Who is to Blame: The Truth About Shincheonji and COVID-19

Hi all, it’s been a while! How are you dealing with COVID-19 sitch and corona blue? I hope you’re all doing okay.

It’s like the new normal is settling down to our life as if we originally wear masks all the time and lock up ourselves at home. How did this happen? Who is to blame? At least Korea has a part of the history.

Starting from late February 2020, one of the Shincheonji church members caught COVID-19 and without knowing it, she went to service, and the disease spread like a wildfire. By this time, Korea accused Shincheonji of being the ‘core’ of the COVID-19 in Korea. The KCDC (Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) claimed that this religious organization tried to hinder the prevention of COVID-19, even if it happened right after the president told his people to live the normal daily life.

Repeating what KCDC claimed, the public opinion and press insisted that it is Shincheonji to blame (as if COVID-19 was started from Korea, not Wuhan, China). Then, the government shut down all the buildings owned by Shincheonji – churches, training centers, offices – by now.
Is Shincheonji a troll or the antagonist?

Here’s the fact: Shincheonji was believed to be the part of the beginning of the COVID-19 in Korea, but the trail of the actual first COVID-19 case is unclear. COVID-19 started from Wuhan, but the patient from (which is the ’31st’ case in Daegu, Korea) Shincheonji hasn’t visited there. That means she wasn’t a flint to start a fire in Korea – she also was infected from someone else, while the country was off-guard, thinking that it is safe from COVID-19.

After months of accusing and blaming Shincheonji, KCDC finally told the truth: COVID-19 in Korea was from Wuhan, China. “COVID-19 was from China. After the inflow, the disease spread in the regions by patients who have mild/no symptoms. We did our best to deal with COVID-19 without China blockade”, Jeong Eunkyung, the head of KCDC admitted. (https://n.news.naver.com/mnews/ranking/article/003/0009977574)

Even more, the research says 0.03% of Korean citizens had COVID-19 antibody. Still, the rate of Daegu, Korea was 7.6%, which means the rate of this city in Korea is 253 times higher than the average rate of the whole country. Having the COVID-19 antibody means they had COVID-19 and got well. (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-southkorea/undiagnosed-virus-infections-could-be-27-times-higher-in-south-koreas-daegu-city-study-idUSKCN24N0CJ)

What we need to look closer is the number of Daegu citizens who have the antibody is much far higher than the known case of COVID-19 in Daegu.

  1. KCDC investigated all contacts of the 31st case and trailed, tested, then quarantined them.
  2. Officially reported (who are investigated by KCDC) COVID-19 cases of Daegu are 7,088 (KCDC, 09.09.2020).
  3. About 180,000 Daegu citizens cured COVID-19 without knowing that they had/carried the disease.

This leads to one conclusion; COVID-19 already widely spread in Daegu, Korea, before the 31st case. It wasn’t Shincheonji’s fault, it was the consequence of the failure of prevention of the disease. If you ‘need’ to find somebody to blame, it’s the Korean government who hesitated to block the source of COVID-19.

While this truth is revealed, cured members of the Shincheonji Daegu church are donating their blood plasma to help develop the COVID-19 treatment. (https://eagle.co.ug/2020/09/08/shincheonji-church-of-jesus-2nd-group-of-plasma-donation-1018-people-completed.html)

Total 1,646 Shincheonji people have donated blood when the cured patients outside of Shincheonji are afraid of stepping out to help because of being exposed (Due to the side effect of the brilliant investigation technique of Korea to track down COVID-19 contacts, the private information of the patients were exposed, often which lead them to be attacked by the public.).

Interested in this topic? Media in Korea have produced tons of fake news about COVID-19 and Shincheonji from February 2020 and there are facts loaded to bust the fake news. This series will be uploaded to this blog. Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Who is to Blame: The Truth About Shincheonji and COVID-19

  1. Shincheonji Church members have been among the biggest victims of COVID-19 in South Korea yet 1700 recovered members of this church have donated their blood plasma in a global effort to find a cure to this virus. This is an unprecedented gift that may result in saving the lives of millions of people around the world. Thank you, Shincheonji❤️


  2. oh wow, actually I read it a lot that religious communities get scapegoated like this….
    therefore I really liked, that so many people donated their bloodplasma


  3. The congregation members of Shincheonji have a lot of courage. To donate their blood plasma despite all the accusations, uncertainty and mistreatment by the government officials takes a lot of bravery and love for their fellow citizens.


  4. To date, 1700 recovered members of Shincheonji Church have donated their blood plasma in a global effort to find a cure to this indiscriminate virus. This is an unprecedented gift that may result in saving the lives of millions of people around the world. Thank you, Shincheonji❤️


  5. Wow its rare to see such a so many people come together helping with blood plasma donations. I don’t think there would be any other place would do something like what this church members did. Appreciate their big hearts and generosity in giving to others especially in this pandemic that is affecting everyone


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