Special Lecture of Chairman of Shincheonji in 2022

Successfully finishing the intermediate online Bible seminar, Shincheonji prepared a special seminar. On July 4th, the Chairman of Shincheonji, Lee Man Hee, held a special online Bible seminar regarding 66 books of the Bible. The main reference was ‘entire Bible’, as is indicated in the title – “Testifying to the 66 Books of the Bible’s Secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven and the New Covenant, the Revelation.”

Chairman Lee Man Hee started the lesson from the very beginning of the Bible – Genesis. He explained the history of God’s work.

God created everything and gave the world to humans to rule over it. However, they were deceived by Satan and handed the whole world to Satan. That’s when ‘sin’ came into the world and God left the world. Nonetheless, God didn’t give up on the world and humanity. He tried for over 6,000 years to recover them. God made promises with the chosen people, but humans kept breaking promises since humans were corrupted with sins.

Then, God decided to make a ‘new thing (Jer31)’, prophesied through the Old Testament prophecies to create God’s new people who were born with the seed of God. (People who were born with the seed of God have no sin, therefore, they don’t betray God.)

Jesus is the one who came according to the covenant. Not only did he come according to the prophecies, he but also fulfilled them. In the Old Testament, God promised through Jeremiah that two kinds of seeds will be sowed on the same field. It was planted in Mt13 by Jesus and Satan. Also, God prophesized to establish a New Covenant. Jesus established a New Covenant in Lk22. At Jesus’ first coming, Jesus promised to come back and fulfill the prophecies completely. This is the New Covenant -Revelation- that was established through the blood of Jesus on the Passover night before he died on a cross.

For believers, Jesus’ New Covenant is an important law to keep, however, the content of the New Covenant, Revelation was hidden in parables. Even more, God had sealed the scroll with seven seals and held it in his right hand for about 2,000 years. Therefore, no one could know until Jesus brought the scroll and opened it at the time of fulfillment of Revelation. Opening it, Revelation was fulfilled, and the prophecies became reality. For example, Jesus appointed seven messengers at the second coming. We could see them, learn their names, or touch them, the reality of the fulfillment of Revelation. The entities of betrayers, destroyers, and saviors also came out. In 2 The2:3, it is promised that the betrayer and destroyer will come before Jesus returns. Revelation is only can be understood when God makes us known. Jesus promised in Mt24 that he will come back with angels to harvest. “Shouldn’t we know what that means to receive Jesus when he returns? We must be certain.” Chairman emphasized.

Emphasizing the importance of knowing the word, he said, “The word is God according to Jn1:1. Where a word is at is where God’s spirit is at. To accomplish our hope, we must carry out the life of faith that is worthy.”

Chairman Lee Man Hee then explained that four gospels only described the marriage of the Lamb in Mt 22 and Mt 25, but those verses didn’t explain about what would happen before the event. The event before the marriage of the Lamb was described in Revelation in detail: after the marriage of Satan and people, the marriage of the Lamb, and of the spirits and flesh will take place. Then, the first resurrection will happen. Chairman said that the Bible explains the events in stages.

Chairman said that Shincheonji is teaching this because they perceived the fulfillment indeed. He encouraged the audience to know the truth and go to heaven together. He finished the lesson by saying, “let’s truly be one in the word. Let’s not be divided. Let’s truly be one. We should be, right? Shouldn’t we unite? Yes, let’s truly do so. WE ARE ONE!”

Listening to the lesson, I could feel Chairman’s sincere love for believers. In his sprightful voice, I also could see his eagerness to deliver the word that will save people. I hope all people to be saved, too.

If you’re interested in the Shincheonji online Bible seminar series, check the playlist below:

  1. Introductory level education: the course that teaches the basics of the Bible, the reason Jesus spoke in figurative language about the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, and the true meaning of the parables through the Bible.
  2. Intermediate level education: the course to learn unique things among the prophecies and the fulfillment from the Old Testament to the New Testament by chapters.
  3. Advanced level education: the course to learn the prophecy and fulfillment of the entire Revelation.

You can also learn through the free online Bible center course step by step in detail. Register here.

One thought on “Special Lecture of Chairman of Shincheonji in 2022

  1. A hopeful post. All seminars were brilliant. Chairman Lee is truly the promised pastor and messenger whom Jesus sent for the churches (Rev 22:8, 16). I see why many pastors, believers and those with a curiosity in Christianity are listening to the word from Shincheonji.


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