The Light that Shines Europe and America – Shincheonji Graduation


Last May 13th and June 4th, Shincheonji Church of Jesus Zion Christian Mission Center held a graduation ceremony. The May graduation ceremony was held in Europe, and it was attended not only from Germany, but also 487 graduates from France, England, Swiss and other countries were at presence. The June graduation ceremony held in L.A. produced 545 graduates and received huge attention from nearby Christian believers.

Not only people from overseas, but a great number of people in Korea are already coming to Shincheonji Church of Jesus, and its number is rising exponentially every year. The reason is because of Shincheonji’s distinctiveness in the Words of God.

From Genesis to Revelations, Shincheonji thoroughly explains the Bible and let people understand the Words, even the words that could not be explained by the pastor’s sermons or biblical annotations. Shinchoenji testifies through the Bible, of the prophecies, Jesus’ parabolized words about the Heaven, and moreover, not only the words of prophecies in Revelation, but also its fulfillment. People admit that the Words from Shincheonji is like life, compared to any other churches and their biblical annotations.


The Zion Christian Mission Center course is 6months long, and in order for one to graduate, one must take a graduation exam, and its result must be over 90%.Wouldn’t this be the evidence to proof that the Words from Shincheonji is outstanding. Amongst the graduates, there are ordinary believers as well as pastors and yet they all agree that Words from Shincheonji is a different class than any other biblical annotations.

Also, God and Jesus must be very happy to see the graduates as a graduation ceremony is like a result to show how much they have perservered and put in the efforts. Shouldn’t these graduates be called as God’s true children who mastered the Words of God and are sealed with the Words in their hearts and minds?

For those who are reading this right now, I sincerely urge you to check for yourself, the education of Zion Christian Mission Center and see if it truly is based on the Bible!


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