Special Online Bible Seminar of Shincheonji Church of Jesus on Aug. 13th

Lee Man Hee, the chairman of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, had been holding wrap-up lectures at the end of the series of online Bible seminars, summarizing all lessons.

Today, he held a special online seminar under the theme, “The Fulfillment of Revelation I Have Witnessed.” Under this theme, he covered the entire book of Revelation. Teaching Revelation takes weeks to make someone understand, however, this seminar covers it in an hour. If you’re familiar with the content of Revelation, I’m pretty sure that you’ll understand the fulfillment in this lecture.

It was live broadcasted on YouTube. I brought the video from the Shincheonji official channel.

He began the seminar by introducing himself. He told the audience that he hasn’t ever gone to seminary school, and he just was a humble farmer who lived in the countryside. He continued introducing himself to his life of faith. He started going to church after being guided by a star and promised to keep his faith in God with his blood. He was also a war veteran. In his youth, the Korean War started. He fought at the frontline and saw horrible things in the war.

Starting a life of faith itself didn’t give him big enlightenment. The realization came to him when Jesus chose him and commanded him to testify for the churches as the fulfillment of Revelation is seen. He became the messenger of Jesus and preached to the churches. To carry his duty, he’s testifying the fulfillment, of what he saw and heard, to the churches today.

God made a covenant with the shepherd he appointed in every era. With Adam, Moses, and even Jesus. The new covenant was made by Jesus who came according to the Old Testament promises (Lk22:20). The new covenant is Revelation. Jesus prophesied Revelation at the First Coming and fulfills it at the Second Coming. When Rev1-Rev22 is fulfilled, there is a person who saw and heard the fulfillment. Chairman Lee repeated that he hasn’t learned about the seminary, and he is testifying only about what he saw and heard. He asked the audience to understand and listen.

Starting to cover Revelation, he said that Revelation is a book of prophecy. No one could know about this book before because God wrote it by himself, sealed it, and held it in his hand. In Rev5, Jesus received the book from God and opened the seals in Rev6 and Rev8. In Rev22:8, John says that he had seen and heard everything. In Rev22:16, Jesus tells John to go to the churches and testify everything that he had seen and heard. Chairman Lee said that he is carrying out this duty. He requested the pastors to hear his testimony and confirm if it is true or not through the Bible.

Then, he testified how Revelation was fulfilled. Jesus came as a spirit, unlike at the First Coming (Rev1:17-20). The form of Jesus was in a spiritual body. He chose seven stars, who were seven messengers. The seven messengers forsook Jesus’ will and sinned. The devil’s shepherd, the Nicolaitans, deceived Jesus’ workers (seven messengers) and led them to sin. It was recorded in Rev2 and Rev3. It happened according to those verses.

As well to the seven messengers, Chairman Lee was chosen as Jesus’ worker. After he was chosen, he saw the contents of Rev2 and Rev3. Jesus explained what Chairman saw and commanded him to send letters after showing the contents. Therefore, Chairman Lee sent the letters to the messengers to make them repent and overcome the Nicolaitans. The letters also contained Jesus’ promised blessings if they overcome the Nicolaitans. However, the seven messengers didn’t believe the word and didn’t repent.

After that, Chairman Lee heard a voice saying, “Come up here” (Rev4:1). He was taken up to heaven in his spirit. He saw the throne of God and the spirits who were working on the altar in the spiritual realm. To fulfill Revelation, the spiritual realm was working busily. The spirits were moving like lightning, and their voices calling each other were like the sound of thunder. In the spiritual realm, he also heard that God would come.

At that time, Chairman Lee saw a scroll in God’s hand (Rev5:1). No one could open the scroll or even look inside it. Frustrated, he wept. One of the elders told him not to cry and explained that since the root of David has triumphed, he will open the scroll. Chairman Lee was so relieved. When Jesus took the scroll and all the spirits surrounding the throne in heaven bowed down and praised him. Chairman said that every single word in the book of Revelation was fulfilled, just as it was recorded.

In Rev6, four seals were opened by Jesus. Four different horses appeared, and the riders were holding a bow, a sword, and scales. These were the four living creatures. They had heavenly armies who were told to judge the chosen people (people who sinned in Rev2 and Rev3). In Rev6:12-13, the sun, the moon, and stars were darkened and fell. In Gen37:9-11, the sun, the moon, and stars were referred to as Physical Israel, God’s family who are God’s chosen people. Because they once belonged to heaven, and they sinned, then they fell from heaven. Jesus appointed them and also judged them.

