Over ‘20,000,000’ Views – Shincheonji Church of Jesus Online Bible Seminar… “Hear It For Yourself”

I found an article about the ongoing Shincheonji online Bible seminar! Check this out if you had been wondering what’s all the fuss about. Below is a summary of the article.


Since Oct. 2021, Shincheonji has been sharing its word with the public by holding online Bible seminars on YouTube. So far, Shincheonji has uploaded three courses: Introduction, Intermediate, and Revelation class. Summing all views of those seminar videos on its official YouTube channel, the views are over 22,000,000. More than 60,000 people subscribed to the channel during the seminars. It’s a tremendous number of views, considering the views of religious lecture or seminar videos mostly stay under 10,000.

Among the views, the first three videos of the Shincheonji Revelation lecture are the most popular. It seems like the lecture drew the attention of not only the church members, but also the pastors since churches or seminaries barely teach Revelation.

According to Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the pastors were highly interested in the Shincheonji online Bible seminar videos.

Shincheonji official said, “Non-religious people, those who began to be interested in the Bible, or those who want to learn the word deeply would take classes on Internet Zion Mission Center. On the other hand, elders, seminary students, and pastors prefer to watch YouTube lectures because they feel burdened. More people are asking us for the private Bible course or textbooks after watching the YouTube lectures. Therefore, we’re seeking various ways to teach.”

In 2020 – the pandemic, Shincheonji rapidly converted its curriculums and educational systems online. As a result, in the COVID19 pandemic, while other churches are having difficulties because the number of members keeps decreasing, Shincheonji keeps growing. Over 100,000 newly registered to Shincheonji online Bible class in the first half of this year.

Moreover, about 3,600 individuals and groups asked Shincheonji to send Shincheonji Bible textbooks and instructors to teach them. Over 3,000 places are already received textbooks and learning from Shincheonji instructors. According to Shincheonji Church of Jesus, 3,624 organizations signed the MOU with Shincheonji (reported on 6th Jul).

A pastor from Germany who has been attending the Shincheonji seminars asked, “It’ll be great if Shincheonji worker gives preach in the event of our church. Please send instructors so that my acquaintances in Africa can learn this word as well.”

Shincheonji Church of Jesus said, “Since last year, more and more pastors are signing MOUs on the exchange between churches after watching online seminars on YouTube. As there are many requests for textbooks and instructor dispatch, we are thoroughly preparing for this.”

The pastors are learning the word of Shincheonji Church and asking Shincheonji for instructor dispatch. This is an utterly unexpected change! I hope the pastors and seminary students also can learn the deep word of God soon. I heard they can’t attend online classes, worrying about persecution. Things will change soon, so I guess that day will come sooner. Glad to share amazing news!

If you’re considering taking the Shincheonji online Bible course, register here!

One thought on “Over ‘20,000,000’ Views – Shincheonji Church of Jesus Online Bible Seminar… “Hear It For Yourself”

  1. This is a beautiful post. All seminars were brilliant. Chairman Lee is truly the promised pastor and messenger whom Jesus sent for the churches (Rev 22:8, 16). I see why many pastors, believers and those with a curiosity in Christianity are listening to the word from Shincheonji.


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