Shincheonji Online Bible Seminar – Intermediate Lesson 22: The Law of the New Covenant That Must Be Kept

As you may know, Shincheonji is holding an online Bible seminar on YouTube. This time, they’re teaching the revelation of the Old Testament and New Testaments, explaining the prophecies and the fulfillment. What I brought today is the latest one, Lesson 22.

If you’re interested in the intermediate seminar, check out the YouTube playlist.

Lesson 22 explains the law of the New Covenant that must be kept, which is the must-know content for Christians who hope for the kingdom of heaven. This lesson covers what is the law of the New Covenant that must be kept and the blessings that are given to whom kept it. The main reference is Heb 8.

The New Covenant is a promise that was made between God and people.

God had created all things and people. God gave everything to people (Adam and Eve) and made a Covenant. A serpent, who also was God’s creation, deceived people. Being deceived, people broke the Covenant. At that moment, the serpent, Satan, took over the whole world. Since God couldn’t be with sinned people, he left the world.

Since then, God has been working for 1) creating God’s new nation and new people, 2) capturing the dragon, and 3) the marriage of the spiritual and physical realm and reigning the world. To fulfill the purpose, he has been making covenants with the chosen people, but those people kept breaking the covenants (Ex19:5-6, 1King11).

Thus, God prophesized the creation of a new thing through Jeremiah (Jer31:22). God promised two things to create a new thing: 1) two kinds of seeds will be sown and 2) New Covenant will be made (Jer31:27, 31).

At the time of Jesus’ first coming, both promises were kept. He sowed good seeds in Mt13 and the enemy came and sowed the weeds. Then, he established the New Covenant with his blood in Lk22:14-20.

Then, most importantly, what is the content of the New Covenant? It is, ‘we’ll not eat again this Passover food until the fulfillment in the kingdom of God.’ In other words, we can eat the food of Passover in God’s kingdom when it is fulfilled. As the Israelites escaped Egypt after eating the Passover food (flesh and blood of a lamb, Ex12) at the time of Moses, people at Jesus’ first coming should eat the blood and flesh of Jesus (Jn6:51-58) to be saved. The blood and flesh of Jesus mean Jesus’ word of life. This is the Passover food we should eat when God’s kingdom is fulfilled.

Revelation contains Jesus’ blood, which is the word of life. Therefore, to keep the New Covenant (to eat Jesus’ flesh and drink his blood), we should know about Revelation. In Heb8:10, keeping the New Covenant is putting his (Jesus’) law in our minds and writing them on our hearts. This law of the New Covenant is Revelation. If we don’t know Revelation, we can’t keep the New Covenant that Jesus gave to us.

Okay, we now know the content of the New Covenant. How do we keep this law? The believers can keep the New Covenant by putting Jesus’ law, Revelation, on their minds and hearts. To keep the New Covenant, all Shincheonji members had recorded Revelation in their hearts and even take exams regularly to check if they were sealed.

People who kept the New Covenant will be purchased by Jesus’ blood as the kingdom and the priest of God (Rev5:9-10). After that, the great multitude in white will wash their robes with the blood of Jesus (Rev7:9-14). Only the kingdom and the priest and the great multitude can eat the blood of Jesus.

Keeping the New Covenant guarantees us the blessings. God promised that if we keep the New Covenant, God will forgive our wickedness and won’t remember our sins no more (Heb8:12). Therefore, it’s receiving forgiveness of our sins. In Rev1:5, it is said that Jesus freed us from our sins by his blood. What’s more, the Holy City New Jerusalem will come down on them and be one. The 12 tribes of Shincheonji will receive the atonement of sin and receive the kingdom of heaven and eternal life as the priests and people of God.

Shincheonji masters and testifies Revelation, the New Covenant, because they are with the promised pastor who received the revealed word, and since they were created according to the New Covenant. That’s why only Shincheonji can deliver this word. That’s also why the believers who hope the kingdom of heaven must find the promised pastor to learn the revealed word.

If you’re interested in the deeper contents of the New Covenant, please visit here and register. Shincheonji gives the word of life for free, as Jesus told the believers to do (Rev22:17).

One thought on “Shincheonji Online Bible Seminar – Intermediate Lesson 22: The Law of the New Covenant That Must Be Kept

  1. Shincheonji Church of Jesus’ online seminar series on the Book of Revelation (‘Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant’), aired on YouTube from October-December 2021 in 24 languages, and explained every one of the 22 chapters of Revelation to a viewership of over 6 million in 136 countries, of whom 16,000 were pastors. By the end of the Revelation seminar series, which was taught by the Chairman of Shincheonji and the Shincheonji 12 tribe leaders, 1200 pastors and church leaders in 57 countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Shincheonji as an expression of their desire to have this Word of the Bible be taught to their congregations worldwide. A pastor from the United States said of his decision to sign an MOU with Shincheonji, “I want to be able to grow in the word and I want to teach our congregation…and help bring them from death to life. I want to be one with God’s kingdom and have open communication.”

    Then, to allow viewers of the Revelation seminar to more deeply understand the content in the Bible, lecturers from the Zion Christian Mission Center delivered teachings on over 100 parables, including those spoken by Jesus, in the seminar series, ’Testimony on the Parables of the Secrets of Heaven and Their True Meanings’, which was attended by 70,000 people. Following the seminar, thousands registered for Shincheonji’s intensive 6-8 month Bible course and 2155 pastors, 958 churches and 22 seminaries in 67 countries signed MOUs with Shincheonji. Now, with the completion of the third seminar series, the number of combined views of all three seminar series has exceeded 20 million. A Shincheonji Church official said, “Parables are the key element to understanding the secrets of the kingdom of heaven. The reason we can understand the true meaning of the parables is because the prophecy has been fulfilled.”

    Contrary to the decrease in traditional denominations, over 140,000 people have become one with Shincheonji Church of Jesus after taking the Bible education course at Zion Mission Christian Center since 2019, despite the subsequent COVID-19 pandemic. Zion Christian Mission Center is a Bible education center operated by Shincheonji.

    What Shincheonji Church provides is a free and concise explanation of Jesus’ mission in the New Testament. It’s for this reason that Shincheonji has called for many pastors to partner with the Christian church, so they can provide the same education to their congregations and grow. In addition to pastors, the global media has been invited to hear the secrets of Shincheonji’s success and growth even during these turbulent times through four press conferences in the Philippines, North and South America, Europe and Africa. As to the reason for Shincheonji’s growth, Chairman Lee has said, “It is because we do what God has shown and taught us. I have delivered the word of God as it is, and many people were touched by the word which led them to Shincheonji Church of Jesus.”

    Shincheonji will once again host another seminar on July 4th, catered to church leaders and pastors, through its YouTube channel, “66 Books of the Bible, Secrets of Heaven and Testimony of the New Testament Revelation”.

    What a sign of hope in these testing times! All glory to God🙏


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