Chairman of Shincheonji’s Seminar “The True Meaning of the Feast of Ingathering”

I bet this was unprecedented, Chairman of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Lee Man Hee, opened a seminar in regard to the “Feast of Ingathering.” I thought the content was only for the congregation members in the church! Let’s take a look at what it’s about.

The chairman explained the origin of the Feast of Ingathering, starting the sermon by mentioning the era of Exodus. Israel people escaped from Egypt back then and finally entered the land of Canaan that the land they longed for. They started farming and celebrated the “Feast of Ingathering” when they harvested the first fruits of the crops from the land of Canaan. Then, he explained the Feast of Ingathering that was celebrated at the First Coming.

Explaining both eras, he said that the most important thing to us is the Feast of Ingathering of the Second Coming, which is the event of this era. The Feast of Ingathering that was celebrated in the three eras I mentioned above carries different meanings from each. In this era, the ‘first fruits’ aren’t literal fruits. If you have noticed, the fruits that were harvested today mean people who came to the promised church of God. Chairman Lee then quoted Jeremiah and Matthew to explain the spiritual harvest. As promised in Jer31, Jesus came and sowed good seeds in his field in Mt13. When the night came and all fell asleep, the devil came and sowed his seeds in Jesus’ field. The disciples found out that there are weeds (the devil’s seeds) in the field and asked Jesus if they should pull them out. Jesus stopped them by saying pulling out the weeds could harm the good seeds. Therefore, two different seeds grew together till the time of the harvest. When the harvest time came, the ripen good seeds were harvested and stored in God’s barn. Weeds were left in the field, bundled, then burned, eventually.

In Mt24, Jesus promised his Second Coming. He promised that he will come with angels to harvest, which means gathering people. At the Second Coming, people born with God’s seeds were harvested, sealed with God’s word, and registered to the twelve tribes of Shincheonji. While telling about this, Chairman asked the pastors if they have ever seen harvesters. Pastors in South Korea certainly know about the event of harvest and harvesters because many churches hang signs at the gates, saying “no harvesters allowed,” banning harvesters to come into their churches.

In short, the Feast of Ingathering today is the feast that celebrates the spiritual harvest. Explaining all these, Chairman emphasized that Shincheonji Church of Jesus was created according to Revelation.

Chairman Lee kept on asking the pastors to do a self-reflect after testifying the reality of the Feast of Ingathering: to check if they knew the true meaning of the harvest at the Second Coming and to see themselves if they have ever added or subtracted from the book of Revelation. After saying that, he encouraged the pastors to become one in the word of God. “We are all same people born on the same Earth. The Bible is one and God is one. If we really believe in God, within God, we have to become one within God. Let’s become one. WE ARE ONE!”

I summarized a lot, therefore, if you want to hear the tones of his preaching and the detailed sermon, please watch the YouTube video. Listening to his speech, I could feel his love for the pastors in the world.

If you’re interested in learning about Revelation, please don’t hesitate to register here. It’s a free online Bible course offered by Shincheonji Church of Jesus. They give the word of God according to the Bible: “Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life (Rev22:17)”

One thought on “Chairman of Shincheonji’s Seminar “The True Meaning of the Feast of Ingathering”

  1. What is the true meaning and the origins of the Feast of Ingathering? Who are today’s true physical entities of the Feast of Ingathering which God commanded His people to keep in Moses’ time (Ex 23:14~16, Ex 34:22)? Who are harvested, and where are those who are harvested brought to according to the promises of the New Testament? All thanks and glory to God.


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