Shincheonji Online Bible Seminar – Intermediate Course Lesson 18 is Released

Facing the COVID 19 pandemic, Shincheonji started an online Bible seminar, starting from Revelation. Then, they explained the parables of the book of Revelation (which is the intro course), then, they’re teaching the parables in the Old and New Testament prophecies (which is the intermediate course). Including many pastors, Christians’ attention is drawn to Shincheonji’s seminar series. While busily signing MOUs with pastors and presidents of the theology schools (the article issued in January says that 1,500 pastors had signed the MOU!), Shincheonji kept on teaching the lessons on YouTube. The intermediate seminar already reached Lesson 20!

This article is introducing the influence of the Shincheonji online Bible seminar and Lesson 18 of the intermediate seminar. The title was, “The Forgiving Effect of Jesus’ Blood on Sins,’ and it explains that God made prophecies with the chosen people over eras to forgive their sins. This explains how people can retain forgiveness and salvation in the era of Revelation.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus is giving the revealed word to everyone for free like how Jesus told in the Bible (Rev22:17). You can always check the YouTube videos of Shincheonji Bible seminars on the official Shincheonji English YouTube channel. If you’re interested in learning the Bible in detail, don’t hesitate to register for the online Bible course.

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