstands were seven messengers and seven churches. Chairman Lee said that he didn’t see the moment when those seven were chosen by Jesus, however, he knew that they are the messengers of Jesus because Jesus showed him. Those seven messengers of Jesus sinned. As how it’s written in Rev2-3, Nicolaitans, Satan’s pastors, came into God’s churches and fed Satan’s doctrines, their food, to those seven. Not knowing this fact, those sevens ate food and abided by the teaching of Nicolaitans. Like how it’s recorded in Rev1:9, after the incident in Rev2-3, Jesus chose a person and explained about the seven messengers and Nicolaitans. Then, he told the person to send letters to them to make them repent. The content of the letters is to fight against Nicolaitans, Satan’s pastors, and defeat them. Then, they’ll be rewarded with the promised blessings in Rev2-3. This newly chosen person – not those seven messengers – appeared after the seven messengers and Nicolaitans’ appearance. When Jesus appeared to him and explained he wasn’t in flesh. He was the spirit with his great dignity.

The content of the letters doesn’t include only the good news. There was bad news, too. That would risk the sender to the result of being beaten to death, therefore, the sender had to strengthen his mind. Since Jesus showed him the faces and names of the seven messengers, he could send letters.

After sending the letters, the one who told him to send letters (Jesus) called him to heaven like in Rev4. In heaven, he saw the spirits moving rapidly as lightning. It was because since Rev 1, 2, and 3 were fulfilled, they were busy fulfilling the rest of the prophecy as God who promised it fulfilled it. He saw those movements and God’s throne in the spiritual realm. Chairman Lee said, “While the spirits work busily, people who would receive salvation don’t know and stay idly. If they knew, they should work hard, following God’s will.” He explained, then, he heard that God and his throne will descend to the earth.

This was fulfilled in Rev14 where there are people who were born with God’s seeds, were harvested, and were sealed with God’s word.

In Rev15, this place in Rev14 is called the Temple of Tabernacle of Testimony because people saw and heard the fulfillment of Revelation and therefore, they could testify. Since God was there, people would go there to worship God.

Chairman Lee advised, “This word is the path to seek and go where God is. If we follow this word without being distracted, won’t we find and go to the place where God is? If you don’t take the Bible seriously and won’t believe in the Bible, you can’t be called a believer. The more you know about the Bible, you realize how precious this word is. If we enter paradise, the kingdom of God, after following this word, it’d be lucky for us. However, if we can’t go there because we believed the Bible in the wrong way while not knowing the word, we would go to hell where we will be punished forever. Aren’t we believing in God at a crossroads of heaven and hell? God’s word isn’t a lie. The prophecy won’t be added or subtracted when it’s fulfilled, right? Shouldn’t our beliefs be absolute? There are many believers in this world, however, their destination is one place: this place in Rev15. It’s not a bragging thing to say that I go to church every day. Believers are who realize and believe God’s word. Since we can’t enter the kingdom of heaven when we added or subtracted Revelation, I’m telling you this.” He emphasized that the importance of learning Revelation is for themselves (the audience), not for others. When they realize this word, only then, they could teach it to others. While it’s important, there’s only one they should seek and go to learn this word because he ate the scroll of Revelation given by the angel, who was sent by Jesus in Rev10. The scroll was sealed with seven seals and was lying on God’s right hand, then Jesus took it, opened those seals in Rev6 and Rev8, then gave it to the angel to deliver it to John. John ate the scroll, only he would teach the word he had.

In Rev8, after the last seventh seal was opened, seven trumpets appeared. In Rev6, the chosen people (people in the seven golden lampstands) were kicked out and killed in Rev8 and 9. People who saw this shouted and let people know what was happening. That’s compared to the ‘trumpet sound’ as the voice of a person was compared to the trumpet sound in the Old Testament.

In Rev11:15, when the seventh trumpet sounded, the kingdom of the world became the kingdom of God. This amazing news is blown with the seventh trumpet, after opening the seven seals.

In Rev10, John ate the opened scroll that was given by the angel sent by Jesus. At the first coming, Jesus said in Mt15:24 that he ate the scroll as it’s written in Ezk3 and testified. Like so, Revelation should be eaten and be testified by a person. However, this person who ate the scroll at the second coming of Jesus isn’t Jesus. He’s the apostle of Jesus, John. From the person who ate Revelation, Revelation is testified. The one who saw this could testify the events to people. Chairman Lee said, “It’s evildoing when those who didn’t see the fulfillment nor didn’t eat the scroll teach “this means that” or “that means this”. It’s acting their own way when God gave them anything. Several years ago, false pastors insisted that the fulfillment is about the Soviet Union, or the United States, or China. How much they babbled about? Shouldn’t they repent?” Saying this, he testified that he knew the faces and names of the seven messengers. If he didn’t know their names, he wouldn’t be able to send letters to them. The reason he didn’t tell their names in public, is because there is a defamation law (in South Korea. Whether the content is true or not when a person’s reputation is harmed because of information shared with others, the person who told information is punished). Telling the seven messengers’ names and labeling them as the ‘betrayers’ in Revelation could put him in jail.

