Shincheonji Volunteer Gwacheon Branch Cleared Environment in Byeolyang-dong

Shincheonji Volunteer Gwacheon branch ran a project named ‘Nature, Let’s Be Green’ by clearing the environment in Byeolyang-dong, Gwacheon City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

The appearance of the area of Byeolyang-dong, Gwacheon city, Gyeonggi-do had been defiled by cigarette butt and trash because the smoking area near the shopping district was managed inefficiently.

Spotting the problem, Shincheonji Volunteer Gwacheon branch removed approximately 300L of residential waste and cigarette butts with the help of 20 volunteer members. They also conducted a ‘Correct Smoking Culture Campaign’ campaign for both smokers and non-smokers.

Shincheonji Volunteer Gwacheon branch officials said, “Shincheonji Volunteer Gwacheon branch is considering communicating with the health center to install more trashcans in the entire smoking areas and manage them for cleaner streets. We’ll make efforts to conduct various campaigns to raise citizens’ correct awareness of the environment.”

‘Nature, Let’s Be Green’ is one of Shincheonji Volunteer’s regular volunteer campaigns. This campaign aims to preserve wetlands, recover destroyed environments from disasters, and provide public interest activities.

Shincheonji Volunteer conducts various volunteer campaigns other than that, such as, the ‘Good Share, Good Consuming Campaign’, a campaign for helping small business owners and the underprivileged who are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Outreach Health Services’, a health service campaign for the underprivileged, blood donation to overcome the blood supply crisis, and other campaigns to give practical help to the local community.


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