Shincheonji’s Bible Seminar for Pastors in the Philippines Was Held on 24th Jan

In Revelation, Jesus sends a messenger to create God’s kingdom on earth and guide people to it (Rev22:16). The pastor is the one who saw all the fulfillments of Revelation (Rev22:8), ate the opened scroll (Rev10) and fought against and defeated the group of the dragon (Rev12). What would you do if you heard that the prophecy written in Revelation is 90% completed? I’d be the best to find that pastor and hear his testimony to learn what the words in Revelation mean and where is the kingdom the believers should go to. Chairman of Shincheonji, Lee Man Hee, saw and heard about the fulfillment of Revelation, ate the scroll, and defeated the group of the dragon. While sharing the experience of what he saw and heard, he says that Shincheonji Tabernacle Temple of Testimony is the kingdom that was created according to the prophecy of Revelation. What’s more, all prophecies in Revelation except for Rev18-20 were fulfilled. Sounds intriguing, right?

As Jesus said in Rev22:17, Chairman Lee and Shincheonji’s Zion Christian Mission Center gives the knowledge of Revelation for free. Chairman himself has held many Bible seminars so far which are open on Shincheonji’s official YouTube channel.

In January, many Filipino pastors requested Chairman Lee to visit the Philippines and hold a Bible seminar. Answering the requests, Chairman visited and shared the testimony about Revelation on 24th Jan. Here is the video.

The seminar covers the whole book of Revelation as the title says. In this seminar, Chairman Lee Man Hee kept emphasizing the importance of knowing the meaning and the fulfillment of Revelation for salvation. He advised the audience to listen to the pastor’s word if he’s the promised pastor in Revelation.

If you’re interested in learning the fulfillment of Revelation, register at the online Zion Christian Mission Center.

2 thoughts on “Shincheonji’s Bible Seminar for Pastors in the Philippines Was Held on 24th Jan

  1. A beautiful and hopeful post. Shincheonji Church experienced an exponential growth of 106,186 graduates – of whom more than 500 were pastors – in 2022 alone. Moreover, the Shincheonji online seminar series from the parables to the full explanation of all 22 chapters of Revelation garnered 32 million views, and 4,300 pastors worldwide signed an MOU for Shincheonji’s Bible education to be taught to their congregations. As one graduate pastor testified, ‘’This is only possible by God’s power.” The “Grand Bible Seminar for Pastors: The Entire Book of Revelation” held in the Philippines was truly special. It’s clear to see that Chairman Lee is the messenger whom Jesus sent for the churches (Rev 22:8, 16).


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