Have You Heard About ‘Harvest’?


In Open Bible Seminar, the chairman of Shincheonji said, “Now, there will be no single Korean left not heard about ‘Harvest’!”

Have you heard about ‘harvest’? Are you familiar with the word? If you’re a farmer, you will. Still, I’m not talking about the literal harvest. If you’re a believer in God, you should at least once heard about the harvest, especially if you’re waiting for Jesus’ second coming!

In Matthew 24, the end of the world comes when there’s the ‘harvest’. People always sow and harvest crops, so what’s different with this one?

As I mentioned, the ‘harvest’ here is not literally sowing seeds and harvesting the crops. It’s a metaphor about making God’s nation. This harvest can be done even in Alte Oper or Piedmont Park.




The history started from about 2,600 years ago. God told Jeremiah that the Lord will create a new thing on Earth (Jer.31:22) and to create a new thing, God will plant the kingdoms of Israel and Judah with the offspring of people and of animals (Jer.31:27).

Then, after 600 years past from Jeremiah, Jesus came and sowed good seed as God promised (Mt.13:24) and Devil also sowed weed on the same field (Mt.13:25) and two different seed grew in the same field…for 2,000 years.

When the harvest begins, it’s the end of the age (Mt.13:39). Since good seed is God’s seed, Jesus and angels harvest only good seed and weed will be tied up in a bundle, burned at the end of the world (Mt.13:40).

At the time of harvest, believers in God should reborn with God’s seed and be harvested. People left behind in the field will be eventually burned, so it’s pretty clear which one is a good result.

Then, what’s God’s seed? How do we reborn? Should we go back to mothers’ wombs and born again (Mt.3)? (That’s a silly question to ask, but the teacher of Jesus’ age actually asked that.) God’s seed is also a metaphor. What’s with so many metaphors, right? God concealed secrets of heaven with metaphor (parables) or Devil might thwart God’s plan.

Because God’s plan is almost completed by fulfilling the prophecy, the one witnessed the fulfillment of God’s last plan – the Revelation – knows and teaches people about the truth. In Shincheonji Zion Academy, you can learn about the secrets of heaven, for free! (Meet the #OnlineBibleStudy!)

One thought on “Have You Heard About ‘Harvest’?

  1. Good article. These are some of Chaiman Lee’s words that really spoke to my heart:-

    “We must believe in the Bible, not in the words of men. We must believe in and verify the word of God for ourselves. One must check whether one is truly saved and whether there is a place one must go to find salvation.”

    “I stand here to make known to you the fulfillment of Revelation in God’s 6000-year work. God, who left this world, made a plan to return, and His plan will be complete when the book of Revelation is fulfilled. This is the creation of God’s promised new kingdom and new people.”


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