Shincheonji Volunteer Changwon Branch Shared Kimchi with Neighbors

Kimchi is the most vital food in Korean cuisine. A Korean meal is composed of rice, soup, side dishes, and Kimchi (Koreans categorized Kimchi… as Kimchi! It’s not a side dish. That’s how Kimchi is important to Koreans). Traditionally, Koreans make a large amount of Kimchi in winter to prepare a year (like Italians traditionally make a large amount of pasta sauce in summer). Making Kimchi needs time (it often takes a whole day) and energy (a whole family needs to participate in making Kimchi) and money (at least 30 Korean cabbages are needed and other ingredients like a few kilograms of radishes, chili pepper powder, salt, fish sauce, etc.). Unfortunately, not all Koreans can afford that. Shincheonji Volunteer Changwon Branch made 450kg Kimchi for neighbors to share Jesus’ love. It is said that they’ve been making Kimchi for neighbors every year, to deliver warmth to their neighbors. Kimchi was delivered to 200 war veterans, 25 Kidney Patients Association members, and 17 senior citizens who live alone.

Shincheonji Volunteer Changwon Branch shared 300kg Kimchi to neighbors

Jeong Byeongyeol, a manager of the Kyeong-nam province Kidney Patients Association, said “We are thankful for Shincheonji giving a warm helping hand to members having difficulties in a cold and difficult time.”

Shincheonji Volunteers have 77 branches in Korea and keep helping neighbors with the Life-sharing Blood Donations campaign, Love Nation Peace-sharing campaign (peacebuilding campaign), etc.


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