280 Churches from 15 Countries Changed Their Signs to “Shincheonji”

280 churches from 15 countries learned the word from Shincheonji Temple of Tabernacle of Testimony (Chairman Lee Man Hee, Shincheonji Church of Jesus for short) and changed their signboards to “Shincheonji Church of Jesus.”

Recently, requests to add “Shincheonji Church of Jesus”, as their denomination, to their signboards and to be educated (with the word of Shincheonji) are swarming from the Philippines, India, Madagascar, the Republic of South Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, Argentina, etc. 427 pastors belong to these churches and their members are about 24,000.

The swarming of requests to change their signboards to Shincheonji and to teach their members the word from Shincheonij started after a representative of a branch of a denomination in Madagascar asked the same request earlier this year. In January, the delegation of the denomination’s southern branch said, “The denomination doesn’t have a mind to take care of the members and churches at all. We want to bring our members who were wounded their souls and our churches back to life again.” Saying this, they appealed to change their signboards. Moreover, they proposed to teach Shincheonji’s word to around 5,000 members in their 33 branch churches to Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

After that, 33 churches in Uganda and 151 churches in India changed their signboards by adding “Shincheonji Church of Jesus” as their denomination. A pastor from a church in India, which changed its signboard, said, “None of them from Shincheonji told us to change our signboard. However, we learned that the words come from Zion and God comes there. Therefore, we must be people of the new heaven and new earth.” He explained the background of changing their signboard. He also emphasized, “How can we go to heaven when we don’t know God’s will and the hidden message in the Bible? The Bible is told plainly through Shincheonji. Many people will gather to where the word is testified and that’s where we should learn the word from.”

A pastor from Tanzania said, “In Tanzania, no one testified Revelation or no one learned it from the theology schools. The pastors only think about growing their churches bigger, rather than thinking about how to realize the word and teach their members.” He added, “I’m sincerely thankful for having an opportunity to learn in Zion Christian Mission Academy thanks to God.”

A pastor from Mexico said, “I felt the greatness of the word after listening to Shincheonji’s seminar. I emphasized to my members that we must know this word and now we’re learning the word together. I’m praying for my church to be Shincheonji Church of Jesus.”

Shincheonji Overseas Churches officials said, “Aside from Madagascar, requests to teach their churches and transfer their churches to Shincheonji from overseas churches are increasing after the 100,000 Graduation Ceremony last year. We expect this to keep accelerating.” They added, “Since those churches are asking to dispatch instructors there to teach, we’re electing the instructors and sending them overseas. Even the churches changed their signboards to Shincheonji, the education should be agreed by the members of the churches and will be done only to those who want to be educated.”

5,830 MOUs from 78 countries were signed with overseas churches and Shincheonji for interchanging among churches. Among the churches, around 3,700 pastors are learning the word from Shincheonji.

Source: http://www.ggilbo.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=963235

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