welcome to our site

Nice to meet you. Schön, Sie zu sehen.
Thank you for visiting our Site~!! we made this site since 2016.5.15. 🙂 Yay~!!
We are from various countries and have various back-ground, but we are one in Lord God.

We are introducing the categorizes of our site.


  • About

Introduction about us
and Shincheonji church of Jesus






  • Faith quotes

Sharing Bible verses and life quotes for Christians





  •  Shincheonji Volunteering – Sharing Love

We are Christians who follow God’s will and trying to be the light and salt for the world as written in the Bible. (Matthew 5:13~16)



Upcoming categories



  • Bible history

We want to introduce God and God’s work. So in order to do it, We tell God’s history, which is written in the Bible.





  •  Photography around the world

The world is created by God. Let’s share the beautiful creatures of God.. and try to recognize God’s work. (Rom 1:20)