Shincheonji Held Revelation Seminar in Daejeon, South Korea

Since 22nd Apr. 2023, the chairman of Shincheonji, Lee Man Hee, had been preaching Revelation via seminar under the theme of ‘The Testimony on the Fulfillment of Revelation’. As a witness and the promised pastor of Revelation, he testified what he saw and heard about the fulfillment of Revelation. This seminar was held in Seoul, Busan, and Daejeon in South Korea and it was live streamed on Shincheonji’s official YouTube channel.

You can re-watch the Daejeon Seminar here:

“As we read in Jn 1:1-4, the word is God, life, and light. Thus, if the word is in our hearts, God is in our hearts. Since this word is light and life, if the word is inside us, wouldn’t it be life to us?”

Starting the seminar, Chairman Lee shortly explained about the word and God, which is described in Jn1:14. He then introduced himself that he was only a farmer in the countryside and never went to church or seminaries. While testifying, Chairman Lee explained that therefore, he will explain what he saw and heard.

Revelation begins with Rev1 by choosing a pastor, which is actually, a new pastor because there were seven stars (seven messengers) who were chosen by Jesus. Since those seven betrayed Jesus, Jesus chose another person to let him know about the incident and make him send letters to those seven to urge them to repent.

Chairman said, “Everyone, did you master Revelation? If you did, raise your hand. Rev 22:18-19 says that if you add or take out from Revelation, you can’t enter the kingdom of heaven. God never lies. If God says something, it’ll be fulfilled as it is.”

Saying this, Chairman emphasized the necessity of knowing the contents of Revelation. As Jesus said in Lk 17, Jesus’ second coming is like the time of Noah. People in Adam’s era would’ve believed that they were safe, however, only a few family members of Noah were saved. Like so, all believers in this era don’t doubt if they’re saved or not. However, no one can enter heaven if they added or subtracted from Revelation (Rev 22:18-19). To go to the place where we can be saved, we must know Revelation. However, it’s hidden in the parables. Jesus told us that it will be plainly explained when the time comes.

Revelation is a prophecy, which is recorded about the second coming of Jesus. The end comes after this gospel of the kingdom of heaven will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations as said in Mt 24. The end in Mt 24:14 is the end of Jerusalem, God’s nation. Jerusalem was defeated by the Gentiles in the war between God’s nation and the Gentiles. The destroyer (gentile) stood in the holy place. After this, Jesus came with angels and gathered the chosen people from the east and the west.

In Revelation, the first heaven and the first earth disappeared and the new heaven and the new earth were created. Jesus came again as a spirit like how he was described in Rev 1:17, when he came, he brought seven stars. In Rev 2-3, these seven messengers were deceived by the Nicolaitans, who were Satan’s pastors, destroyed, and betrayed Jesus. In Rev 1, Jesus chose a new pastor, let him know about these, and ordered him to send letters to the seven messengers to make them repent. In Rev 4, Jesus called the pastor who sent the letters to heaven. The pastor went up to heaven and saw God’s throne, the book that God was holding, and Jesus received the book.
As Jesus was the only person who went up to heaven and came down at the first coming, only one person went up to heaven and came down at the second coming. He can testify about Revelation since he saw everything before going to heaven.

Because the seven messengers didn’t repent, Jesus got rid of them with four living creatures. Since they were God’s chosen messengers and disappeared, no God’s affiliation was left. In Rev 6, the sun, moon, and stars were darkened and fell and the earth was moved from its place. They completely disappeared. Thus, Jesus found and gathered those who were born with God’s seeds in Rev 7, after the incident of Rev 6. That is called harvest. Jesus engraved the word to the hearts of people who were harvested. This is called sealing.

Chairman Lee said, “The chosen pastor goes to the churches and testifies the fulfillment today. If they don’t receive the testimony, he can’t testify. Did pastors and saints of Christianity in the world master Revelation? No, they don’t know Revelation. How would they know when heaven didn’t teach them? The true testimony is the testimony from the person who saw all the events of Revelation from Rev 1 to Rev 22 and ate the opened scroll. People won’t listen to him because they don’t know if he ate the scroll or not, or if he was sent by God. The primary standard and the evidence is the Bible. Therefore, we must discuss using the Bible.“

In Rev 22:18-19, it is said that those who added or subtracted from Revelation can’t enter the kingdom of heaven and will be cursed. All Christians in the world already added or took the word out, therefore, they can’t enter the kingdom of heaven. They don’t receive the testimony of the person who saw and heard about Rev 1~22 and even they call him a cult. What’s worse, there are churches that put up the sign saying “No harvesters allowed.”

The same thing happened at the first coming of Jesus. Jesus ate the opened scroll as in Ezk 3 and testified to the churches. However, those churches didn’t accept Jesus and cursed him saying that Jesus should be killed. Then they killed Jesus.

The testimony of the second coming of Jesus is about the whole event of Revelation, which is from the one who saw and heard about Rev 1-22 and the one who ate the scroll in Rev 10. What we believe is the same thing: one God, one Jesus, and one Bible. Since the standard is the Bible, we should discuss using the Bible and receive the testimony if it is true according to the Bible.

Those who added or subtracted from Revelation can’t enter the kingdom of heaven and all Christians in the world added or subtracted from Revelation. Chairman said that they should listen to the one who ate the scroll in Rev 10 and realize the word. The one who received the opened scroll in Rev 10 knows the names and faces of seven messengers and the Nicolaitans in Revelation. In Rev 22:8, it is clearly said that a person saw all the events of Revelation (“I, John, am the one who heard and saw these things”). Rev 22:16 says that the one who saw and heard these things must go to the churches to testify. Pastors can teach their saints after realizing the word.

