6,000 Shincheonji Church Members Had Donated Blood to Resolve the Blood Supply Crisis in Korea

In these days of the COVID 19 pandemic, we often find ourselves in unexpected difficulties. One of the problems we’re facing in Korea is a lack of blood.

As you know, getting the blood for transfusion is only available through blood donation because selling/buying the blood is illegal due to the agreed ethic – you can’t buy or sell life. In Korea, Korean Red Cross collects and delivers the donated blood to the hospitals.

Korean Red Cross says they’re experiencing a blood supply crisis all over the country. Since the COVID 19 led people to stay home and take shots and pills, the blood donors are lacking, compared to the pre-pandemic. The eligible donors should be healthy, which means, their weights, blood pressure, and body temperature should be suitable for the standard. What’s more, they should come after a few weeks if they had taken any pills, gotten vaccine shots, and recovered from diseases. In this pandemic situation, it’s not easy to find suitable donors.

Shincheonji volunteers are registering the blood donors from Shincheonji on the donor list

In this helpless crisis, the Shincheonji Church of Jesus reached the helping hands. To resolve this problem, Shincheonji church John Tribe is actively participating in the ‘Sharing Life Through Blood Donation, Life ON’ campaign. Not only John Tribe, but 74 Shincheonji churches in Korea are also participating in the campaign by 30th Apr. The overall goal is to collect blood from 6,000 people. The contribution of 6,000 people far exceeds the required daily donation, which is 5,400. If they successfully complete the campaign, Korean Red Cross will secure the adequate provision for a 5-day blood supply.

Source: http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=970942


New update!

Shincheonji Church of Jesus achieved the blood donation goal within 3 days (on 20th Apr.)! Yes, they had secured the blood from 6,000 people! It is said that no other organization had achieved this goal in the short term.

Shincheonji members are donating blood

Shincheonji church didn’t expect their goal would be achieved earlier, too. They were expecting more than ten days to reach the goal after sorting the suitable donors. However, the members actively participated in the blood donation. The church deeply thanked the members.

Korean Red Cross staff thanked them, “It’s surprising that they achieved 6,000 within three days. Shincheonji Church of Jesus greatly helped the medical treatment system be normalized.”

Shincheonji had been emphasized the importance of donating blood and donated blood, collaborating with the Korean Red Cross. About 8,500 Shincheonji members visited to donate blood within three days and among them, 6,000 people donated blood. Among the donors, the member who had donated blood more than 500 times (the largest number of donating blood) also participated in this group blood donation and became an example.

Shincheonji members are in line to donate blood

Shincheonji Church of Jesus is also known for donating blood plasma after recovering from the COVID 19 to help develop the cure. 6,000 Shincheonji Daegu church members had participated in the campaign three times from July to Dec. 2020. This plasma has been used for drug development and virus research and is currently being used for the development and distribution of national standard materials for clinical trials of domestically developed vaccines for COVID-19.

Shincheonji people show blood donation campaign placards

Shincheonji Church of Jesus said, “The reason why the members can voluntarily participate in group blood donation after the plasma donation is because of their high awareness of the service that saves the lives. We pray that everyone’s heart will come together to overcome the blood supply crisis.”

Source: http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=972830

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