[Revelation Chapter 14] Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant

As always, please be sure to read Rev14 before watching the lecture.

The lecturer for Rev14 is Instructor Lee Jung-woo from Peter Tribe.

In Rev14, the firstfruits of the seeds of God are harvested and sent to God’s barn. On the other hand, grapes are also harvested and judged by God. Let’s see what this is all about.

On Mt. Zion, the Lamb and 144,000 people are gathered. Physical Mt. Zion is where Abraham used to live and it’s the central religious place of Israel. Mt. Zion symbolizes Jerusalem and the chosen people.

Therefore, Mt. Zion here refers to the chosen people. The physical reality of Mt. Zion is New Spiritual Israel.

Sealed 144,000 people standing on Mt. Zion with Jesus are the priest of New Spiritual Israel. They are the firstfruits of God, who were born with God’s seed, harvested, then sealed with the revealed word.

These 144,000 priests sing a new song, which can’t be sung by anyone else. What’s this song? What’s so special about this song?

In Dt31:19-21, 30, Moses made songs to educate and remind Israel people of God’s promises. Song in the prophecies in the Bible means the gospel of prophecy. The new song means the gospel of the physical fulfillment of prophecies. This means, only the priests on Mt. Zion can preach the physical fulfillment of Revelation (Rev5:9, Rev14:3, 6). It’s because the very mountain they’re standing is where God’s throne came and it’s where the witness who saw and heard all the events of physical fulfillment is (Rev3:12, 21, Rev1:2, Rev10, Rev22:8, 16).

The new song of the priests must be delivered to nation, tribe, language, and people: all churches (Mt24:14, Rev22:16). As promised in Rev15:2-5 and Rev19:1-6, all nations must come to worship God to the tabernacle of testimony.

While Mt. Zion is standing tall, Babylon the great had fallen. The reality of Babylon is the Great Prostitute and her organization (Rev17:5-7). The false pastor and his organization are judged because they destroyed all nations (churches) and heaven (the first tabernacle).

The result of their sins is being tormented in burning sulfur forever and ever.

After 42 months of the destruction of the chosen people, angels harvest the earth. One like a son of man who is seated on the cloud harvests ripen crops. The one here is an angel who looks like Jesus and leads many angels.

Harvesting the ripen crops with sickles, they store the crops in the barn. Sickles are people who have God’s word (Eph6:17, Isa2:4) and the ripen crops are people who were born with the seed of word (Jer23:28). Being harvested means following the word of testimony (Mt24:40-41). They will arrive at the barn: the tabernacle of testimony on Mt. Zion (Rev14:1-3, Rev15:2-5)

On contrary, there are weeds: people who weren’t harvested and were bundled and left in the field. Where’s their destination? The field is Christian churches. People who bundle the members are their pastors who tell lies to them so that they won’t leave their churches. Their destination is fire judgment and hell.

In Rev14, there’s another kind of harvest. The angels harvest crops again, and the crops are grapes from the earth’s vine. The grapes from the earth’s vine are members of the first tabernacle who were kicked out and hid under the destroyers’ organization (Rev13, Isa5:1-7, Jer2:21, Dt32:32-33). The grapes were harvested and put in the great winepress of God’s wrath. This means they were judged by God’s word of judgment (Jn12:48). They were judged by God’s word and the news of the judgment upon the chosen people spread to other churches in Korea.

In conclusion, people who were born with God’s seeds, harvested, sealed, and who belong to 12 tribes will go to heaven. The betrayed chosen people who were kicked out of the city and destroyers will go to hell.

Instructor Lee Jung-woo closed the lecture by saying, “Let us become one family born of God’s seed. Let us be harvested and go to the barn of heaven, the 12 tribes. WE ARE ONE!”

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  1. This online Revelation seminar was a beacon of hope during these unsettling times. Shincheonji explained Revelation without cost through seminars broadcast in 138 countries/24 languages to millions of people. This is surely the hand of God at work♥️


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