From God’s perspective, he once had his people and nation, but they’re all gone because they sinned and were punished. Therefore, he had to make a new one. People who were born with God’s seed were harvested after the sun, the moon, and stars were fallen (Rev7). They were sealed by God’s word. There were twelve tribes and from the tribes, 144,000 people were sealed. They’re harvested and sealed to be created as God’s new kingdom, the twelve tribes. After gathering 144,000, the great multitude in white in the great tribulation. When the great tribulation occurs, we’ll know that God’s promised 144,000 are fulfilled. In Mt13:30, two kinds of seeds that were planted by Jesus and the devil grew together in the same field. People who were born with God’s seed were harvested. This means the new heaven and the new earth emerged, and God and Jesus will come there.

Reciting Mt13:30, Chairman Lee told the audience to think if they’re harvested or not. In verse, two types of seeds were planted and only the birth of God’s seed was harvested, while the birth of the devil’s seed was left in the field. Chairman Lee also told them not to add or subtract from the Bible quoting Rev22:18-19. He continued telling them to think about if they are the sealed 144,000, the great multitude in white, or neither. “No matter who you are, you must believe and keep the word,” Chairman Lee said, after explaining that God has higher authority than the pastors’.

After the chosen people were thrown out in Rev6, they were killed by the gentiles little by little (Rev8 and Rev9). This is spiritual death.

In Rev10, a scroll brought by an angel who stepped on the land and the sea was given to the promised pastor. Stepping on the land and the sea means the angel stepped on the power of the land and of the sea. This scroll was once in God’s hand, then Jesus’ hand, then it was passed to the angel, then to the promised pastor. The angel gave the scroll to him and told him, “You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages, and kings,” after he ate the scroll. Even at the First Coming of Jesus, it was prophesied that there would be a pastor who receives an open scroll and testifies it to the house of Israel (Ezk3). It was fulfilled by Jesus in Mt15:24. Not listening to Jesus is not believing in Ezk3 and the words of the book of God. Likewise, even today, those who don’t listen to the words of the one who received the book don’t believe in the words of God and Jesus.

In Rev11, he was given a reed like a measuring rod and was told to measure the temple of God, altar, and the worshipers there. The reed like a measuring rod was a measuring tool that measures the faith of people. There had been people who went against this word and revolted. Even worse, the pastors from the huge denomination wanted to kill Chairman Lee and persecuted him. They used their power and authority, even working with the four largest newspapers in South Korea. Abusing their power and authority, they tried to make him apologize for testifying the testimony. He proclaimed, “Even if my body becomes like powder and dust, how can I betray the word of God?” (The newspapers at that time are proof of his testimony about the pastors persecuting him by working with the four largest newspapers) God judged them.

In Rev8 and Rev9, six trumpets were blown. The seventh trumpet was blown in Rev11:15. When the last trumpet sounds, it’s said that “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign for ever and ever.” Paul said about the last trumpet in 1Cor15:51-54. He said that when that happens, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we’ll be changed. The perishable will be clothed with imperishable and the mortal with immortality. Death has been swallowed up in the power of life, which is the power of the last trumpet. It’s God’s great victory! God will come to this earth and reign.

Chairman Lee emphasized that he’s the promised pastor that was chosen by Jesus, who saw and heard the fulfillment of Revelation. Quoting Rev22:18-19, he strongly insisted that the pastors shouldn’t deliver God’s word incorrectly. He told the pastors that just like them, he didn’t know what Revelation meant. However, after he was chosen as the messenger of Jesus after he received the duty to testify the word to the churches, he now knows the meaning of it. He said, “That’s why I’m even more fearful.”

In Rev12, there are those who fought against the group of the dragon and overcame. They overcame the foes with the blood of Jesus and the word of testimony. Those who are victorious in Rev12 receive the blessings that were promised in Rev2 and Rev3. The male child that was born by a woman in Rev12 means a member of a pastor that went to the pastor’s church (Figurative woman in the Bible means the pastor). He who overcomes will inherit all this and be God’s son (Rev21:7). If he loses, he’ll lose everything. That’s why Jesus told them to overcome in Rev2 and Rev3.

Those who are victorious appeared in Rev 12 and Rev15. They judged Babylon and the betrayers in Rev16. The wrath of God was delivered by them and poured to the betrayers and the destroyers. Those who are victorious were also called “the temple, that is, the tabernacle of the Testimony” in Rev15:5. Seeing the events and locations when Rev12 and Rev13 were fulfilled, those who overcame could testify the events of Revelation. They gathered around God’s throne, therefore, they were with God. This is the place where all nations come and worship because God is there. He asked, “Shouldn’t we need to know where to go and worship? It must be where God is.” He explained that the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony appears after the ones who overcome appear. Because they fought and defeated the enemies, then left the place where the betrayers and the destroyers were, they know the events in the book of Revelation.

He insisted, “Everyone, don’t you desire to truly believe in God and God’s word properly? And go to heaven, the world of paradise? We must not be hypocritical and say “God, God. We believe. We believe.” Let’s be the believers that heaven acknowledges.”

