Shincheonji Philippines Press Conference in Regard of Online Bible Seminars

While serving our God in the Christian community, we often hear a question asking, “what is the Bible for after all?” Many respected theologists and pastors would answer from their perspectives: it’s a guide for your life, it’s for guiding people to be good, it’s for discussion of the word of God, etc.

Many Christians believe that a verse of the Bible should be interpreted into various meanings depending on the different opinions of the readers, like how we do it through the work of Shakespeare. Like how we treat many other pieces of literature. However, the Bible is not for enjoying the discussion of interpretation. God had a clear purpose to guide people to heaven through the Bible and it’s hidden in secret because his enemies also want to ‘invade’ to heaven and destroy it for good (Mt13:10-15).

Yes, we’re on a battlefield of a war between God and Satan that lasted 6,000 years, if you haven’t noticed yet (Rev12). What’s worse, God’s friendly alleys are discussing over God’s order how to creatively interpret it, in the middle of the battlefield. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not our fault. It was a part of his enemies’ tactics. They led us to believe that idea, ‘all interpretations matter.’

Then, what is God’s will? What is he trying to tell us? What should we do now?

God wanted us to fight against, defeat Satan and come to the kingdom of heaven, but unfortunately, it’s ciphered: the important messages about the kingdom of heaven were hidden in the parable. Then, we need to decipher it by finding a way to interpret it correctly. Since it’s top-secret, God gave the true meaning of the parables only to one person (Rev10). If we want to know what it means and want to join God’s side, then go to heaven, we should find that person.

Jesus answered, “Watch out that no one deceives you, for many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.” Many false Christs will rise (and we might’ve seen some these days), so we must distinguish who’s the true pastor God passed his secret. Does he have all conditions promised in Revelation? Does he preach with only the Bible? Does he teach the prophecy and its fulfillment? Well, we’ve found one result!

New Heaven and New Earth, as it is promised in the book of Revelation (Rev21:1) appeared, and the promised pastor who leads the church taught the hidden meanings of parables of Revelation and its fulfillment from Rev1 to Rev22. Now, they’re holding online Bible seminars that teach the meaning of the parables in Revelation. The Revelation seminars they held five months ago make people realize the necessity of knowing Revelation and the fact that it is already fulfilled in New Heaven and New Earth (Shincheonji Church of Jesus). The next step is, thus, learning how to interpret the parables. “Testimony on the Parables of the Secrets of Heaven and Their True Meanings”, a new Shincheonji online Bible seminar that was opened two months ago. Like how pastors and believers listened to the Revelation seminar, many thirsty believers are approaching to listen to this seminar. Press conferences were also held to ask Lee Man Hee, Chairman of Shincheonji, many questions that are related to the Bible and Shincheonji church’s growth.

I brought a Philippines press conference that was held on 3rd Mar.

I recommend you watch the video, but I wanted to share some of the impressive questions and answers with you, too.

Q. Why is the book of Revelation very figurative or so-called symbolical? Isn’t it called Revelation? Shouldn’t it be easier to understand for Christians? And why is a deeper understanding necessary for this?

A. The word revelation means to open and to show. What are we opening? This is a book that has recorded what God will be fulfilling at the end time. This is a book that was recorded by God. And this is a book that God is holding in his right hand and it is sealed with seven seals. So no one, not a single person knows or can read this book, because it is God’s book. But, the word revelation means to open what is sealed and to fulfill what is inside, and to show the reality of what is fulfilling. (…) Therefore, what is recorded in God’s book has been fulfilled and so the reality of it is being shown. Now, can this be shown in one goal to the world? This is why it is shown to one person and it is let known. Through this person, what is shown is testified to many people. This is why people are not easy to understand this. What is recorded in this book of God is what he will fulfill. When these things were prophesied, he promised that these things will be fulfilled. And when the time of fulfillment comes, we are supposed to see this and believe it. This is what God asks of us. God is the creator of heaven and earth, so obviously he is much better than the regular human being. Every single thing that he prophesied will be fulfilled.

There is also another question: “Why do we need to know this book? Do we really have to know this book of Revelation?” (…) When recorded by God, he did not record things literally. He used parables in recording this book. Is there a reason that God did this? Yes, there is. People have a hard time understanding this and they don’t know this very well. Religions do not really fit into the logic of the world. There is God and there is a creation. And this created being wanted to be the creator, which is why there has been a battle between the creator and this created being, a false god. Therefore, what is being fulfilled by God is not the work of the world, but it is the secrets of the kingdom of heaven. Now if the enemy finds out about this, he will disturb this work. That’s why these things were recorded in parables. And this is why this book was sealed with seven seals and God held it in his right hand. But, when the time comes, this truth is spread and preached to the whole world, he will fulfill everything. At the time when things are fulfilled, one person sees and hears everything. And it is shown to him how this book is opened and how everything is fulfilled. This book is fed to him. And so this book, from the hand of God, goes to the hand of Jesus. From Jesus’ hand, it goes to the angel’s hand. From the angel, everything that has been fulfilled in the book is given and fed to this person to the witness. Therefore, this book, opened book, is in the stomach of the witness. It is not with God, it is now with Jesus, it is not with the angel. It is inside the person who has witnessed everything. He witnesses everything that has been fulfilled according to the book and he testifies to the people who did not see them fulfilled. Through this testimony, it’s the only way people can know. (…) In this world, many people call themselves religious, but some people have never read the book of Revelation, or even if they have read it, they do not understand it. So, what is the difference between someone who has read the book and someone who has never read the book? Therefore, in order to let this book be known, people have to go through the introductory, intermediate, and advanced lessons, and receive this education in order to understand. In order to see the reality that has been fulfilled and everything can be explained to them. If there was no enemy that hindered this work, there would be no use for this. However, because of the enemy, all of these things were recorded in parables, compared to many different objects in the world.

