[Revelation Chapter 17] Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant

Before watching the lecture, please read Rev17 for a better understanding.

Today’s lecturer is Lee Seongju, Simon Tribe Leader.

The content of Rev17 is about how the Great Prostitute, who made the whole world drunken with the maddening wine of adultery, is punished.

In the Bible, a woman is a parable of a pastor because the pastor receives the seed of word from the groom (God) (Gal4:19, 2Cor11:2). A prostitute is a false pastor who committed adultery with the evil spirit. The Great Prostitute is a figurative expression of the head pastor of Stewardship Education Center where used to train all pastors of Korea (Reality: Mr. Earth).

She’s sitting on the many waters. The angel says that many waters are peoples, multitudes, nations, and languages. They’re under the reign of the Great Prostitutes.

Kings of the earth who committed adultery along with the prostitute are the pastors who belong to the Great Prostitute’s organization. The inhabitants of the earth are the members of these pastors.

They’re drunk in maddening wine of adultery. Wine in the Bible means the word (Jn15:1, Isa5:1-7). The wine of adultery is like a fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil: they’re a mixture of Jesus’ word and Satan’s lies (Dt32:31-33, Dn4:20-22). What’s this mixture? In reality, it’s the commentary books.

In Revelation, the devil feeds the whole world the wine of adultery (Rv17:2-5, 18:2-3). On contrary, Jesus gives the hidden manna through the one who overcomes (Rv2:17), which is the revealed word you’re listening to now.

The angel who showed the Great Prostitute brings John to a desert. Desert in the Bible is where there’s a test of the devil (Mt4:1-11, Rv17:6). The Great Prostitute is riding on a red beast that has seven heads and ten horns. They’re the destroyers who overtook the first heaven, the tabernacle temple (Rv13:2, Rv12:3-4). In reality, the beast is seven pastors from Stewardship Education Center and Mr. Snake who is from the tabernacle temple.

On her forehead, a name is written: Babylon the Great. Babylon is a parable of the nation of the evil spirits (Rv18:2, 17:5). Like Babylon in history destroyed Jerusalem (Jer25), the chosen people’s city, the destroyers called Babylon destroyed the tabernacle temple. Her name on her forehead, Babylon, is a secret. One who knows the secret is one who saw and heard all events of Revelation. The reason why it was ‘secret’, it’s because no one including the Great Prostitute herself didn’t know Babylon is the Great Prostitute. In reality, the one who knows the secret of Babylon is the Chairman of Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

The Great Prostitute is described as a mother of all prostitutes and all the abominations on the earth. The prostitutes are the false pastors who received Satan’s doctrines (Rev16:14, 17:2). The abominations are the members who belong to the prostitutes (false pastors) (Rev17:2). The reason why she is a mother of them is that she trained and was raised with Satan’s doctrine as their teacher (Rev9:11, 18:7).

The beast of seven heads and ten horns has also a secret. Its seven heads are seven hills (mountains) and seven kings. The seven heads are the seven leading pastors who received authority from Satan (Rev13:1-2). Seven mountains mean seven churches (Jer51:25) and seven kings are the seven pastors who rule the seven churches (1Pt2:9). They’re the seven pastors from Stewardship Education Center.

It is said that five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come. Fallen five are five pastors out of seven. They enjoyed their power, but they were scattered and destroyed. The one that exists now is Mr. Earth of Stewardship Education Center. The other who didn’t come yet is another Mr. Earth who had the same surname as the Great Prostitute, Mr. Earth. In reality, he participated in at the end and had authority for a while, then he left. There is also the eighth king, the beast who once was, and now is not. He’s Mr. Snake who is from the tabernacle temple (Rev13:11, 17:8). He enjoyed his authority as a destroyer. However, evangelists in the tabernacle had trouble with him, so he fled to Jeju island, then he came back to enjoy his authority again. He’s named as the eighth king because he took over all the authority beating the seven pastors at the end.

It has ten horns. Horns are the authority figures attached to the head. The head is the leader and pastor in the Bible (Isa9:15). Ten horns are ten authority figures who belong to Mr. Snake, who is the eighth king. They’re the ten elders in reality. They didn’t receive a kingdom. That means, they don’t have a church to rule. They have one purpose and give their power and authority to the beast. This one purpose is destroying the Great Prostitute (Rev17:16-17).

There’s an event of calling out and being chosen. This is the Passover at the second coming. What does called, chosen, and faithful followers win? It means they overcome the Great Prostitute and the beast with the seven heads and ten horns and come out to the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony (Rev15:2, 16:2, 18:4). Jesus is calling the chosen people who are captured under Satan who are destined to death, to come out to life. At the first coming Jews were under Pharisees who are Satan’s pastors. Jesus testified revealed the word of the prophecies in the Old Testament. People escaped from the reign of Satan to Jesus. This is the event they came out from death to life, which is the Passover at the first coming. Like so, Christians are coming out from death to life after listening to the revealed word of the prophecy of the New Testament. This is the Passover at the second coming and it is happening now.

Ten horns and the beast hate the Great Prostitute, bring her to ruin, and leave her naked. This means the ten elders and the eighth king, Mr. Snake revealed the shameful flaw that she committed adultery with the evil spirits along with the inhabitants of the earth.

Then, they even eat her flesh and burn her with fire. They thought the Great Prostitute’s doctrines were God’s food and ate it. However, after they were judged, they learned that the doctrines were lies. They betrayed the Great Prostitute and judged her. They used the Great Prostitute and turned against her (Jn6:55, Jer5:14). This word revealing that the doctrines are wrong, becomes a fire to judge her. To sum up, after the judgment, Mr. Snake (the eighth king) and ten elders became a team and kicked out Mr. Earth, the Great Prostitute. That’s how Mr. Snake became the last pastor who had the authority to rule the tabernacle. However, he and the elders will be completely judged at the end.

In this chapter, an angel brings New John to a desert and tells him the secrets of the Great Prostitute and the beast with the seven heads and ten horns. The angel also tells him that with New John, Jesus will call out his captured people from Babylon. Then, the beast with ten horns will judge the Great Prostitute and take over her nation.

The lecturer, Simon Tribe Leader Lee Seongju, closes the lecture by saying, “Let us become one in God and in this word. Let us become one family. Let us love each other and forgive each other. During the 6,000 years of history, many people believed in God but didn’t keep the promise of God. For us, however, let us be the ones who keep the New Covenant, by understanding the prophecy and the testimony of the prophecy and the fulfillment of the Revelation, God’s New Covenant. By doing so, let us all receive the blessings of heaven and eternal life together. We are one in God. WE ARE ONE!”

If you’re interested in listening to the revealed word, please register for the application here. Shincheonji teaches God’s word for free as God promised in the Bible.

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