Grand Bible Seminar for Pastors: The Entire Book of Revelation

As I shared last week, Chairman Lee Man Hee of Shincheonji Church of Jesus gave a lecture for pastors in the Philippines on 24th Jan 2023. After the monumental event of Shincheonji, – the 100,000 Graduation Ceremony in 2022 – pastors in the Philippines kept sending invitations to Chairman Lee. Answering the swarming invitations, he visited and held a Bible seminar in the Philippines.

This Seminar called “Grand Bible Seminar for Pastors: The Entire Book of Revelation” covers the entire book of Revelation as its title says.

“God and Jesus will remember this day.” Greeting the audience, he said. “This event is not just us who are here. The spirits in the spiritual realm are also with us. So please open the doors of your hearts and think of these words as those exchanged between friends.”

He began the seminar by talking about the history of the work of God, which took 6,000 years to restore the world that the devil took and corrupted. In the Old Testament, it was recorded that a son of God will come, therefore, the believers of those days believed it. However, when Jesus came fulfilling the prophecies, they didn’t believe in him. Rather, they tried to kill him. Jesus said that he will find faith on this earth (Lk18:8). This means when Jesus comes again, this world will be very corrupted.

In the New Testament, there’s a book called Revelation. This book is about the era coming to an end and the era that is recreated. In the time of recreation, four gospels said that it’ll be the time of Noah and the time of Lot. (In the time of Noah, only eight people were saved and everyone else died.) Chairman Lee asked the pastors on-site to raise their hands if they mastered the book of Revelation. He said that Revelation says if you add or subtract from the book of Revelation, you can’t go to heaven (Rev22:18). “Heaven is working hard to save people, but people are to be saved aren’t living up to it,” Chairman said. He kept on saying that it’s about our attitude, that is the problem. “We must work to deserve it.”

He then introduced himself. He wasn’t a religious person; he was a farmer. Following what his grandfather was doing (praying while looking up to the sky), he only prayed to God after he was safely discharged from the army (he is a war veteran who fought in the Korean War). Surviving the battle, he was so grateful and joyful, therefore, he prayed to God. One day, a star from the sky came to him. It was so big and bright. With the guidance of the star, he promised to God with his blood and started his life of faith. The journey of his life of faith wasn’t easy. Even when he had to live in the mountain and eat herbs because there was nothing to eat, he kept his faith.

Chairman Lee repeatedly emphasized that we cannot go to heaven if we add or subtract from the book of Revelation. The reason why we can’t go to heaven if we add or subtract from Revelation was that God will fulfill every prophecy promised in the book of Revelation. Mentioning the time of Noah, he explained further: not everyone goes to heaven. As it is prophesized in the Old Testament, Jesus came and sowed the seeds 2,000 years ago. After he sowed the seeds, he promised to come back, then he left. Because he sowed the seeds of God, there will be those who were born in God’s seeds. When he comes back, the ripened wheat will be harvested. Those who were harvested will be on Mount Zion as promised in Rev14 (144,000 people). Also, they will be sealed. The twelve tribes will be created and God and the kingdom of heaven will come to them as God promised in Revelation. He said, “‘Who am I in the Bible?’ we should think about this,” he added, “and we should think ‘have I been recreated according to the book of Revelation?’” He kept on asking that we were qualified to go to heaven. He rebuked the pastors saying that going to church or saying Lord, Lord won’t make the members automatically go to heaven. He said, “Now, we must think differently. If we add or subtract from the book of Revelation, we cannot go to heaven, but we have all done this. And we say we go to heaven. Do you think is this how we should teach our congregation members? Those are your words. We should not say that.” He also said, “God is holy, holy God and his kingdom is also the holy city. We are not holy we can’t be a part of this or live there.” He emphasized that there are few pages in the book of Revelation, and we must record the book in our hearts. He said, we must be “a walking book of Revelation.” Jn1:1-4 says, in the beginning, there was a word and the word was with God and the word was God and it had life in it. Chairman Lee said, “If you don’t have the word, you don’t have life. If you have the word, you have life.” Revelation promised that there will be an era that comes to an end and a new era will be recreated. In Mt8:11, the subjects of the kingdom will be outside and those from the east and the west will take their seats from heaven. (In Revelation,) The first heaven and first earth will be disappeared. Who are those subjects that were kicked out of the kingdom? He again said that we must be qualified to go to heaven. He said, “If you found a person who lives far away and claims that he mastered Revelation, you should go and listen to him and record the word in your heart.” After saying this, Chairman Lee asked, “Without making this effort, do you think you can go to heaven? Do you think heaven is cheap?”

