Shincheonji Volunteer Organization “We Are One” Broke the World Record!

Did you know that “Guinness World Records”… was established by the Guinness where brews Guinness beer we know? Because I didn’t!

If you’re not familiar with Guinness World Records, let me introduce a bit. It has a global authority on all things record-breaking. It has “World’s Most…” records from all around the world and its purpose is to make the world a more interesting, fun, and positive place (says the official website). I brought a recent and valuable new record from the Guinness World Records website:

The record is “Most people to sign up as blood donors online in 24 hours.” 70,000 youth volunteers from the Shincheonji’s youth volunteer group “We Are One” signed up to the Korean Redcross blood donation center online WITHIN 24 HOURS.

Did they donate blood after signing up? They did. Aside from the Cheongju branch, all branches of “We Are One” are donating blood to resolve the blood shortage crisis throughout the world.

In particular, in South Korea, Shincheonji volunteer is well known as huge blood donors. In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, when help is indeed in need, the organization’s blood donation volunteer job received the limelight this year. Donating blood isn’t an easy thing because the donor must meet the standards – such as, the donor shouldn’t have any contagious disease (which is why it’s hard nowadays. COVID19 and other contagious diseases are widely spread.), they shouldn’t take any medicine, they should healthy enough to donate blood, etc. Therefore, the number of donors decreased lately. In this time of hardship, around 18,000 Shincheonji members in South Korea donated blood within two weeks to resolve this problem. The number tells us their sincere hearts that want to contribute to the community. I hope this record affects the potential donors who had been hesitating to donate blood. I feel that the world is still a humane place to live in.

One thought on “Shincheonji Volunteer Organization “We Are One” Broke the World Record!

  1. A beautiful post which truly shines the light in this darkened world. In the words of Jun-su Hong, Director of We Are One, “This (Guinness World Record) Challenge has been carried out to awaken and inform the public about the ongoing blood crisis. This goes beyond a mere listing in the records.”


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