Shincheonji Youth Volunteer Group “We Are One”‘s Blood Donation Campaign Was Successfully Ended

Do you remember the news about Shincheonji youth volunteer group ‘We Are One’ started a blood donation campaign? They planned to donate 70,000 members’ blood and started a short-term project and on 8th Dec. 2023, the project was successfully closed.

Here’s a Korean article published by Local Segye, introducing how it went and how it was closed. Below is a summary in English.

“We Are One”‘s campaign “Life On, Youth On” was successfully ended.

For the past three months, the youth organization “We Are One” of Shincheonji Church of Jesus donated 73,000 blood donation certificates worth about 0.36 billion won to the Korean Red Cross.

In 85 days, among the blood donation history in the world, We Are One donated the most massive blood. Holding the ending ceremony and transmitting the donation certificates, they wrapped up the big run.

Hong Joonsoo (Head Branch manager of We Are One), Jo Namseon (Head of the Blood Management Dept. of the Korean Red Cross), and Kim Younsuk (Head of Gyeonggi Blood Bank) attended.

We Are One started the “Life On, Youth On” campaign. 10,360 participated and 73,807 completed blood donations. 73,807 blood donation certificates worth 369,000,000 won. The donated certificates will be given to those where help is needed, such as patients who are children heads of households, emergency underprivileged patients, etc.

We Are One representative Hong Joonsoo said, “We exceeded our goal of 70,000 donations, and a total of 73,807 members successfully donated blood, which is 105.4% of the goal. (…) We Are One will lead the way in saving lives by keeping blood donation for Korea’s stable blood supply.”

Plaques of Merit were given throughout this campaign to 81 members for donating blood more than 30, 50, 100, and 200 times.

Seo Jihyeon, a member of We Are One received a plaque of merit – for donating her blood 100 times – directly from Jo Namseon (Head of the Blood Management Dept.) and said, “Following Jesus’ love and his spirit of sacrifice, I wanted to help even if it’s little.”

Jo Namseon, Head of the Blood Management Dept. of the Korean Red Cross said, “It was astonishing to see about 70,000 people donated within three months. I got to think about what this means and what is their source of power to do this. (…) The world experiences blood shortage on the edge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through We Are One’s blood donation, many recipients in Korea could be saved. I can’t thank you anymore.”

Lee Jonghwa, Chairperson of Busan and East Kyeongnam Region Union of We Are One, said, “Medical experts were frustrated because they could do nothing in the field when there was a serious blood shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic. They experienced practical help from Shincheonji’s first group blood donation and 70,000 We Are One members’ blood donations. (…) The campaign wasn’t easy way, however, but it was a vital campaign for Korea. I appreciate all We Are One member in Korea.”

73,807 members donated blood in three months! Can you believe it? Shincheonji shined the light again. Since they promised to keep donating blood, Korea surely won’t experience a blood shortage from now on. I hope they keep up the great work!

One thought on “Shincheonji Youth Volunteer Group “We Are One”‘s Blood Donation Campaign Was Successfully Ended

  1. 100,000 members of Shincheonji have now donated blood to prevent a blood crisis due to a recent surge of COVID-19 cases in Korea. Why is mainstream media not reporting this? Thank you for your love for humanity, Shincheonji❤️


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