Shincheonji Volunteer Daegu Branch Cleared Environment in Cheongdo

As a part of Shincheonji Volunteer’s campaign named “Nature, Let’s Be Green”, Shincheonji Volunteer Daegu branch (Branch Manager: Roh Heongsam) cleared the environment in Hyeonri Village, Poong Gak-myun, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongbuk province of South Korea on 27th Apr.

On that day, forty-four Shincheonji Volunteer members participated in the environmental purification activity and the amount of garbage they collected was about 1.5t, which is the same amount that filled in 20 75L-trash bags.

Shincheonji Volunteer officials said, “Lots of domestic wastes were spotted with our bare eyes. When we inspected the river after wearing waterproof clothes, there were more trashes; clothes and even food wastes were thrown away in it. According to the elderlies in the village, the water of Hyeonri River used to be clear. So clear that they could eat fished fish from the river. We’re planning to clear the river every month to bring back the beauty of Hyeonri River. Water quality improvement project is also being planned.”

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