Chairman Lee Man Hee explained how he mastered the book of Revelation. In Rev5, God held a book that was sealed with seven seals. No one could know about this book after God wrote it even after 2,000 years passed. Jesus took this book and opened the seven seals and fulfilled everything that was recorded in the book. However, Jesus was a spirit. Even when he fulfills, people couldn’t notice that it’s the fulfillment of the prophecy of the book of Revelation. He said that we must know the meaning and the entities of the fulfillment. In Rev2-3, there were messengers that were appointed by Jesus. However, they betrayed and Jesus chose another person to write the letters to those messengers. When the prophecy was fulfilled, there were people who received the letters and a person who wrote the letters. Chairman Lee said, “I know the reality and the actual entities from Rev1 to Rev22.” There was a battle between Satan’s pastors and God’s pastors. Jesus said many times to overcome Satan’s pastors. In Rev12, they defeat Satan’s pastors. They appear in Rev15. Following the will of God, they harvest the people who were born with God’s seeds, sealed them, and created twelve tribes; the new kingdom of God, the promised kingdom, the promised nation, and the promised people.

“All of us must be new people. Until then, we cannot go to heaven.” Emphasizing the importance of recording the word in our hearts, Chairman Lee said. He quoted Mal2; the messenger of God must walk with God and people should seek instruction from his mouth. “No matter who comes and asks anything, he must be able to answer.” He explained. “And these are the priests.” Chairman then rebuked the pastors that we say we are priests and pastors, but we have nothing to do with the Bible. “Do you think God will not know that you said lies and false truth?” He emphasized that from now on, we must record the word in our hearts and must learn from someone who truly knows. Knowing Revelation allows us to tell good and evil (and Satan’s pastors). We will be aware of the actual entities of the prophecy of Revelation. Some of them belong to Satan and some of them belong to God. We must know to distinguish them and to protect our congregation members. We should know the devil to protect the congregation members and fight and defeat the devil. He requested the pastors to change their faith from superficial one to real one.

Chairman Lee testified that he met and talked to God and Jesus. Though it was a fearful experience, he had given his life to God and Jesus and chosen to take on their path. Even when he had to pick herbs from the ground to eat and live in the mountain, he said to God that he will work for God.

He asked the pastors, “Did you fight the devil and overcome it? What did it look like?” He explained that since the devil hinders the work of God, we must overcome it. To overcome it, we must know. After the events of Rev6, in Rev7, there is the work of sealing. The twelve tribes were sealed. To seal means the word was inscribed in one’s heart. 12,000 people per 12 tribes, in Rev7, 144,000 people were sealed. If you don’t belong to the twelve tribes, it means you are not sealed. It’s the recreation of God’s eternal kingdom. Holy City New Jerusalem in heaven, which was created with the twelve disciples of Jesus’ first coming is promised in Rev21 that it will come down on the twelve tribes and become one. When they become one, the marriage of flesh and the spirits (Rev19) will happen and the first resurrection (Rev20) will happen. This will make those people qualified to live with God forever.

In Rev22:8, it is said, “I, John, am the one who heard and saw these things.” Also in Rev1:1-3, it is said that the angel was sent to John and he was told that Jesus will fulfill everything. Everything will soon be fulfilled and they are to be shown to the servants. In Rev7, the twelve tribes, they’re shown what will soon take place. Emphasizing the importance of knowing everything written in Revelation, Chairman Lee said, “If you cannot go to the place of salvation, you cannot be saved. No matter what they say, they cannot beat God. So, we must know from someone who knows all of these things. The word of prophecy, the entities of the actual fulfillment. He will let you know all of these things.”

