What’s so Special About Shincheonji?

Ever gone to Guibin in France? I heard the restaurant is very famous for serving tasty Korean cuisine. While they serve the best cuisine for your stomach, here's the #BestRestaurant in #Seoul that serves the best quality words! Starting from October 4th, Shincheonji Bible Seminar gathered thousands of hundred people in South Korea. Bible seminars … Continue reading What’s so Special About Shincheonji?

Shincheonji Open Bible Seminar 2019

The first official Shincheonji bible seminar in 2019 was mind-blowing! This seminar was held under the name of 'The Bible Seminar on the Second Coming and Harvest' and the lecturer was chairman of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Man Hee Lee. Since the very person who witnessed the fulfillment of Revelation lectured, about 6,000 participants visited … Continue reading Shincheonji Open Bible Seminar 2019

Why ME?

People in hard times wonder why we live suffering throughout our lives. However, I want to talk about not the rhetorical questions in your heavy sigh. What we will talk about today is about the literal question: “Why is life so hard on me? Is it hard just for me? Why me?” Why do people … Continue reading Why ME?

Angels on Earth: Shincheonji Volunteers!

As the sun doesn’t shine only on good people and rain doesn’t rain only on bad people, this particular volunteer group doesn’t discriminate when reaching out their helping hands. This group is Shincheonji Volunteer Group which spreads Jesus’s love as the biggest volunteering group in the world. Shincheonji Volunteer Group contributes to the development of … Continue reading Angels on Earth: Shincheonji Volunteers!

A Hundred NGOs Gathered to Stop Human Rights Violation

  On 29th Dec., 2017, a woman was kidnapped by her own family in the name of ‘coercive conversion’. This incident ended up being very heartbreaking: she resisted attending the coercive conversion program and consequently died. In fact, she had been kidnapped and moved to a remote monastery in the past. After the first incident, … Continue reading A Hundred NGOs Gathered to Stop Human Rights Violation

The World is Watching Korean Religious Society

A few days ago, a press conference/rally was held to urge disbanding of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK). What people - about a hundred NGOs and 3 million citizens – gathered and shouted out was that disband anti-nation, anti-society, anti-religion, and anti-peace organization CCK and enact a law to ban coercive conversion(To watch the … Continue reading The World is Watching Korean Religious Society

What is Happening in Religious Society in Korea?

On 27th of Jan, 2019 11:00 a.m.(GMT+9), Press Conference and Rally to Call for the Shutdown of the Christian Council of Korea(CCK), an Anti-Nation, Anti-Society, Anti-Religion, and Anti-Peace Organization was held in Seoul, South Korea. About 100 non-governmental organization and 2 million citizens participated in this rally, accusing CCK’s corruption and urging disband of CCK. … Continue reading What is Happening in Religious Society in Korea?