[Revelation Chapter 7] Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant

Before reading this, please be sure to read Rev 7. This chapter is especially important in Revelation, therefore, I want you to fully understand the content.

The lecturer for Rev7 is Lee Ki-won, the leader of John Tribe of Shincheonji.

Revelation chapter seven is right after the event of Rev 6. In the previous chapter, the sun, moon, and stars, which are chosen people who betrayed God and Jesus, were darkened and fell – destroyed by the destroyers who belong to Satan. Since the only kingdom on the earth was destroyed, God must build a new one. He recreates the new kingdom of heaven on the earth in Rev7.

We can see how God creates his new kingdom from verses 1 to 8. Four angels hold the winds to seal 144,000. As we learned before, the word is God (Jn1:1). Sealing on God’s servants’ forehead with God’s name means the chosen pastor who has God’s word teaches people. Those people receive and record God’s word on their minds and hearts and it’s called seal in the Bible.

In the verses, angels say “(…) until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants (…)”. Who are ‘we’ here?

In the spiritual realm, they imply angels. Still, angels can’t work alone in the physical realm. Therefore, they must work through flesh – The pastor who ate the open scroll (Rev10:8-11) and 12 tribe leaders who were taught by him.

It’s nice to be approved by God that we have God’s word and we’re his. Still, there’s not only God’s seal (mark). There are people who receive Satan’s mark, 666. It implies that the receiver of the mark belongs to Satan. Whose mark should we receive? These marks lead to two different results: heaven and hell.

Then, what’s this seal of God, exactly? Will receiving any word from the Bible do?

No, the believers must be sealed with the New Covenant (Lk22:14-20, Heb8:10-12), the prophecy and fulfillment of Revelation.

In verses 5 to 8, it says, 12,000 people from each tribe. This “sealing 144,000 from each tribe” sounds very new to some believers. Still, creating God’s new nation was promised from Jeremiah’s age.

God promised through Jeremiah that he will sow two kinds of seeds in Jer31:27. After 600 years, Jesus came and fulfilled the prophecy (Mt13:24-30). The purpose of sowing seeds is to harvest. He promised to come back to harvest the grown seeds at the second coming. Then, Rev7 and 14 were fulfilled by harvesting and sealing the 144,000.

The twelve tribes of Shincheonji are testing their Biblical knowledge to check if they’re sealed.

144,000 still sounds new. Who are they?

They’re people who are sealed with Revelation (Heb8:10-12). Since they have God’s word in their hearts, they’re able to teach: They’re the pastors of the New Spiritual Israel (Mal2:). They’re God’s servants who will reign (=preach and administrate) for ever and ever (Rev22:3-5). The reality today is sealed 144,000 from twelve tribes of Shincheonji. If you noticed, the names of each tribe are after Jesus’ 12 disciples. It’s because Jesus promised that twelve disciples will judge the twelve tribes of Israel at the renewal of all things (Mt19:28). In Rev11:15, it says twelve apostles’ names are on the twelve foundations of the Holy City, the new Jerusalem as well.

Rev7 foretells what happens after sealing 144,000. John sees a great multitude wearing white, coming out of the great tribulation. They came from every nation, tribe, people, and language, which means different places in the religious world. They wore robes after washing them with the Lamb’s blood. If it were physical blood, it should be the great multitude in red. However, as you might guess, washing the robes with the Lamb’s blood is not a literal thing. They washed their deeds and hearts with the words of Jesus, then came out to praise God and Jesus.

The picture of the Holy City new Jerusalem coming down to the new heaven and new earth for your better understanding.

As they serve God in his temple day and night, God spreads his tent over them. Spreading God’s tent over the great multitude means God, Jesus, angels, and the Holy City new Jerusalem come down on the new heaven and the new earth in the physical realm (Shincheonji 12 tribes) as also in Rev21:1-3. God’s purpose to recover his eternal nation finally will come true at that moment.

In Rev7:17, the Lamb will be their shepherd and lead them to springs of living water. The water of life means the word that gives eternal life (Jn4:14). Then, someone has to preach this word to people. That’s the spring of the living water. The spring is the throne of God and Jesus and the one who overcomes (Rev3:21, Prov10:11).

Verse 16 says never again will they hunger and thirst. The sun will not beat upon them, nor any scorching heat. It means since they have the word of God, they’ll never be deceived by, or marked by Satan.

The Bible promised God’s new nation is the new spiritual Israel twelve tribes – 144,000 and the great multitude in white. Let’s become one with this organization and be saved.

The blood of Jesus is the revealed word: the fulfillment of Revelation today. Let’s become children of God by atoning our sins by receiving Jesus’ blood – the revealed word.

The lecturer, Lee Ki-won, the tribe leader of John Tribe, ended the lecture by saying that he believes that we’re one in God and Jesus. “WE ARE ONE!”

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