Revelation I Have Seen and Heard – Shincheonji Chairman’s Revelation Seminar on 1st Oct.

On 1st Oct. 2022, Lee Man Hee, the Chairman of Shincheonji Church of Jesus gave a lecture via Shincheonji official YouTube channel. The subject was Revelation he saw and heard.

Starting the seminar, he introduced himself that he was a farmer who lived in the countryside. He never was evangelized by someone nor has never been to the seminary. However, he’s able to teach Revelation and its fulfillment because he saw and heard all the events of Revelation that came true.

Since his encounter with Jesus coming down to the earth, he started going to the church called “Tabernacle Temple” which has seven messengers of Jesus. As the Chairman heard, those seven messengers (or angels) cut their wrists and made an oath to God. That’s where the church Chairman Lee went to and worked for (He worked as a carpenter in the church.). Then, he left the church for a while for some reason. While he left, a head pastor of the church brought a person and appointed him to take charge of the church. There were many other evangelists and workers who had been working for years in the church, however, he set that man as a manager of the church all of a sudden. After appointing him, the pastor went to the U.S. to learn theology. (This part was what he only heard of, not saw because he was working for New Village Movement in his hometown.) Tabernacle Temple was in chaos: no one could trust anyone in the church. People called the former head pastor to South Korea again, however, the person who was appointed by the pastor told the pastor to fire the ‘rebellions’. The former head pastor did what he was told. That “Tabernacle Temple” was an enormous church – its church members were about 7,000 and it had 80 branch churches in South Korea – however, that kind of thing happened. That’s how it ended.

Chairman Lee said, “Since I’m telling you the things I have seen and heard, it might offend you. Many tried to kill me back then. I even fleed to the mountains. People tried to kill me because I told them what they had done wrong.” After the threat was eased, he held rallies all over South Korea. Attracted by the fulfillment of Revelation, many people followed him. That’s how the twelve tribes of Shincheonji were made. Since those people want to hear more of it, he taught them – that’s the fulfillment of sealing 144,000 from the twelve tribes with the word of God. While explaining this, he quoted Rev22:18-19. In the verses, it is said that no one should add or take away from this book. If they do, they’re not able to go to heaven. Chairman Lee emphasized the verses and asked the audience if they had not to add or take away from Revelation.

Then, Chairman Lee went back to the fulfillment of Revelation from the beginning of the event. Jesus appointed seven messengers when Jesus came back. Chairman said that he knows those messengers – their spiritual names, faces, and names. Those messengers sinned after being appointed by Jesus. Because they were corrupted, Chairman Lee was told by Jesus to send letters to the messengers urging them to repent. After sending the letters, he went up to heaven and saw God’s throne and the events that took place in there. He also heard that the throne will come down to the earth. In Rev5, God is holding a little book called Revelation. Jesus took it and opened the seven seals one by one from Rev6. Whenever the seal is opened one by one, something happens on the earth. Those seals were completely opened in Rev8.

Only one (Chairman Lee) saw what happened whenever the seals were opened. He also explained that what Revelation prophesized about the events (the disasters of the seal) didn’t mean physical matter. For instance, Rev 6 says that the sun, the moon, and stars were darkened and fallen when the fourth seal was opened, however, if the physical sun, moon, and stars fall, no one could survive this disaster. This is a parable meaning that an era was ended. A new era begins in Rev7. In Rev7, people who were born with the seeds of God were harvested and sealed by the word of God. This is the New Spiritual Israel.

What brought the destruction of the old era? The seven messengers were appointed by Jesus in Gwacheon, South Korea. Then, false pastors called “Nicolaitans” came into the tabernacle and made the pastors and members sin. They worshiped the idols and ate the food sacrificed to the idols. That’s why Jesus told Chairman Lee to send letters of repentance. Then, Chairman went up to heaven and saw everything in heaven. Jesus told him to go deliver this word to the churches. However, they barely accept the testimony. Rather, they drove him away. Chairman asked to the audience if they know the reality of the beast with seven heads and ten horns. Many pastors falsely testified about the beast that assuming it was a political thing – some insisted that it was the Soviet Union or the U.S. In fact, those were pastors who came into the tabernacle. Chairman Lee fought them and defeated them. Before the battle with Chairman, they fought the people in the tabernacle and defeated those people who once belonged to God. They won using the power of the world. Chairman saw how those false pastors fought over power. “I saw how they appointed seventeen evangelists to pastors by just imposing hands on their heads. Those seventeen people had never been to theology schools. I  know what they look like. They’re even still alive. A person who fought on the front line would know what the battle is like. Don’t we have to know the beginning and the end of Revelation and the battles? Who fought who and how they fought?” He emphasized the importance of knowing the fulfillment of Revelation.

Next, Chairman Lee explained the process of the fulfillment of God’s new creation – Jesus sowed God’s seeds 2,000 years ago, then, when he came back, he harvested those who were born with God’s seeds. Then, those harvested people were sealed with the word of God. They were registered to the twelve tribes of God’s kingdom.

On the other hand, there were people who weren’t born with God’s seeds. When people were sleeping, the devil came to Jesus’ field and sowed weeds, too. Therefore, two different kinds of seeds grew together till the harvest. Those weeds were to be bundled up and burned at the end. Explaining this, Chairman Lee asked the audience to be one under God, saying, “If we are God’s family who believes in God’s word, let’s be one. We don’t believe God to gain power or money. Let’s talk it out and if we agree with it’s the right path, let’s hold hands and go together under God. Dear pastors, please give an answer to this. I know all faces and names of people who were in Revelation. Dear pastors, haven’t you devoted your efforts to go to heaven? Let’s become one and be better people. We’re the same people and we have the same book of God’s word. We are one in God. We are one in our country. WE ARE ONE!

Listening to the lecture, I could feel the passion of Chairman Lee, yearning to save all people who were listening to it. I hope whoever reading this post is saved, too.

If you’re interested in learning Revelation and other parables in the Bible, register here! It’s a free online Bible study class.

One thought on “Revelation I Have Seen and Heard – Shincheonji Chairman’s Revelation Seminar on 1st Oct.

  1. A brilliant post – thank you. All seminars were brilliant. Chairman Lee is truly the promised pastor and messenger whom Jesus sent for the churches (Rev 22:8, 16). I see why many pastors, believers and those with a curiosity in Christianity are listening to the word from Shincheonji.

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