Shincheonji Volunteer Wonju Branch Held a ‘Mini Sports Day’ With the Participation of Members of the Senior Citizens Center

Shincheonji Volunteer Wonju branch shared warm love by holding ‘Mini Sports Day’ at Wonju River Park for senior citizens of the senior citizen community center in Gaewoon-dong on Mar 10th, 2023.

At the event, about thirty participated including Jang Seokwoo, Chairperson of a senior branch, Ha Seokgyun, a provincial member, Yeom Donnam, Chairperson of Sekyeong Senior Citizen Center, members of the senior citizen center, and Shincheonji Volunteer members and had a fun time.

After hearing that the seniors couldn’t gather like they used to because the center was under flooring work, Shincheonji Volunteer Wonju branch held this mini sports day.

Seniors enjoyed various programs under a clear sky, feeling the spring breeze. The programs were bean bag throwing (throwing bean bags into a big basket that is hung on the top of a tall pole), chip picking (picking hung chips without using hands), singing, etc.

Yeom Donnam, the Chairperson of Sekyong Senior Citizen Center, said, “I was frustrated because we couldn’t enter the senior citizen community center for days. Hearing about the contents of the sports day, I called every member of the center to encourage their participation. We had fun a lot.”

One senior member whose age is over 90, said, “It reminded me of the sports day I had 80 years ago in elementary school. I get to look forward to Shincheonji Volunteer’s monthly visit more because they come up with good events like this.”

Officials from the administrative welfare center in charge of the senior citizen center said, “It means a lot to us for you to take care of the senior citizens in Gaewoon-dong. We’re always grateful to Shincheonji Volunteer for preparing special events.”

Shincheonji Volunteer Wonju branch is holding various volunteer projects like ‘Visiting Health Doctor’, which themed five sense tour for treating disadvantaged people with disabilities, ‘Wall Story’, an urban renewal project that brings the neighbor liveliness by painting wall murals, ‘Love Nation, Share Peace’, a project that yearns peace, ‘More, The Better’, a project that gives hope under the theme of healing, sharing, donation, and environment, ‘Nature, Let’s Be Green’, environmental purification project, etc.


One thought on “Shincheonji Volunteer Wonju Branch Held a ‘Mini Sports Day’ With the Participation of Members of the Senior Citizens Center

  1. This is a beautiful effort. 100,000 members of Shincheonji had taken part in a blood drive to restore the blood crisis in South Korea in 2022 at a time when blood was scarce due to the surge of COVID-19 cases. Thank you, (name), for reporting this recent volunteer effort – I hope more news outlets do the same❤️


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