[Revelation Chapter 12] Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant

I know every chapter matters, but this Rev12 is important. Please be sure to read Rev12 before reading it further. Are you ready? I can wait.

This chapter is the second round of war that happened in the first tabernacle. The first round happened in Rev13 and the chosen people were defeated by the seven heads and ten horns beast. This happens ‘after’ Rev13. The one who overcomes defeats the beast in this chapter. Why is it important? Let’s find out.

Jeong Chun-seok, the tribe leader of Matthew Tribe teaches this lesson.

First, the chapter explains when and where this guy who defeats the beast came from. In the heaven, the seven golden lampstands church, a woman clothed with the sun, the moon, and stars gave birth to a child. Before this boy was born, a red dragon invaded this heaven and waited for the boy to be born. It intended to devour the child as soon as he was born. Since this boy was the promised pastor who will reign the world with an iron scepter, the dragon who is currently ruling the world feels the danger of its position, so it tries to kill him.

This happened in the tabernacle temple under Mt. Chyunggye in Gwacheon, Korea. The woman clothed with the sun, the moon, and stars is the head pastor of the tabernacle. He’s physically a man, but the Bible compares the pastors as women because they receive the seed of God and spiritually give birth to the congregation members and raise them with the word, like mothers.

The child the head pastor was about to give birth was the congregation member.

This child was about to be killed by a red dragon. It has seven heads and ten horns and it flung the third of the stars to earth with its tail. What is this dragon?

In Rev12:9 and Rev20:2, the red dragon is described as Satan. Since the spirits work through flesh, Satan worked through people on earth: seven heads and ten horns – pastors who belonged to Satan. The tail was also the workers, but they’re different from the seven heads and ten horns. They were the evangelists in the tabernacle temple and were appointed as pastors by Satan’s pastors.

They received Satan’s false doctrines and spread the word to the congregation members. Therefore, receiving this doctrine killed their spirits. The third of the tabernacle temple members were killed spiritually. They started from heaven, but they returned to the earth (Gal3:3).

The group of the dragon was planning to trample (destroy) the tabernacle temple for 42 months. After this, the round two battle begins with the child. This child defeats the group of dragons and reigns the whole world with the iron scepter. This iron scepter is the word of God given by Jesus in Rev2:26-27. Jesus said that as Jesus received this from God, he’s giving it to him (New John). This New John is the male child and he becomes the one who overcomes by defeating the group of the dragon. Then, he will establish the twelve tribes of New Spiritual Israel.

When Jesus told the disciples about the second coming, he said that be careful that no one deceives you. Many false pastors come up and claim that they’re the Christ. Then, there’ll be people who claim to be the one who overcomes. How can we tell him is real or not?

The one who overcomes must:

1) Be born when the red dragon invaded the heaven

2) Be born in heaven, the tabernacle temple

3) Be born by a woman clothed with the sun, the moon, and stars

Questioning them with the questions above will make it clear.

Now, the ‘one who overcomes’ must overcome Satan’s Nicolaitans – the group of the dragon. How will they fight? At the second coming, the wars aren’t physical wars. They’ll fight with the word of God (Eph6:10-17). In Rev12:11, they fought with the blood of the Lamb and word of their testimony. The reality of the weapons is the word given by Jesus and the revealed word of Revelation that reveals the true identity of the dragon.

In the first tabernacle, Michael and his angels and the dragon and his angels battled. In both the spiritual realm and the physical realm, God’s spirits and flesh and Satan’s spirits and flesh fight.

The red dragon was defeated and kicked out heaven. This is after 42 months, when the destroyers destroy the tabernacle temple. The dragon was hurled down to the earth where there are only flesh without the holy spirit.

Finally, the salvation and the power and the kingdom of God and the authority of Christ comes because they defeated the dragon who had been ruling over the world for thousands of years.

Instead of the destroyed first heaven, new heaven and the new earth will be created. This already happened in Mar. 14th, 1984.

Everyone can tell that they won, so how do we know if they really won the battle? In Rev7, Re14, and Dt32, there is evidence of the winners and the losers. The one who overcomes establishes the twelve tribes of New Spiritual Israel by harvesting and sealing. Those who were defeated flee in seven ways.

After this battle, people who dwell in heaven rejoice. They’re the one who overcomes and his brothers who fought against and defeated the group of the dragon. On the contrary, the earth and the sea are in trouble now because the devil has gone down to them. They’re the betrayed chosen people in the tabernacle temple (Rev13:3) and the world where belonged to the beast (Dan7:1-3, 17). The dragon is filled with fury because he knows that his time – before the day he will be trapped in the Abyss – is short (Rev20:2).

The dragon got hurled down to the earth persecuted the woman who gave a birth to the male child. The dragon blamed her for giving a birth to the male child who will reign the whole world, threatening his position. Therefore, she fled to the desert, given the two wings of a great eagle and was taken care of for a time, times and a half a time, which is 1,260 days. The desert is a barren land where there’s no water, which is the word of truth in the Bible. Being taken care of means she learned the gentile’s doctrines in that barren land.

The serpent, dragon, tried to sweep away that woman by spewed water like a river, but the earth helped the woman by opening its mouth and swallowing the river. The water means the word in the Bible and since the serpent wanted to get rid of the head pastor of the first tabernacle, this is the false doctrines and words of slander. However, the congregation members of the first tabernacle that has betrayed covered their pastor’s fault after hearing the words of slander. This means the earth helped the woman.

Since he failed to kill both the male child and his mother, the dragon was enraged. He stood on the shore of the sea, preparing the battle against the rest of her offspring – those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus. Those rest of her offspring means the one who overcomes and his brothers who defeated the dragon. The shore of the sea is the numerous members in the world (Dan7:1-3, 17). The dragon is using his members in the world to fight the one who overcomes and his brothers once more. This battle takes place in Armageddon in Rev16, the third round of war.

The conclusion is, the woman who was clothed with the sun, the moon, and stars gives birth to a male child in front of the dragon and fled to the desert. The male child and his brothers fight against and defeat the dragon with the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. Defeating the dragon, they become the victorious people. From that moment, “now”, God’s salvation, kingdom, power, and authority fulfills. Then, the one who overcomes become New Spiritual Israel. He harvests and seals people and create God’s new kingdom, the twelve tribe of Israel. This is the final destination of Revelation and God’s ultimate purpose.

Jeong Chun-seok, the tribe leader of Matthew Tribe, closes the lecture by saying this: ”Many people are becoming one with this word, through this Revelation seminar. Being one with the word is being one with God and Jesus. Now, let us all one become through this word. WE ARE ONE!”

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  1. This online Revelation seminar was a beacon of hope during these unsettling times. Shincheonji explained Revelation without cost through seminars broadcast in 138 countries/24 languages to millions of people. This is surely the hand of God at work♥️


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