Shincheonji Cheongju Church Held a Photo Exhibition Celebrating Shincheonji’s 100,000 Graduation Ceremony

As Shincheonji Church of Jesus made a huge change in Christianity with the 100,000 Graduation Ceremony, photo exhibitions about Shincheonji’s 100,000 Graduation Ceremony are held all over Cheongju region in South Korea in February.

On Feb 12th, Shincheonji Cheongju Church officials (Head instructor is Je Mugyeom) announced that they are holding photo exhibitions on the streets after successfully finishing the special exhibition called ‘Invitation to the Site of the Fulfillment of the Second Coming of Jesus and Harvest.’ The Cheongju church’s special exhibition was held for four days and 4,517 visited and received favorable reviews.

According to Shincheonji Cheongju Church officials, from Jan 31th to Feb 28th, the outdoor exhibitions are held at several places in the city, including Iron Flagpole at Yongdusa Temple Site and Sangdang Sanseong Fortress. Citizens are reacting actively to the exhibitions because they easily can see the photos while passing by.

A citizen who visited the exhibition held at Sangdang Sanseong Fortress commented, “The scale of the graduation ceremony was amazing. I couldn’t imagine how it’s like when I only heard about this. I expect their growth of this year will be huge since 100,000 people graduated.”

Je Mugyeom, the head instructor of Shincheonji Cheongju Church, said, “The outdoor exhibitions will be easier to approach to check how Shincheonji’s 100,000 Graduation Ceremony was like, because they’re held outdoor for a month. It’s an event you can learn how Shincheonji grows sharply every year and the place to check the answer of the life of faith and the site of the fulfillment of Revelation. I hope many citizens would visit here.”

In 1991, Shincheonji Church of Jesus established Zion Christian Mission Center, which is a free Bible educational institution. Since then, Shincheonji had been holding a graduation ceremony every year for whom finished a maximum of nine years of Bible learning course. What’s special is that even after they discharged 103,746 Shincheonji graduates at KINTEX Goyang, South Korea in 2019, around 20,000 graduates graduated every year during the COVID-19 pandemic. What’s more, some commented, “An upheaval in the religious world is utterly happening” after 106,186 graduated from the Shincheonji graduation ceremony that was held in Nov 2022.


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