Promised Pastor of Shincheonji Held Bible Seminar in the Philippines on 24th Jan 2023

Lee Man Hee, Chairman of Shincheonji, went abroad for the first time in three years since the COVID-19 pandemic. Answering the swarming invitations from the pastors in the Philippines, Shincheonji held a Bible Seminar for Pastors on 24th Jan 2023. Lee Man Hee, the promised pastor from Revelation, preached about the entire book of Revelation. If you missed the live stream on the official Shincheonji YouTube channel, here’s a way to watch it.

This seminar was held at the sincere request of the local pastors in the Philippines amid a global revival following the 100,000 graduation ceremony of Shincheonji last year (12 tribes of Shincheonji discharged more than 100,000 graduates within a year in 2022.).

As the promised pastor in Revelation and the witness of the realization of Revelation, he testified the prophecy and fulfillment of Revelation that no one in the world could resolve (Rev22:8, 16).

Rev22:18-19 says that anyone who adds or subtracts from the book of Revelation can’t enter the kingdom of heaven and receive only disasters that were described in Revelation. That’s why knowing the meaning of the prophecy in Revelation and its fulfillment matters. In order not to add or subtract from Revelation, you must know the book perfectly. If you had done this before, listen to the pastor who received the book and saw the fulfillment of Revelation on site and realize the true meaning of Revelation.

2 thoughts on “Promised Pastor of Shincheonji Held Bible Seminar in the Philippines on 24th Jan 2023

    • You can check the verses here!
      To summarize the post above, he was chosen by Jesus (Rev1), sent letters to the seven messengers (Rev2-3), went up to the spiritual realm and saw God’s throne, and heard that God would come (Rev4-5). He saw how the plague of seven seals was fulfilled (Rev6 and Rev8) and he was one of the seven trumpets in Rev 8 and Rev9. He ate the opened scroll that the angel gave (Rev10), and he was the witness in Rev11. He fought and defeated the group of the dragon (Rev12) and saw how the Tabernacle Temple people received the mark of the beast and how those beasts were (Rev13). (There are more verses to list, but it’d make the comment too long.) There are so many chapters where the promised pastor appears because he has to be on-site where Revelation is fulfilled (Rev 22:8). I hope this answers your question well.


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