Shincheonji Suwon Church Held a Seminar Under a Theme “God and Me”

“We must prepare to meet our spiritual father.”

Suwon Church of John Tribe of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Tabernacle Temple of Testimony (Shincheonji Suwon Church) ran a seminar under the theme of “God and Me: The Story of All of Us” at Winner Café in Jangan-gu, Suwon, South Korea on 14th Apr.

This seminar aimed to notify citizens about the meaning and necessity of ‘religion.’ 671 citizens visited this seminar. In this event, Lee Giwon, Tribe Leader of John Tribe, delivered the lecture.

Tribe Leader Lee Giwon said, “God created humans to live eternally, however, since the sins came into the world, people who could live forever, would live until a certain amount of life span. (…) The devil took God’s place after God left. People are calling Satan king, not God.” He explained, “We need the spiritual seed to meet our spiritual father. We must receive God’s seeds, become God’s children, and prepare to meet our spiritual father.”

A citizen who participated in this seminar said, “I thought people meet the end after living a certain amount of life span. After attending this seminar, it feels like I’m doing away with stereotypes (common knowledge) that I knew.”

Yoo Jisoo, who goes to church, said, “I was astonished by the fact that God was unknowingly there among the historical events that we didn’t know. I should consider if I’m meeting the true God and if am I ready for meeting God.”

Kim Hanyoung (false name) said, “I was involved in listening to the lecture because of the relatable examples and the humor of the lecturer. The lecture never got boring.”

360 citizens answered that they changed their perception toward Shincheonji and got curious about the word after attending this seminar. 130 citizens said that they will participate in the event that will be held in May.


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