[Revelation Chapter 18] Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant

Hi everyone, if you haven’t read Rev18 yet, please take your time to read it first for a better understanding of the lecture.

The lecturer of today’s lesson is Lee Jae-sang, Thomas Tribe leader.

As we saw the Rev16 and 17, the judgment upon the destroyers, this following chapter is also about the destruction of the destroyer. In Rev17, the Great Prostitute was destroyed, in Rev18, Babylon, the gentile denomination is destroyed by God.

The chapter starts with ‘after this.’ This is after the event of the judgment upon the Great Prostitute in Rev17.

Babylon is a parable to a gentile denomination. In history, Babylon destroyed Jerusalem, the city of the chosen people. Likewise, this gentile denomination destroyed the chosen people’s tabernacle like Babylon did. This is how they’re called Babylon.

In Dan2:37-44, Babylon king Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about a large statue. The statue consisted of different types of materials. This was a parable that Babylon is a united nation of many other countries.

In Rev18:2, Babylon has described as a place a home for demons, evil spirits, unclean and detestable birds.

The reality of spiritual Babylon is the organization of the Great Prostitute (Rev17) and the beast, the group of Satan that destroyed the first tabernacle. It’s Stewardship Education Center.

Even worse, Babylon destroyed the whole world. In Rev17:2, Babylon committed adultery with the kings of the earth and made the kings be drunk with the maddening wine of adultery. In Rev18:2-3, the whole world fell because of the wine of adultery of Babylon.

As Babylon was a parable for the gentile denomination, Babylon’s king was compared to a tree, the pastor (Dan4:20-22). In Dt32:32-33, the wine of the vine of Sodom and Gomorrah are compared to the venom of serpents. In Mt23:33, Pharisees were scolded by Jesus and Jesus called them the brood of vipers. If Satan’s pastors are the serpent, their word will be compared to venom. The tree also yields the venomous fruit (also, word), which means the tree here does not belong to God. Rather, it’s the tree of Satan that yields the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (false doctrine).

With the false doctrines, all nations were fallen. The reality of the maddening wine of adultery is the commentary books. The kings of the earth are the pastors in Babylon.

Seeing Babylon’s fall, the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over it. In the Bible, delivering and listening to the word is parabolized as buying and selling the truth and wisdom (Ps23:23). As so, the pastors were compared to the merchants. In Hos12:7, the merchant uses dishonest scales and loves to defraud. These merchants of the earth are the deceiving merchants. This means they had sold the false doctrine to the customers (their members).

While Babylon is judged, God’s people were called from Babylon. They had been exiled under Babylon and they need to escape from Babylon because it was judged. Since Babylon is being judged by what they had done – destroying the tabernacle temple and making all nations be astray – innocent hostages must come out from that place. The escaped God’s people go to Mt. Zion where the one who overcomes and twelve tribes are (Rev14:1, Rev7, Rev15:5).

Do you remember Rev6? When the fifth seal was opened, the martyr spirits who were beheaded for what they’d testified pleaded to God to avenge their blood. God told them to wait for a little longer. What they’d wait for is done in this chapter. Saints, apostles, and prophets rejoice because God judged Babylon for the way Babylon treated them. Judging Babylon (Stewardship Education Center), where the place that was managed by the Great Prostitute who corrupted the earth with adultery, is avenging the martyr spirits’ blood.

After being judged and fallen, Babylon was gone forever. An angel throws a large millstone into the sea, saying “With such violence the great city of Babylon will be thrown down, never to be found again.” Also, its harpists, flute players, trumpeters, and workman are gone forever, never to be found. These are the pastors and false doctrines of Babylon. Also, the wedding banquet of Satan is over for good: the light of a lamp, the voice of the bridegroom, and the bride will not be found again. The light of a lamp here means the false doctrines in contrast to the light of God (Jn1:1-5). The bridegrooms and the brides are the evil spirits and the members who committed spiritual adultery with the evil spirits.

In Babylon, the blood of prophets and of the saints were found. This means the evil spirits that dwelled in Babylon were the ones who killed the martyrs.

Steward Education Center, which destroyed the tabernacle temple, once had great authority in the religious world in Korea. They used to educate pastors of the country with false doctrines, which are the maddening wine of adultery. They used their mighty power to make all nations astray. No one would know that Babylon in Revelation meant this organization, but God revealed its identity to the world and judged, ending the organization for good as he prophesized.

When the prophecy is fulfilled, the testimony of the witness who saw the events at the site is the true testimony. New John, the promised pastor, had seen all the fulfillments at the place where all events of Revelation happened. He testifies what he had seen and heard. The prophecy itself didn’t have reality, but the fulfillment has. What New John testifies, what he had seen, is the testimony of Jesus Christ.

In Rev18, Babylon, Stewardship Education Center, was judged and the marriage with Satan is also ended. After this, in Rev19, there’s a wedding of the Lamb takes place.

The lecturer, Lee Jae-sang, Thomas Tribe leader, closed the lecture by saying, “I hope and pray that we all come out from Babylon to Mt. Zion, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, and be saved. Originally, Jesus’ church on earth was one. However, just as seen in Dan2 and 4, Jesus’ church was divided into several parts. One is divided into several. And many who gathered became like Babylon where the evil spirits were with them. Jesus’ church that God formed was one. Yes, one. I hope and pray that everyone who hears would understand this word and offer all glory to God and Jesus. We are all one in God and in Jesus. I hope we can all become one who knows true God and who sincerely loves Jesus. So that we can become members and God’s family who glorify God and Jesus. WE ARE ONE!”

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