Special Lecture of Chairman Lee Man Hee of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, “Prophecy and Fulfillment of the Old and the New Testaments”

Today, the Chairman of Shincheonji, Lee Man Hee, gave a special online lecture titled “Prophecy and Fulfillment of the Old and the New Testaments.” The main references are the four Gospels and Revelation.

Beginning the lecture, Chairman Lee introduced himself that he never went to any seminaries, and he only believed in God. He said that he’ll testify what he had seen and heard. He humbly asked the pastors who are listening to the seminar that let him know if there was anything wrong with his testimony.

The seminar content started with the very beginning of the Bible history: God’s creation of the world and people and the betrayal of Adam. Since Adam received the world to rule from God, betraying God and going to Satan means that Adam handed the world over to Satan. Because sin came into the world, God left the world. Then, he began his work to retrieve the world. Chairman Lee kept on telling the history – of God’s hard work. God had been making promises to the chosen people, however, people kept breaking the promises. Even Israelites broke the Covenant.

Sin led to this result, therefore, God prophesized the new thing, New Covenant, and the promised pastor through the Old Testament prophets. Jesus came according to the prophecies of the Old Testament and fulfilled all prophecies (Jn19:30), but believers in that era didn’t believe him. As written in Ezk3, Jesus received and ate an open scroll and testified God’s word to the rebellious chosen people. Before his death, Jesus prophesized about the Second Coming in Four Gospels (e.g. Mt24).

Mentioning the prophecies about the Second Coming, Chairman Lee explained Revelation. Jesus came as a spirit and spoke through John. John saw the seven lampstands (the seven messengers Jesus appointed). Those seven messengers sinned and ate the food sacrificed to idols, which is the maddening wine of adultery, food given by Satan. Chairman Lee Man Hee said that he saw the seven messengers and knew their faces, names, etc. He even wrote letters to them (Rev2-3).

After sending the letters, he went up to heaven and saw God’s organization, God’s throne. The activities of the spirits were like lightning and the voices were like thunder (Rev4). Heaven was so busy to fulfill the book of Revelation. In Jn14:29, Jesus told that he told things before they are fulfilled to make people believe when the prophecies are fulfilled. Chairman Lee said that if you know this fact, we should get ourselves together and believe what God fulfilled exactly according to his prophecies.

In Rev5, there’s a sealed scroll in God’s right hand. No one could know the contents and no one could open the scroll. John cries greatly because if the seals are not open, God’s kingdom and salvation can’t be fulfilled. At that time, one of the elders comforted John saying that Jesus will open the scroll because he had overcome (Jn16:33). The condition to open it was overcoming. To establish God’s kingdom, there are enemies to fight and overcome. Jesus takes the scroll after 2,000 years since the book was recorded.

Jesus opens the seals one by one in Rev6 and Rev8. Each time it’s opened, the realities of the written prophecies appeared. God’s chosen people were judged by Jesus through the four living creatures. The sun, moon, and stars were darkened and fallen. The chosen people of heaven are like the sun, moon, and stars as written in Gn37.

The chosen people of heaven were judged and thrown out of heaven. Rev8 and 9 explain what happened to those chosen people who were kicked out.

In Rev6, God’s chosen people were finished. In Rev7, newly chosen people were created by sealing God’s word on their foreheads. While sealing God’s servants, the wind was held. In Mt13:24-25, Jesus had sown God’s seeds and Satan had sown Satan’s seeds. They grew up together till the harvesting time. At the Second Coming, people who were born with God’s seeds were harvested, sealed, and belonged to twelve tribes. 12 tribes were created today. The content of the New Covenant was sealed on God’s servants. Lk22:20 explains the contents of the New Covenant that Jesus established. These people were purchased by Jesus’ blood as God’s kingdom and priests (Rev1:5-6). In the church of Jesus, two kinds of seeds were sown. Those who were born with God’s seeds were harvested. Those who weren’t harvested mean they weren’t born with God’s seeds. Chairman Lee emphasized the importance of this fact, “It’s a promise of Jesus, therefore, we must believe.”

After 144,000 from twelve tribes were sealed, the great tribulation happens. The great tribulation all over the world. Mt24:21 says that there will be great distress. At this time of the great tribulation, there was a great multitude in white. They had washed their robes. Chairman said that 144,000 were completed and the great multitude in white is coming out. He strongly insisted the audience come out at this time.

Chairman Lee quoted Mt8:11-12. Many will come from the east and the west and will sit in the kingdom of God while the subjects of the kingdom of God were thrown out. The subjects of the kingdom of God are the traditional churches. He went on quoting Mt24. Jesus will come back with his angels and will gather the elected. Heaven is where Jesus and God are. Wherever belongs to God and Jesus is the kingdom of God. He said that Rev7 is the recreation.

The seventh seal is opened in Rev8 and the seven trumpets were given to the seven angels. The trumpets in Rev8 and Rev9 make known the events of betrayal and destruction.

In Rev10, Jesus brings the open scroll and gives it to the angel, the angel gives it to John. John receives and eats the scroll. The scroll is now in a man’s stomach! The work of God is the same as Jesus’ First Coming: Jesus had eaten the open scroll and delivered the word. The promised pastor should eat the open scroll and deliver the word.

Satan comes and kills whenever God’s messengers carry God’s work. In Rev11, the promised pastor was killed by the destroyers. In the same chapter, the seventh trumpet is introduced. People around the world listened to the sound of the seventh trumpet and came forward. Chairman Lee emphasized the importance of believing in the fulfillment of Revelation. The prophecies became the reality, which we can see, hear, and touch (1Jn1:1).

In Rev12, a woman clothed in the sun, moon, and stars is delivering a baby. A red dragon is waiting there to swallow him. This child is a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron scepter. The child went up to God and his throne. The dragon tried to devour the child, therefore, there was a war. The dragon was defeated and kicked out of heaven (the dragon will be captured in Rev20).

Satan comes to heaven and puts the marks on people’s foreheads in Rev13. Chairman Lee testified that he saw the scene. He quoted Rev22:8 that the promised pastor should testify what he saw and heard.

Rev14 tells about the people who were harvested.

In Rev15, those who overcame are gathered in front of the sea of glass.

Those who overcame in Rev15 become the bowls containing the wrath of God and poured to Babylon in Rev16-18. It’s God’s victory.

Chairman Lee closed the lecture by saying that he is the witness who saw and heard the physical entities of the fulfillment of Revelation. He encouraged the pastors who were listening to the lecture that he knows how they worked so hard to preach the word. He insisted to go to heaven together.

He said, “we believe in the same God, Jesus, heaven, the Bible, and hope. Shouldn’t we all become one and go to heaven? Be one in God, be one in Jesus. That’s why WE ARE ONE!”

Listening to the lecture, I could feel the Chairman’s love for believers and sincere yearning heart towards them, wishing them to be saved. The lecture might be a bit difficult because it covers the prophecies and fulfillment of the New Testament in summary within an hour. If you’re interested in learning the fulfillment of Revelation in detail, please register. This Bible course is free as Jesus told us to do so (Rev22:17).

One thought on “Special Lecture of Chairman Lee Man Hee of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, “Prophecy and Fulfillment of the Old and the New Testaments”

  1. Chairman Lee’s testimony at the 23rd July seminar was so clear and transparent, and I’m sure it moved the hearts of all church leaders, pastors and believers in attendance. It’s no wonder that Shincheonji’s seminar series have recorded a total of 22 million seminar views to date. All glory to God for this hope in these testing times🙏


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