Shincheonji Volunteers Cheongju Branch Provided “Outreach Health Services”

Here’s an article published by Dongyang Ilbo from South Korea covering Shincheonji Volunteers Cheongju Branch!

Shincheonji Volunteers Cheongju Branch (Branch Manager is Je Mu-gyeom) provided outreach health services around Cheongju Church Shelter and Cheongnamdae on Mar. 2nd, 2023.

It’s the sixth outreach health service they provide. Shincheonji Volunteer Cheongju branch expanded the range of the service subjects to disabled and local residents last year and approximately twenty disabled people and local residents received blood pressure checks and hand massages on its sixth service.

Especially, many reacted to Shincheonji Volunteers Cheongju branch since they provided more services like a Cheongnamdae walking program and a table tennis coaching program under the theme of ‘Trip About Five Senses – Mental Treatment Volunteer Services for Disabled’ this year.

“Outreach Health Services” is a free medical service for disadvantaged people from medical treatment like foreign workers, the disabled, etc.

Je Mu-gyeom, the Branch Manager of Shincheonji Volunteers Cheongju Branch, said, “Cheongju branch had been providing volunteer services regularly every month such as “Love Nation, Share Peace Event”, “Good Charity, Good Spending Campaign”, “The More, the Better Campaign”, “Nature, let’s be Green Campaign”, etc. We’ll keep sharing love with the local community through volunteer services like heaven gives everyone light, rain, and air for nothing.”

(Shincheonji Volunteers provide different programs by branch; as above, Cheongju branch runs campaigns/programs about spreading the spirit of peace, helping poor people, environmental campaigns, etc.)


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