[Revelation Chapter 9] Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant

This chapter covers two trumpet sounds, but many things happen whenever the trumpet sounds. Please be sure to read Rev 9 before reading further!

Seung Ju Lee, the tribe leader of Simon teaches Rev 9 today.

As we learned in Rev 8, the trumpet implies God’s worker who works with the spirit. Also, the members who ran away from Babylon with the seed of faith became trumpets. They proclaim the fact that the spirits of the betrayed chosen people who were kicked out in Rev 6 are gradually being killed, one third at a time.

God gave betrayers a chance to repent by telling their sins and flaws by the trumpet sounds (Isa58:1, Isa1:27, Mt24:31). Still, this trumpet sound isn’t for any time. The trumpets are blown after the chosen people were judged, driven out, then became one with the gentiles in Rev 6.

Picture for a better understanding of the incident when the fifth trumpet sounded.

Therefore, the fifth trumpet is sounded in Rev 9. When this was blown, a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth received the key to the shaft of the Abyss. Then, it opened the Abyss. Opening it, locusts came out with the smoke and harmed people who weren’t sealed by God. They only tortured people for five months, not killing them. People wanted to die, but they couldn’t.

The locust doesn’t look like normal locusts. They rather looked like humans with wings, lions’ teeth, and scorpions’ tails. They even wore breastplates and crowns and had a king. What are those supposed to be? We can’t even call them ‘locust’ if we think of them as literal things. Of course, they don’t look like that in the reality. Then, how will they appear in the fulfillment? Let’s find out together.

What are these all about? As we talked about, the trumpet sounds to the sixth trumpet proclaims the fact that the betrayed chosen people are judged and killed by the gentiles. This one is also about judgment.

First, the star that had fallen from the sky is one of the destroyers that destroys the betrayers. In Rev13:6, Heaven was the tabernacle. Therefore, this destroyer is from the seven golden lampstand tabernacle who became one with other destroyers. This had happened already, therefore, this star had appeared. We’ll call him “Mr. Serpent” from now on.

The reality of the star that had fallen from the sky and the Abyss: Mr. Serpent and Steward’s Education Center.

The Abyss here is a bottomless pit, which means where Satan dwells. Also, the organization of the destroyers who were used by the evil spirits (Rev20:2-3, 7, Rev18:2-3). ‘Key’ in the Bible is a parable for wisdom and knowledge (Lk11:52). The star came up with an idea to bring destroyers to the tabernacle with his wisdom. The reality of the Abyss and the locusts were seven pastors from Steward’s Education Center.

With the invitation of Mr. Serpent, the false pastors came into the tabernacle, spreading the false doctrine. On the contrary to the smoke of the incense (which meant the sound of prayers) in Rev8:3-4, the smoke from the Abyss was the cries of Satan’s false pastors shouting false doctrines. Because of the smoke, the sun and the air were darkened. In Gen37:9-11, Jacob’s family, the origin of Israel, as compared to the sun, the moon, and stars. The sun here means the pastor. That means, since the false pastors spread and taught false doctrine to the tabernacle, the pastor couldn’t teach the truth. Also, the spirits of the congregation members of the tabernacle were darkened because there’s no spiritual food.

Now, let’s move on to the locusts. These are the destroyers from Steward’s Education Center as we talked about before. They were told to harm only the people without God’s seal. “Seal” means the word in Job33:16 and Jn3:31-34. They’re people who don’t have the word of testimony.

The verses say that their faces are like humans and their teeth were like lions’ teeth. In God’s vision, ‘human’ is a person who understands God, which is chosen person. The expression that their faces resembled human faces means, they’re pretending to be chosen people (Rev2:9). They came in wearing masks of chosen people, but their teeth were like lions. The chosen people were often compared to the lambs. They brought false doctrines to wolf down those lambs.

As they were described as war horses, they were wearing iron breastplates. In Eph6:10-17, the believers we’re told to put on the full armor of God, which is the word of God. On the contrary, they’ve fully equipped Satan’s doctrine. They were so stubborn that they don’t even listen to the truth.

These locusts even have wings They’re destroyers’ helpers that worked like wings.

Their scorpion-like tails torment people for five months. The tail was described as false prophets in Isa9:15, Rev12:3-4, and Rev13:14-15. Tormenting people means people in the tabernacle are in agony because they had to listen to the false doctrines that kill the spirits.

