[Photos] A Glance of Shincheonji’s Incheon Bible Seminar

As a series of seminars themed under “The Testimony on the Fulfillment of Revelation”, Chairman Lee visited Incheon, South Korea.

In the seminar, many pastors participated in the seminar to listen to the fulfillment of Revelation from the mouth of the witness of the whole chapters of Revelation.

Like the other seminars held in Seoul, Busan, and Daejeon, the Chairman of Shincheonji, Lee Man Hee, gave a lecture about the fulfillment of Revelation that he saw and heard. As in Rev22:16, the one who saw and heard (Rev22:8) was ordered by Jesus to testify what he saw and heard about Revelation as the messenger of Jesus.

About 50 mins, Chairman Lee delivered the testimony about the fulfillment of Revelation and the participants listened carefully to the testimony. When Chairman Lee gave warm encouragement to the audience, as a believer to fellow believers, the audience answered with a big round of applause.

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