Chairman said, “The one who saw and heard was told to go to the churches and testify in Rev 22:16. If you know this fact, all pastors must realize the word and teach their saints. The saints followed and believed you so far, therefore, there’s no reason for them not to listen to you. You can give the word to the saints or not. You must realize the word first to teach.”

The one who saw and heard also saw those seven messengers working and their disappearance: they were based in Gwacheon, South Korea and there were about eighty branch churches all over the country. They were swallowed by someone and disappeared. They were judged by Jesus and the four living creatures in Rev 6. After finishing those sinners who sinned in Rev 2-3, Jesus restarted the work to create the twelve tribes by sealing them in Rev 7. Those sealed people are the 144,000. Those who will be saved were promised in the Bible. While adding or taking out the word of Revelation is forbidden, all Christians in the world did. Therefore, they should be reborn. The Bible and God said that those who desire to go to the kingdom of heaven must know all of Revelation and follow God’s will written in Revelation.

The entities appear when Revelation is fulfilled according to the prophecy. If you know what entity will appear, you’ll know who’s that entity when it (they) appeared. In Rev 13, people who lived in heaven worshipped the beast with seven heads and ten horns to save their lives when the beast’s authorities oppressed them.

Even elementary school students in Shincheonji know the word well. As in Jn1:1-4, the word is God, therefore, if the word is in you it’s like God is with you. It’s a matter of heaven and hell. The judgment of Revelation ends one era completely and creates a new era. We’re standing at the point when one era goes and the other comes. Hundreds of churches outside of South Korea, which was evangelized, changed their signs from theirs to Shincheonji. It’s because they could tell what’s God’s and what’s falsehood after the conversation. Chairman Lee emphasized, “We must check with the Bible first. We must realize if we can go to heaven, do we lack something, how should we go to heaven.”

Shincheonji was created according to the Bible. As it is explained before, the messengers who were chosen by Jesus sinned in Rev 2-3 and Jesus chose a new person in Rev 1. He ended those sinners in Rev 6 and chose new people and sealed them in Rev 7. In Rev 7, 144,000 people who were affiliated with the twelve tribes were created. Chairman Lee Man Hee asked the pastors, “Does your denomination have twelve tribes? Were your saints harvested?” Then he explained the work at the second coming of Jesus. Jesus sowed the seeds in Mt 13. Those ripened fruits were harvested by Jesus at the second coming. Then, they were sealed in Rev 7 after the incident of Rev 6. Sealing is recording the promised word to a person’s heart. The work of Jesus can’t be done without the word. It should be done following the promised word. After sealing 144,000 people, the great multitude in white must be created. People should be created according to God’s promise. If a person is not in the twelve tribes, they didn’t follow Revelation. People must be sealed with the word in their hearts, however, if they weren’t sealed, they can’t deliver the word to others.

There were people who worshipped the beasts because they couldn’t defeat the beasts, wishing to save their flesh’s lives. They were once on God’s side and worshipped the beast with the seven heads and ten horns, who were the group of the dragon. The actual betrayers who betrayed, and destroyers who destroyed must come true.

Rev 18 says that all nations were deceived. Some were chosen and escaped there and some were captured and couldn’t escape. In Rev 14, the people who were the firstfruits that were harvested and sealed were 144,000. They must be created according to the Bible. If someone insists that they were created according to the Bible while they weren’t, you can quickly distinguish by asking them according to the Bible. Questions can be such as, “From where were you harvested?”, “How were you harvested?”, “With what were you sealed?” Only those who were in the twelve tribes can be saved. If it’s not true, you should refute it with the Bible.

The pastors must realize the Bible and teach their saints. Chairman highlighted that it’s not about just memorizing the texts of the prophecy. It’s about confirming the fulfillment is the true fulfillment of the prophecies and realizing the fulfillment.
The prophecy was fulfilled by Rev 17. After this, Rev 18 will be fulfilled and the judgment will be performed by God with the judgment of fire to the spiritual Babylon, not by humans. After Rev 18, in Rev 19, the wedding banquet of the spirits and flesh will be held. They will enter the first resurrection in Rev 20. The look of Jesus after his revival (as it is described in Rev 1:17) was different from the look of the first coming when he was alive.

Having God’s word means having God’s seed in your heart. We must be born with God’s seeds.

           Shincheonji was created according to Revelation. It’s not the first heaven and the first earth

           In Rev 6, it’s the new heaven and the new earth that were created in Rev 7. In short in Korean, it’s called Shincheonji. “Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony” means it’s the place where the gathered people saw and heard the events of Revelation and therefore, they are able to testify them. People in the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony are those who overcame in Rev 12 and God is with them. Rev 15 is related to and followed by Rev 14 and God’s throne is with 144,000 of the twelve tribes.

Chairman quoted the conversation between Peter and Jesus. Peter asked Jesus how many times he should forgive when his brother sins against him and Jesus answered: “Not seven times, but seventy-seven times.” Then Chairman Lee said that we must forgive brothers when the brothers repented their sins after realizing them like how Jesus said so. That’s a way of salvation and saving people. Saying that we are all Christians who believe in God, Jesus, and the Bible, Chairman Lee added, “We’re not the enemies, but the same believers. We are one in God. If some of us don’t know the word well, let them know by explaining it to them. Let’s put our efforts to be brothers. If we gather and share the word, the word inside of us will grow. We’re brothers. I hope we all realize together, worship God, and live in the kingdom of heaven together.”

Closing the seminar, he suggested the interchange of the word among the pastors and Shincheonji. Pastors may send letters to the chairman or visit to Goseong where the chairman is to have conversations.

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