If you’ve been interested in fantasy novels, you might hear about this name: Abaddon or Apollyon. The king of the locusts in this chapter has those names. He was the leader of the false pastors who control all false pastors. He’s the head pastor of Steward’s Education Center. We’ll call him ‘Mr. Earth’ from now on. He’ll appear again as the Great Prostitute, later in Rev17.

To sum up, one destroyer let seven destroyers from Steward’s Education Center to the Seven Golden Lampstands Tabernacle. Those false pastors tormented the congregation members by preaching the false doctrines, while the destroyers were pretending to be the chosen people.

The picture for a better understanding of the incident when the sixth trumpet sounded.

Now, the sixth angel sounds his trumpet. This trumpet proclaimed that four bound angels at the great river Euphrates were released and they’re ready to kill a third of men. Why were angels bound? In Jd1:6, sinned angels were bound in the darkness. These angels were released in Revelation to kill people. In 2Pet2:4, those fallen angels were sent to hell. The angels were bound at the river Euphrates, the river implied hell in 2Pet2:4.

Those angels didn’t kill people at any time, they set the very hour, day, month, and year to kill. This was the day of destruction, which was the day when the tabernacle people received the mark of the beast in Rev13. It was also already fulfilled on 14:00, Sep. 20th, 1981.

John heard that those angels brought two hundred million mounted troops. What are those? As we saw before, in Isa31:3, the horses in the Bible are flesh. In Hab3:8, God rode the horse to punish the rivers. Those mounted troops were flesh and spirits that belonged to the sinned angels.

The picture for a better understanding of the incident when the mounted troops killed a third of men.

Do you remember how the locusts didn’t look like locusts at all? Those horses don’t look like regular horses. The heads of the horses were on their tails and resembled the heads of lions. What’s worse, their mouths breathed fire, smoke, and sulfur and killed a third of men. Even chimera doesn’t look twisted like this. Horses and the riders wore fiery red, dark blue, and yellow as sulfur breastplates. Those colorful breastplates stood for various false doctrines they were armed with (Rev17:4).

Their heads were like lions’ heads. Those heads were there to swallow the congregation members who were like lambs (Rev13). They breathed fire and the smoke. As we learned before, fire and smoke are words. Since they breathed them to kill people, they implied toxic false doctrines that kill the spirits inside people. At that time, a third of betrayed members of the tabernacle were killed.

These ‘horse’ heads were lion heads and even on their tails. What does this mean? Tail in Isa9:15 implies false prophet. There were false prophets that were attached to the destroyers like tails. These tails were 17 evangelists from the tabernacle who became the gentile pastors by just being one laying on their heads. They made pastors by declaring them as pastors. How simple is that?

The heads on those tails meant there were head pastors among those false prophets – the reality of those heads were head pastors of Steward’s Education Center.

When a third of tabernacle members were killed spiritually, still, they won’t repent. The tabernacle back then was in a lawless state. They didn’t stop worshiping demons, idols and didn’t repent their magic arts, murder, sexual immorality, and theft. In the tabernacle, people were following the false pastors while listening to the false doctrines – behaviors like these are like worshiping demons and idols and committing adulteries. They did magic arts and committed murder and theft. This means the members handed over other members to the death, hating each other while becoming one with the destroyers. They prophesied the false prophecy and sought bribery. They even helped destroyers rob God’s belongings.

They became criminals to God and a third of them were spiritually killed, but they didn’t repent at all! How despicable is that? Spoilers ahead, but they don’t repent till the end ☹

In conclusion, the chosen people of the tabernacle became one with the destroyers and God wanted them to repent, still, they didn’t repent even though they were slaughtered spiritually by the destroyers while the fifth and sixth trumpets sounded.

The lecturer Seung Ju Lee, the tribe leader of Simon ended the lecture by saying, “Let us become one in God and one in word.” He added that what we longed for was heaven, eternal life, and becoming one family with God and Jesus. He remarked, “We are one in God and Jesus.” WE ARE ONE!

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  1. Shincheonji’s Revelation seminar is a beacon of hope in these unsettling times. Shincheonji is freely explaining Revelation, chapter by chapter, to millions of people in 138 countries and 24 languages. This must be the work of God. I’ll tune in to the special lecture by Chairman Lee on the 27th👍


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