Shincheonji Resolved Korea Blood Shortage Crisis Through “Life On” Campaign

Shincheonji Church of Jesus resolved the blood shortage crisis in Korea within two weeks! The video below explains why and how Shincheonji helped save lives by donating blood.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the number of blood donations decreased and it led to the national crisis of blood shortage. Korean Red Cross started Nationwide Blood Donation Campaign from April to May.

Blood shortage means people in need of blood, people who lost their blood too much or who have to undergo surgeries, wait until blood is enough. It’s literally a matter of life or death.

Therefore, to help resolve the current situation, Shincheonji Church of Jesus started Life On Campaign in their churches to encourage their members to donate blood to Korean Red Cross.

For a long time, Shincheonji Korea has been donating blood. In 2020, Shincheonji members who had recovered from COVID19 even donated blood plasma for the development of COVID19 treatment.

This time, a miracle happened this time: a total of 18,628 blood donors (as of May 4, 2022) donated blood within two weeks!

They also donated blood donation certificates. In Life On campaign, the collected blood donation certificates worth 100 million won.

Life On campaign expected 6,000 donors for two weeks, but within three days, the goal was achieved. As they kept on the campaign for two weeks, within two weeks, the 3.5 days of blood reserves soared to 5.9 days! With the active participation of Shincheonji members, the blood shortage problem in Korea was rapidly resolved.

Korean Red Cross expressed their gratitude to Shincheonji Church of Jesus. Korean Red Cross Central Blood Center thanked Shincheonji:

“Shincheonji Church has been working with the Korean Red Cross Blood Center since 2008 through “life-sharing blood donation” relay event to give life and love to our neighbors who are in pain. In particular, from July to December of 2020, when it was difficult due to the corona virus, about 6,000 church members participated in the donation of plasma to develop a treatment for COVID 19. Since April 18 this year, blood donation relays have been held in various parts of the country.”

In the video, many other directors from different departments of the Korean Red Cross comment on the donation and thanked the member of Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

This heartwarming story must go on! That way, Korea won’t suffer from the blood shortage crisis again.

3 thoughts on “Shincheonji Resolved Korea Blood Shortage Crisis Through “Life On” Campaign

  1. 18,628 blood donors from Shincheonji Church of Jesus have effectively restored the emergency blood supply crisis in South Korea with the largest blood donation by any single organisation within just two weeks. The Korean Red Cross has likened SCJ’s voluntary contribution to ‘’rain during a season of drought”. Moreover, all SCJ donors waived their donor rights, equivalent to 110 million Korean won (£70,000), and gifted them to the Red Cross. Why is mainstream media not reporting this? Kudos to Shincheonji.


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