18,478 Korean Shincheonji Church Members Had Donated Blood to Resolve the Blood Shortage Crisis in Korea

Do you remember the news that Korean Shincheonji members donated blood to resolve the blood shortage in South Korea? Many broadcast studios reported the news!

The latest news says that 18,478 Shincheonji Church members in Korea donated blood to the Korean Red Cross. The amount of donated blood was three times more than the average daily use of blood in all medical institutions in Korea. I heard that the record is unprecedented! The record that the shortest time took to donate that much blood. It might be on the Guinness Book of Records, I presume! To read the article, visit here. The article introduces how the blood shortage in Korea was serious, too. Korea had gone through a blood shortage emergency because the number of donors decreased due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Many couldn’t come because of the worries that they might be infected with the disease. Others couldn’t come because they weren’t fully recovered from the disease enough to donate blood. In this difficult time, 18,478 people showed up to donate blood within 2 weeks! This is utterly a miracle, right? Korean Red Cross thanked them, too. Korea overcame the crisis one time, but I think this might happen again unless the pandemic is lifted. I hope the COVID 19 pandemic be over soon. Until then, please take care!

One thought on “18,478 Korean Shincheonji Church Members Had Donated Blood to Resolve the Blood Shortage Crisis in Korea

  1. 18,628 blood donors from Shincheonji Church of Jesus have effectively restored the emergency blood supply crisis in South Korea with the largest blood donation by any single organisation within just two weeks. The Korean Red Cross has likened SCJ’s voluntary contribution to ‘’rain during a season of drought”. Moreover, all SCJ donors waived their donor rights, equivalent to 110 million Korean won (£70,000), and gifted them to the Red Cross. Why is mainstream media not reporting this? Kudos to Shincheonji.


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