In Rev11, the person who ate the scroll testified to the “many peoples, nations, languages and kings”. When he testified, a strange thing happened. Enemies emerged and rampaged thoughtlessly and were killed. A person who ate the scroll also experienced great pain in Rev11. However, in verse 15, the result will be the kingdom of the world will become the kingdom of God.

In Rev2-3, Jesus told the messengers seven times to fight against Nicolaitans, Satan’s pastors, and defeat them. This happens in Rev12, the one who sent the letters and his brothers fought against and defeated their enemies with the blood of Jesus and the word of testimony. There had been histories of the work of Satan and the work of God. Therefore, there are wars between them. There was a history of people sinning and will be events of people being saved. People, who came out from a woman who wore the sun, moon, and stars, fought against the group of the dragon and won. In Rev2-3, the rewards for defeating those enemies were promised. Therefore, they get to receive this promise. In Rev 3:12, it’s promised that the name of the Holy City Jerusalem, of God, and the new name of Jesus will be written on the one who overcomes and Jesus will let him sit with Jesus on the throne of Jesus.

What happens to the group of the dragon? They invaded God’s church, the kingdom of God, however, they were defeated and hurled down. When this happened, the next thing happened as it was written, “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ.” When this is fulfilled, the kingdom and people of God existed in Rev 7.

Rev6 was about judgment, however, Rev7 is about sealing God’s people with the word of God. They are the same people described in Rev14: 144,000. They are people who were harvested and sealed when Revelation is being fulfilled. God’s throne is where they are. Chairman Lee emphasized, “If you deny this, it means you don’t believe in the Bible. God’s throne is where the twelve tribes are. The ripened fruits were harvested and brought here. Do you have twelve tribes in your churches or your denominations? Do we have to discard the twelve tribes in Revelation? They are sealed people. They are born of God’s seeds. They are people who were created as the new heaven and the new earth, not the first heaven and the first earth in the time of Revelation. How could you reject or discard them? They can’t be discarded if you do. In Rev 21, God and the kingdom of heaven come. To where would they come? God’s kingdom will come to the twelve tribes, which were fulfilled on earth as it is in heaven, right? If it’s not true, give evidence that it’s not true.”

In Rev16, those who are victorious poured bowls. In fact, they are the bowls. Literal bowls can’t catch the word. Only people can contain the word. Therefore, God took these people pouring the word of testimony and made them bowls. They were filled with the word of God’s wrath and poured it into the place where the betrayers and destroyers were. The place was called Babylon. Babylon was devastated. That’s why the one who overcomes and people of God who were created according to the word, are needed.

In Rev17, there is a great prostitute. A lot of people ate the food she gave like in Rev2. Not a few people, all people ate it. In Rev18, it is recorded that all the nations drank the maddening wine of adultery that was given by Babylon. While this was happening, God’s work began, right? In this situation, would Satan’s affiliation obey God? That’s why there were wars and conflicts. “All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.” was recorded in Mt10 because there are hardships like this.

In Rev18, all nations drank the maddening wine of adultery that was given by Babylon. The judgment upon Babylon here won’t be done by saints fighting against them. It is said that God will judge them with fire. Revelation was fulfilled by Rev17. Rev18 will be fulfilled. When it’s fulfilled, it’s not like we don’t fight against them to judge. God will judge them with fire. Chairman Lee said, “If I said that Revelation was fulfilled by chapter 17, don’t you have to see if this is true? Don’t just call Shincheonji cult or heresy. That’s a behavior for the unlearned. We have the Bible. Shouldn’t we compare it with the Bible and then argue, saying “This is described in the Bible like this, not like you insisted. Why did you testify like that?” If you don’t use your Bible to argue, you’re considering your mouth to be God. If you wish to use your mouth to blame, go to a mountain and take it out to a tree. Even the tree won’t like that. You should use the Bible to argue.”

When Rev 19, the wedding banquet of the Lamb is fulfilled written in Rev 19. After Rev18 ends, in Rev 19:1, it says “after this.” After this, the wedding banquet of the Lamb is held. Rev 18 wasn’t fulfilled yet. Since it’s not fulfilled yet, the wedding banquet of the Lamb in Rev 19 that happens “after” Rev 18.

After getting married, you can enter the first resurrection in Rev 20. This is the process of fulfillment and the order of salvation. When Rev 20 happens, the Holy City New Jerusalem and God come as it’s described in Rev 21.

Advising the audience to check with the Bible and to teach the word according to 5W1H, Chairman Lee again highlighted the importance of knowing Revelation correctly and teaching it to the church members.

With love towards the audience, Chairman Lee suggested the audience be one in God, Jesus, and the kingdom of heaven, by realizing the word of eternal life – the book of God, the Bible – and going to the kingdom of heaven, and praise God with our gratitude and glory.

Closing the seminar with a warm request, he shouted “WE ARE ONE!”

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