[Revelation Chapter 10] Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant

This chapter covers the event when the chosen pastor received and digested the open scroll that was given by heaven. This also has many parables to understand, so let’s begin the lecture if you have finished reading Rev 10.

Today, Jang Bang-sik, the leader of Matthias Tribe will teach Rev 10.

The picture of the process of the delivery of Revelation for better understanding.

The book in Rev 10 is the sealed scroll that was in God’s right hand in Rev 5. As we learned from the previous lessons, Jesus took the scroll and opened it by breaking the seals one by one. In Rev 9, the scroll is completely opened. This opened scroll is now handed to the angel, then to John in Rev 10.

The picture of another might angel’s appearance for better understanding.

In the beginning, another mighty angel comes down from heaven with an open scroll in his hand. This angel resembled Jesus described in Rev1:13-16. This implies the angel comes according to Jesus’ promise and delivers Jesus’ revelation. In his hand, there’s an open scroll. As I mentioned above, this scroll is the scroll, the prophecy of Revelation, in Rev 5 and opened by Jesus, which means Jesus fulfilled Revelation. Since Jesus handed this to the angel, the angel gives it to John according to spread the word to the servants as God wishes.

This mighty angel is standing on the land and the sea. In Dan7:3, 17, four beasts rose from the sea. This sea reappears in Rev17 as ‘many waters’ and seven heads and ten horns beast, where the Great Prostitute sits. This implies the destroyers and the organization of destroyers.

His left foot is on the land. Where’s the land? It implies the congregation members of the first tabernacle where chosen people betrayed God (Jer17:13, Rev13:7-8).

Standing on those betrayers and destroyers and shouting means the angel judges them with the revealed word (Jn5:22, Jn12:48, Rev20:12). This is shown to John so that he can judge them in reality, according to what he has seen (Heb8:5, Jn5:19, Rev16).

When the angel shouts, seven thunders shout together. John tries to write it down, but the angel stops it. The sound of angels and thunders is the wrath of God, which judges with the open scroll.

The angel stops John when he tries to write it down. Why? It’s because the word is already in the open scroll. He’s to eat the scroll and teach the content, so there’s no need to write it down (Rev10:8-11)

This angel standing on the land and the sea says, “There will be no more delay!” This book of prophecy took about 2,000 years to be delivered to us. However, when it is fulfilled, it’ll be fulfilled quickly.

The angel also says that when the seventh trumpet sounds, the mystery of God will be accomplished.

This seventh trumpet sounds in Rev 11:15. When it is sounded, the kingdom of the world becomes the kingdom of God. After leaving the world in Gen6, God finally will come back to reign the world, his creation. About this mystery, Apostle Paul talked about the last trumpet in 1Cor15:51-54. When the last trumpet, the seventh trumpet sounds, the dead will be raised imperishable and we will be changed. It said that the saying that is written will come true: “Death has been swallowed up in victory.”

Knowing the meaning, this mystery matters. It’s a matter of resurrection and the eternal life that believers had been dreamed about. We shouldn’t miss the seventh trumpet sound to gain this blessing and meet the seventh trumpet, the promised pastor.

After the angel proclaims that, the voice that John heard from heaven speaks to him: “Take the scroll.” When John approached the angel, he says “Take it and eat it. It will turn your stomach sour, but in your mouth it will be as sweet as honey.” Then, John takes it and eats it, and felt the same as the angel said. John was told that he must prophesy again about many people, nations, languages, and kings.

The open scroll lying on the angel’s hand is the revealed Revelation. Eating it means digesting the whole word and carving it into his heart. This happened when the promised pastor was praying on Prayer Mountain in Indeokwon, Korea, in 1980.

What’s the meaning of the sourness and sweetness of the scroll? Was the angel bullying John? In Ezk3:2-3, the son of man eats this scroll, and he experienced the same thing. If you have been learning from this Revelation seminar, you would have experienced this ‘sweetness’. Learning new things that you have been wondering and knowing the word that had been hidden brings joy.

However, the promised pastor instantly realized: he is the one who has to spread this word when no one wants to listen. His path will be filled with persecution, but still, he has to go. In Rev11, two witnesses are killed while testifying the revealed word. People hate them to their guts and want to kill them. Even so, it’s his mission to teach.

At the first coming, the reality of the promised pastor in the Old Testament prophecy was Jesus. He received an open scroll as it was promised in Ezk1-3 (Mt15:24).

At the second coming, the reality of the promised pastor in the New Testament prophecy was New John. After opening the sealed scroll that appeared in Rev5, he receives and eats the open scroll in Rev10.

His mission is to teach this word as he had eaten the scroll. He also has to deliver the fulfillment of Revelation based on what he saw and heard. He was at the place where all events of Revelation happened. Since he’s the only person who saw and heard all things and who ate the scroll, he’s the only one who can deliver the truth. This revealed word was top-secret and was given only to one person. Therefore, believers who want to meet true God and Jesus in the kingdom of heaven and enjoy eternal life must listen to this only one. This prophecy says at the end: do not add anything to this book or do not take words away from this book. Only those who didn’t add or take words away from this book will go to heaven.

Jang Bang-sik, the leader of Matthias Tribes, remarked, “Let’s be one and enter the kingdom of heaven. WE ARE ONE!”

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  1. This online Revelation seminar was a beacon of hope during these unsettling times. Shincheonji explained Revelation without cost through seminars broadcast in 138 countries/24 languages to millions of people. This is surely the hand of God at work♥️


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