He said that when the twelve tribes are completed and the devil comes to an end, the first heaven and the first earth will disappear and the new heaven and the new earth will be created. Rev6 describes the sun, moon, and stars falling from heaven, meaning that the betrayed chosen people who didn’t repent for their deeds came to an end. Rev21 says the first heaven and the first earth disappeared. One era came to an end and a new era was recreated. Only these people exist and everyone else will come to an end. “I’d like to ask. In Mt13:24-30 and Mt13:37-40, Jesus sowed the seeds of God. The devil also sowed the seeds in the field of Jesus. The field of Jesus is a church and two kinds of seeds were sown. At the time Jesus comes back, there’s a harvest. Only those who were born with God’s seeds are harvested. Then, those who remained in the field were not born with God’s seeds. Ask yourself, “Am I worthy to be harvested?”” He insisted. “If you don’t know the answer to this question, let’s not be this way, let’s repent. What do you think judgment is? If we don’t know the Bible, we don’t know the time that we are in. You don’t know who belongs to God or who belongs to the devil, even if you live a long faith life, you should know these things.” Saying this, he again advised the pastors to go to someone who knows and to learn these things.

At the second coming of Jesus, Jesus chose the seven messengers. Those messengers were betrayed because the pastors of Satan, the Nicolaitans, invaded the first heaven. Jesus wanted them to repent, therefore, he chose another pastor and showed him about the seven messengers and ordered him to send letters to them to make them repent (Rev1-3). Those messengers didn’t repent. Then, Jesus called the new pastor to heaven. In the spiritual realm, he saw God’s throne and how the spirits move like lightning to fulfill the prophecy of Revelation. As a witness (Rev22:8), he knows the seven messengers. Their names, faces, and everything. Chairman said that Revelation is not going to be fulfilled ‘over and over again and it will come to an end.’ Everything else Rev18 and Rev19 are fulfilled, which means there is the reality of the prophecy. There is ‘one who overcomes’ in Rev2-3. When he appears (when he defeats the dragon), it is said (Rev12), “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ.” The child and his brothers fought against the group of the dragon and defeated it with Jesus’ blood and the word of testimony and gave their lives (Rev12:11). In Jn11:25, Jesus is life and resurrection. So, if we believe in Jesus, even if we die, we’ll live and even if we live, we won’t taste death. Jesus asked the disciples if they believe and the disciples said yes. Today, we learned much more things than the disciples.

Chairman ended the seminar by emphasizing the importance of knowing the word of God. “We must go inside the word. And we must come to know the true will of God. What we must do? We must go inside the word and become one with God and accomplish the objective of God. We must capture the devil, the one who deceives and tempts. So that it can be taken away. This is how the complete heaven is created. As long as the devil is around heaven can’t be created. If we die, what happens to our spirit? Will the soul go to heaven or not? We must think about this. Now, what I want to tell you is that in our time, heaven will be fulfilled and everything will come to an end. What I heard from God and Jesus was this. Whether you live or die, we must work for the work of God. Let’s become one in God.”

Even though Chairman Lee Man Hee is over 90 years old, he is energetic and lively. Listening to the seminar, I could feel his sincere loving heart toward fellow pastors and believers. Especially in this seminar, he kept on emphasizing the importance of knowing Revelation (more than ever, I think). I too, hope all people learn the meaning and the fulfillment of Revelation and get salvation.

If you’re interested in learning Revelation, register here to attend a free online Bible course.

2 thoughts on “Grand Bible Seminar for Pastors: The Entire Book of Revelation

  1. A thorough post. Shincheonji Church experienced an exponential growth of 106,186 graduates – of whom more than 500 were pastors – in 2022 alone. Moreover, the Shincheonji online seminar series from the parables to the full explanation of all 22 chapters of Revelation garnered 32 million views, and 4,300 pastors worldwide signed an MOU for Shincheonji’s Bible education to be taught to their congregations. As one graduate pastor testified, ‘’This is only possible by God’s power.” The “Grand Bible Seminar for Pastors: The Entire Book of Revelation” held in the Philippines was truly special. It’s clear to see that Chairman Lee is the messenger whom Jesus sent for the churches (Rev 22:8, 16).


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