[Revelation Chapter 16] Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant

Please read Rev16 before taking this lecture for better understanding.

In Rev15, seven angels received seven bowls that contain the wrath of God. In Rev16, the bowls will be poured both to the betrayers and destroyers. This is God’s last plague in Revelation. After receiving God’s judgment, Babylon the great splits into three pieces and collapses.

The lecturer of this lecture is Kim Won-kook, Philip Tribe Leader.

The voice of God comes out from the temple, which is the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony, commanding one of the seven angels to pour the wrath of God to the earth. This earth is the betrayers who received the mark of the beast. Ugly and painful sores break out on them. Like wounds on the physical body, it’s the pain and the wound on their hearts. Their action of breaking God’s covenant and receiving Satan’s doctrine was revealed and they couldn’t deny or hide from the fact: this bowl clearly reveals the betrayers’ evil deeds.

The second bowl is poured to the sea, which is the religious world where the destroyers dwell. The seawater turns into the blood out of the dead man and every living thing in the sea dies. This means their doctrines are turned out as lies without life, therefore, the members who have been listening to these doctrines are no longer able to listen to the same doctrines. The second bowl reveals the false pastors’ doctrines were lies.

The third angel pours the bowl to the rivers and springs and the water turns into the blood. Turning into the blood means the doctrines from the evangelists and pastors, who belong to Satan, turns out to be lies. Turning the water from the springs and rivers also happened in Rev8:10-11, but it was done by the star, Wormwood, the destroyer (it’s not God’s judgment). This was the destruction of the chosen people by the gentiles and the destroyers are judged in the same way as they did, as Jesus promised in Rv13:10 (If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity he will go. If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword he will be killed).

The destroyers even had to drink the water that was turned into blood. This means they forcedly had to listen to the proclaiming that the doctrines are lies, like the blood of the beast, not the blood of Jesus (the word of truth). This is because the destroyers had been persecuted and killed the chosen people in the Bible’s history. Judging the destroyers is like judging the spirit above them: Satan. The third bowl reveals the lies and makes destroyers who are the false pastors and evangelists to hear that their doctrines are lies.

The fourth angel pours the bowl on the sun. The sun is given the power to scorch people. In Ps84:11, it is said that God is sun and shield. The sun means God who shines his word of life like the sun shines the light all over the world and his pastor. However, in this verse, the sun doesn’t mean God and his pastor. This sun who received the bowl of wrath is the shepherd of Satan. In reality, it was Mr. Earth who was from Stewardship Education Center. When God’s anger was poured on him, he torments people in the tabernacle temple with the words of anger. It reminds us of Moses and Pharaoh: When God’s ten plagues were poured upon Egypt, Pharaoh enraged and tormented Israelites even more harshly. Through the fourth bowl, the word of judgment was told to the destroyer, but he didn’t repent. Rather, he pulled his anger to the members of the tabernacle temple and tormented them even more.

The fifth angel pours the bowl on the throne of the beast. The throne is the pastor and the organization of Satan (Stewardship Education Center). When it happens, the kingdom and the throne are darkened. In Jn1:4, the word is life and the light of man. When the light is the word, the darkness is the status without the word. Becoming darkened means the doctrine the destroyers had been believing that was the truth is revealed that lies. They can no longer insist on the doctrine as the truth.

While the saints are biting their tongues in agony and suffering from their pains and sores (the wounds in their hearts because their flaws were revealed), they didn’t repent what they had done: betrayal. They blasphemed God. The fifth bowl judges the destroyers with the word of God’s wrath and the doctrines of the destroyers turn out to be lies, which means they can no longer claim those as the truth.

The sixth angel pours the bowl on the great river Euphrates and the river water dries up, preparing the way for the kings to come out. The river Euphrates is the headquarter of the destroyers (Stewardship Education Center). The water, their false doctrines, dries up because the doctrines were revealed to be lies, therefore, no one preaches with those lies. The kings who are coming out are people who will be the kingdom and the priests of God (1Pt2:9). The prepared way is the word of testimony (Jn1:1 the word is the way). This event reminds us of the time of Moses: God dried up the seawater of the Red Sea to let Moses and Israelites cross the sea. The sixth bowl reveals the destroyers’ doctrines are lies, thus, the destroyers’ doctrines disappear. The word of testimony becomes the way out from Babylon to the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony.

Then John sees three evil spirits that look like frogs coming out from the mouths of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet. In 1Cor3:9, the heart of the man is the house of the spirit, whether it’s the holy spirit or the evil spirit. Through the word coming out from the person’s heart, the spirits work. The spirits go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty. The kings of the whole world are the pastors in the world of Satan. They’re gathered in Armageddon. Historically, Armageddon was a battlefield where many battles occurred frequently. Armageddon here is the spiritual battlefield, where Babylon and the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony fight.

The seventh angel pours the bowl into the air. Pouring out into the air means announcing the truth through the media. The news of the tabernacle temple spread all over the country, that the seven pastors from Stewardship Education Center were the seven heads of the beast, that the tabernacle temple members received the mark of the beast, and that the evangelists in the temple were illegally appointed as Presbyterian pastors with single ordination. After the news of betrayal and the destruction spread, there are flashes of lightning, rumblings, and peals of thunder. Flashes of lightning are rapid movement of the spirits to fulfill the prophecy and the rumblings and peals of thunder are God’s word of judgment and wrath. There was also a severe earthquake, which means the hearts of the tabernacle members were severely shaken because they found out they were under Satan’s denomination. The seventh bowl spreads the news of the events of the betrayal and destruction that happened in the tabernacle temple through the media. All churches learn about the events.

Also, the great city of Babylon is divided into three pieces. This means Babylon was divided into the groups of betrayers, destroyers, and saviors. The island and the mountains can’t be found, too. These are the churches of the world. In reality, they are the branches of Stewardship Education Center. They’re now all gone today.

From the sky, huge hailstones of about a hundred pounds each fell upon men. In Moses’ time, literal hailstones stroke the land of Egypt. The great hailstone that weighs about a hundred pounds is the word of wrath and a pastor who received the word of wrath: New John (Rev8:7, Rev11:19).

Like so, the betrayers and destroyers are judged in Rev16. This judgment was done as the image of Rev10, as the angel standing on the land and the sea. The judgment was done by repaying in a double portion of the deeds of the group of the dragon had done in Rev8, 9, and 13. This judgment was God’s answer for the martyr spirits’ pleads, asking God to avenge their blood in Rev6.

Kim Won-kook, Philip Tribe Leader closes the lecture by saying, “There’s only one God and one Jesus we’re believing in. There’s only one Bible that we study. If people all over the world become one in the truth, loving each other, creating a world of peace, won’t the beautiful world we desire to be fulfilled? I hope we all live together forever in the kingdom of God. The paradise where there’s only freedom, peace, and love. Now I hope that we can all become one in God who is the source of all blessings. WE ARE ONE!”

f you’re interested in listening to the revealed word, please register for the application here. Shincheonji teaches God’s word for free as God promised in the Bible.

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