Q. Among many similar groups here in the Philippines, how is Shincheonji, New Heaven and New Earth church of Jesus, different?

A. What did Jesus say when he come? He said that it is a sin to say that you know. Look at every verse of Revelation. This is not recorded in order for us to understand. I said earlier that this is recorded in parables. In Rev9, there is the sixth trumpet that is blown and there are mounted troops that come out. But, from the mouths of these mounted troops, fire and sulfur come out and a third of the people are killed. Now, this horse also has a tail, and the tail has a head, and it also spews fire. And a third of the people are killed. Have you seen this kind of horse? I have seen this and I am telling you. I am not here to lie and I am not here to impress people. Do you understand what has been written here? I have seen from Rev1 to Rev22. This book was taken by Jesus and he removed every seal and I have witnessed Jesus fulfill everything inside the book. In Rev22:8, please read this verse, and please look at every chapter of this book. See if there is one person who witnessed everything. There is someone there. (…) This person is called the messenger of Jesus in Rev22:16, you can see this. (…) If you do not know this (the physical fulfillment he mentioned before), you can’t teach about this. So, we need to repent, if you haven’t seen and if you haven’t heard (and you testified your thoughts), then this cannot be the truth. Only the person who has received and eaten the book, only the person who has been chosen and commanded by God and Jesus can talk about this.

Q. According to the Revelation Webinar, the prophecies about this book are happening now. What is your evidence for this?

A. What you said is true. Inside the book of Revelation, what is recorded are things that will be fulfilled. Inside the book of Revelation in the 22 chapters, we see the group of the dragon, we see who belongs to God, and there is a war. There are people who betrayed and belong to God like in Mt24. So, all of these things are inside the book of Revelation. However, if you add or subtract anything from this book, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. God is a very strict God. If we make a joke out of God’s word, this is not right. (…) Things must be fulfilled according to the book of Revelation. The seven messengers that are prophesied in the book of Revelation, I saw and I know them. These messengers, in Rv13, there is a beast that came in. That is called the group of the dragon. I fought against them, and I overcame them. I saw this. I was there. So, this is what it means when something is fulfilled.

What has been recorded actually becomes a reality today. I’ve seen the seven messengers. I’ve seen the betrayers who worshiped the beast in Rev13. I’ve seen all of these. I’ve touched them. I fought against them.

So, I don’t know how you will take this, but in Rev12, there is a male child who is born of a woman. And this male child and his brothers fight against the group of the dragon, and they overcome. Therefore, from that moment on, God’s power, salvation, and kingdom are fulfilled.

So, people who said and claimed that they were saved prior to this time, have to answer to this. Because this had not been fulfilled, how can you say that you were saved? (…) Because Revelation needs to be fulfilled. Rev12, 13, they all need to be fulfilled. Only if we fight and overcome the group of the dragon will there be salvation and the kingdom of God. Therefore, this truth is shown to us by God and he’s making us believe. If there are no actual entities to the word that is spoken, the realities and actual entities of the book of Revelation must appear. I have seen this, I know them. There is evidence of these words. And that is why I am able to speak about them.

But, what we must think about is, if you add or subtract, if we look in Rev22:18-19, it says, if we do this we cannot enter heaven. We will be cursed. So, did you add or subtract to the book? If you did, you should not be speaking of these things and you must repent. The 12 tribe leaders recently and are now testifying about the book. And they ask if there are any mistakes, please let them know. If there’s anything wrong that was said in the testimony.

The world right now, we are inviting them to sign an MOU with us. People are coming to us for this MOU and for they’re asking us to teach them. However, these people are not people who have been born of God’s seed in Mt13. We can see that two kinds of seeds were sown. The one who was born of God’s seed is harvested and those who are not harvested is because they’re born of the devil seed and therefore, they’re not able to go to heaven. If you don’t know the book of Revelation, will you be harvested? And if you’re not, we need to repent.

The time of Revelation is the end time. Adam’s time came to an end, during Noah’s time. Or it’s like when judgment was given at the time of Lot. People were marrying, they were drinking, they were being given to marriage. However, during a time like this, judgment was given to them. Therefore, when all of these words and the fulfillment is being testified, we should at least check. We should at least verify if this is true. This is what we must do. Therefore, we must not add or subtract. And, if we don’t know, then we must not pretend that we know, because if you speak in this manner, then you will be a false pastor. The one that testifies is someone who has seen and heard and someone who was chosen.

What’s the fulfillment of Revelation that is mentioned repeatedly in the interview? If you’re interested, please do not hesitate to join the online Bible study.

2 thoughts on “Shincheonji Philippines Press Conference in Regard of Online Bible Seminars

  1. A brilliant and informative read – thank you. 2000 pastors worldwide have signed an MOU to teach the Word of the Bible from Shincheonji to their congregations and they all participated in this Introductory 24-lesson seminar. Moreover, 15 million views were recorded across all seminars. Shincheonji’s multiple press conferences are a sight to behold and a message of hope in these testing times🙏


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