Shincheonji Hwajeong Church Held a Photo Exhibition About Shincheonji’s 100,000 Graduation Ceremony

Shincheonji Church of Jesus (Shincheonji Church for short) Hwajeong Church of Simon Tribe held a photo exhibition to celebrate Shincheonji’s 100,000 Graduation Ceremony near the Deokyang-gu office and Hwajeong station, South Korea, from the 10th to 11th of Feb.

Shincheonji Church discharged 106,816 graduates at the ‘Zion Christian Mission Academy 113 Class 100,000 Graduation Ceremony’ on 20th November 2022.

Passers-by saw the photos of the card section performance and celebrated performances and appreciated colorful and beautiful performances. Many of them said, “Each color is so beautiful”, and “I’m surprised that all participants kept orders while there were 100,000 of them.”

Journalists paid keen attention to the graduates outside of Korea and the articles covered the 100,000 graduation ceremony. They closely studied the pictures of hundreds and thousands of graduates by country gathered in their countries in the articles of the leading newspapers and regional papers and asked many questions to Shincheonji promotion department officials.

Journalists who had been covering the news about Shincheonji Church in those regions were astonished. What surprised them was that Shincheonji grew in every aspect including its scale and culture.

They didn’t forget to advise Shincheonji Church. Some of the journalists said, “we heard that there are churches outside South Korea where they changed their church signs into Shincheonji. We hope that you won’t stop at this level. We wish Shincheonji spread the news and cooperate even more with the local community and complete your role as light and salt.”

Hwajeong Church officials said, “Seeing the visitors of the photo exhibition carefully look into the panel images and messages of the exhibition, we feel that people now want to know thoroughly about Shincheonji. We’ll put more effort to keep communicating with the citizens by holding the photo exhibitions consistently.”


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