144,000 people on Mt. Zion in Rev14 are the same as 144,000 who were sealed in Rev7. The new song only the 144,000 can sing is the sound of the sermon of Revelation, the new covenant. The 144,000 are the first fruits that were born with God’s seed that Jesus sowed. He encouraged the audience to come to him and ask anything that they want to discuss if they desire to know the Bible and go to heaven. He also asked them to point out from the Bible if he said something wrong.

He said, “Let’s repent, understand the word, and believe in it to be created by it.”

The chairman closed the seminar by saying, “There is one God, there is one Jesus, and there is one Bible! Let’s all understand and become one in God and his word. WE ARE ONE!”

Listening to this lecture, I felt the love and concern of the promised pastor towards his fellow pastors. He fears that he might deliver the word incorrectly and carries out his duty sincerely even though he was hated and threatened to be killed. I could feel that he truly loves the souls and wants to lead the lost souls to God’s kingdom. I hope you felt something through this seminar, too. Personally, I loved this seminar. Let me know your opinion in the comments section!

If you’re interested in learning the word, please don’t hesitate to register here.

One thought on “Special Online Bible Seminar of Shincheonji Church of Jesus on Aug. 13th

  1. On August 13th, Chairman Man Hee-Lee of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (hereinafter Shincheonji Church of Jesus) delivered another special lecture, entitled “The Fulfillment of Revelation I Have Witnessed”, where he testified to the entire fulfilment of Revelation according to what he saw and heard firsthand at the scene of the events.

    This seminar followed on from the most recent online seminar series streamed via YouTube, ‘Testimony on the Revelation of the Old and New Testaments by Chapter’ – 24 lessons that cover the prophecies and fulfilment of the Bible.

    Prior to the online Intermediate seminar series, which began at the end of March 2022 and is equivalent to the Intermediate level curriculum taught from Zion Christian Mission Center (Shincheonji Church of Jesus’ Bible teaching institute), Shincheonji Church of Jesus first aired the Revelation seminar series “Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant”, testified by Chairman Lee and 12 tribe leaders via YouTube in October last year. This seminar series taught all 22 chapters of the book of Revelation, which is a book of prophecy in the Christian Bible, and explained the meaning of the figurative language in Revelation – a book of hope and restoration – through the principle of 5Ws and 1H to pastors and believers worldwide.

    As a result, pastors worldwide signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Shincheonji as an expression of their desire to teach their own congregants. A pastor from the United States said of his decision to sign an MOU with Shincheonji, “I want to be able to grow in the word and I want to teach our congregation…and help bring them from death to life. I want to be one with God’s kingdom and have open communication.” At the conclusion of the Revelation seminar, Shincheonji Church of Jesus announced that 1,200 global church leaders in 57 countries had signed MOUs with the church to boost international cooperation and exchanges for educational support, and this number is continuing to grow.

    Then, to enable viewers of the Revelation seminar to more deeply understand the content of the Bible, lecturers of the Zion Christian Mission Center delivered teaching on over 100 parables through the follow-up seminar series, “Testimony on the Parables of the Secrets of Heaven and Their True Meanings”. A church official said, “Parables are key to understanding the secrets of the kingdom of heaven. The prophecy of the Old Testament was fulfilled at the time of Jesus’ first coming. Now Jesus left his prophecy of the New Testament to be fulfilled ‘when the time comes’ (John 16:25). The reason we are able to understand the true meaning of the parables because the prophecy has been fulfilled.”

    All three seminar series of Shincheonji Church of Jesus have been translated into 24 languages and boasted over 24 million views in 136 countries, with over 16,000 pastors participating.

    Contrary to the decrease among traditional denominations, why have over 140,000 people become one with Shincheonji Church of Jesus after completing the Bible education course at Zion Mission Christian Center since 2019, including during the subsequent COVID-19 pandemic? It is because Shincheonji Church provides a free and concise explanation of Jesus’ mission in the New Testament, and so numerous Christian pastors have partnered with Shincheonji to provide this same Bible teaching to their own congregations. Global media agencies have also been invited to hear the secrets of Shincheonji’s success and growth in these turbulent times, through four press conferences held in the Philippines, North and South America, Europe and Africa. As to the reason for Shincheonji’s growth, Chairman Lee said, “It is because we do what God has shown and taught us. I have delivered the word of God as it is, and many people were touched by the word, which has led them to Shincheonji Church of Jesus.”

    The 13th August seminar was delivered by Chairman Man-hee Lee, who is the promised pastor and messenger whom Jesus sent for the churches (Rev 22:8, 16). There’s a reason why many pastors, believers and those with a curiosity in the Christian faith are listening to the word at Shincheonji!


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