Amazing 100,000 Graduation Ceremony in 2022

Have you watched the World Cup match of Korea VS. Portugal? The result turned out, which would no one believed. Yes, Korea won! I myself didn’t expect that result because Portugal is well known for strong soccer teams.

Like how everyone was surprised, on Nov. 20th, 2022, an event that surprised the whole country was held in Korea. Another 100,000 graduation ceremony of Shincheonji was held three years later since its first 100,000 Graduation Ceremony. Including people who visited to celebrate the graduates, more than 90,000 filled the stadiums (Most of the graduates from outside Korea participated in the event virtually in their countries) on that day. However, not even one of them was injured. Last October, Korea had a tragic accident in Itaewon because one alley was full of people and many were crushed. Recalling the recent incident, many worried about Shincheonji’s 100,000 graduation ceremony, however, the worries led them to prevent the accident. The event participants kept order amazingly and Shincheonji deployed much staff to control the crowds. Here’s an article in Korean covering the graduation ceremony.

Below is a summary.

Three keywords that explain “Class 113 Graduation Ceremony”

Tabernacle Temple of Testimony, Shincheonji Church of Jesus (for short, Shincheonji Church of Jesus. Chairman Lee Man Hee) discharged 106,186 graduates holding the Class 113 Graduation Ceremony on 20th Nov. Three years later discharging 103,945 graduates in 2019, they discharged 100,000 graduates again, therefore, experts see it will lead the religious world’s upheaval. The event was described as Shincheonji meeting three goals of “the world’s biggest number of graduates”, “dramatic increase of pastors in the graduates”, and “safety.” The ceremony can be explained using the three keywords below.

Discharging 106,186 graduates on that day is the biggest number of graduates of Zion Mission Center (a free Bible academy) and an unprecedented achievement worldwide. This means new 106,186 members entered Shincheonji this year. While all denominations are suffering from the decrease in the number of members, only Shincheonji is growing exponentially. Discharging 100,000 graduates foreshow the religious world’s upheaval.

For the last two or three years, emphasizing the importance of the word, Shincheonji had opened their intro, intermediate, and advanced Bible course seminars on YouTube channel and repeatedly advised people to check it and judge by themselves.

“Exponential increase in the number of members despite COVID-19”

The critical reason for the sharp growth of Shincheonji was introducing the correct interpretation of the Bible and the clear path of salvation through preaching the fulfilled prophecies of the New Testament, as well as the fulfilled gospels of the Old Testament.

“The highest number of pastor graduates – 1,680 graduates”

Among Zion Mission Center Class 113 graduates, there were 37 former and current Korean pastors. Outside of Korea, 1,680 former and current pastors graduated on that day (a total of 1,680). Since it’s an all-time great number of pastor graduates and Shincheonji is very enthusiastically evangelizing the pastors, we could see big things in the future.

For the last few years, more and more pastors who experienced intro, intermediate, and Revelation seminars through YouTube are signing MOUs with Shincheonji.

The background of the sudden increase of pastor graduates is interpreted like this. The pastors had been conscious of others’ eyes and unable to participate in the offline seminars. Through online Bible classes, they could attend the classes as much as they like.

Heo Jeong Wuk, who shared his impressions as the Korean graduate’s representative, is a pastor and his father is also a pastor. Through his impression, he shared his thoughts, “I put everything I had down and came forward to the truth. I now graduate not from learning man’s teaching, but from learning the true theology that leads people to the kingdom of heaven. I thank God who gave me a chance of life.”

D. Jackson, who is an overseas graduate’s representative, also signed an MOU with Shincheonji after experiencing Shincheonji’s online Bible course. He even changed his theology school to “Hepto Zion Christian Mission Center.” 294 members that include two leading pastors from two churches of his denomination completed all Zion Mission Center’s courses and graduated as Class 113 graduates.

“Zero accident made the safety management even brighter”

The last keyword of this event was ‘safety management.’ As Korea was recently highly concerned about the safety of the crowds, Shincheonji thoroughly prepared the event to prevent any accidents and safely ended the event. Shincheonji official said, “We put safety first no matter what and prepared thoroughly. We created a cooperative network with the regional government and ran the situation room with the police, firehouse, and regional government’s safety experts.”

For the safety of the event, Shincheonji deployed about 14,000 safety staff and guides on that day. They distributed the forces to perform traffic guidance, to guide when people get in and out of the vehicles, to guide the inside and outside of the stadium, to secure the outside of the stadium, to guide the restrooms, and 180 medical experts. Four ambulances were stood by.

Shincheonji official explained, “We kept the gates from being overly crowded through our GPS app and transportation apps that we developed. That way, we could set the departure and arrival times of the buses all over the country to guide the participants to enter and exit for four hours. In case of an accident, 180 medical experts and four ambulances were on standby. All safety staff was trained for emergency rescue and all graduates watched the emergency rescue videos to prevent any accidents.”

Even the major news outlet describes this event as amazing in three ways! I’m looking forward to the next news from Shincheonji. I wonder what will happen next after the legendary 100,000 graduate ceremony.

One thought on “Amazing 100,000 Graduation Ceremony in 2022

  1. 106,186 graduates mastered the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in 2022 – 2422 people more than the 103,764 graduates of 2019. As one pastor testified, ‘’This is only possible by God’s power.”


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