[Revelation Chapter 6] Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant

Before reading further, please make sure to read Rev6. Revelation might be new to you and this seminar is for believers and pastors, so you can find it difficult when you listen to it without knowing the content of Revelation.

Today’s lecturer was Lee Jae-sang, Leader of Thomas Tribe. He introduced his life of faith and surprisingly, he attended the Revelation seminar before he started going to Shincheonji. The seminar he attended was about Revelation chapter one to twenty-two. The lecturer was chairman of Shincheonji, Lee Man Hee. Unlikely this seminar we’re attending, that seminar was only held for five days. Lee Jae-sang was so surprised because of the word he never heard before and filled with joy. Now, he wants to share the joy of knowing Revelation with you.

Then, the lecture began. Tribe leader Lee summarized Rev6 before covering the content of Rev6. This chapter is about judging the chosen people and the judgment was done when Jesus opened the seal of the book of Revelation. The chosen people sinned as explained in Rev2 and Rev3. Jesus wanted them to repent, therefore, he sent letters to them through John, still, they didn’t repent. The result of betraying God and Jesus and not repenting is Rev6. Six out of seven seals were opened in this chapter and the punishment was done six times to the betrayers.

Still, what’s the seal? Why the judgment starts whenever the seal is opened? What’s to do with the seal and the judgment?

First, the sealed scroll means that the prophecy was hidden with parables. It’s hidden until it is fulfilled. Since Revelation was written by God and sealed by himself with seven seals, no one in the world could open or read the book. The Lamb, Jesus, was the only one who could open because he won.

Opening seal means fulfilling and revealing Revelation that had been hidden with parables. Opening seals one by one, the fulfillment emerges one by one. In Rev8, finally, the seventh seal was opened. The one who only saw and heard the fulfillment of Revelation is New John, the chosen pastor.

In Rev6, four living creatures appear when Jesus opened the seals. Those are four Archangels. In Zec6:1-5, there are red, black, white, and dappled horses coming out. Ezekiel also saw four living creatures in Ezk1. Four Archangels were described as four living creatures, chariots, and horses in the prophecies. In Rev6, there is the white, red, black, and pale horse. They’re coming out to judge the chosen people who betrayed God and Jesus. The colors of horses are different because their duties are different from the others.

Below is what happens when Jesus opens each seal.

From 1st to 4th seals, horses and riders appear. Riders are the spirits and the horses are the workers who work together with the spirits.

1. White horse and its rider
When the first seal is opened, Jesus appears while riding a white horse and with a bow in his hand. He judges the chosen people who betrayed. They betrayed and became one with Satan, still, they didn’t repent their deeds. Therefore, Jesus judges them with God’s word (Jn12:48). The rider on a white horse is a conqueror bent on conquest. It means just as Jesus had overcome the world at the first coming (Jn16:33), he defeats Satan at the second coming when Revelation is fulfilled.

2. Red horse and its rider

When the second seal is opened, a rider appears riding on a red horse with a large sword. This sword is a word that judges (Rev2:16). He received power to take peace from the earth and make men slay each other. This isn’t a physical fight, it means the rider makes the betrayed congregation members hate each other. They give each other to the Nicolaitans, the destroyer, leading their soul to die spiritually (Mt10:21).

3. Black horse and its rider

When the third seal is opened, a rider appears riding on a black horse with scales in his hand. Scales are for measuring. The scales here measure the faith and deeds of the believers. God measures a believer’s heart with his word (Prov24:12, 1Sam2:3). The rider says, “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!”

A quart of wheat for a day’s wages and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages means that there is the seed of faith that is remaining when Jesus judges with his unchanging word (Rev3:4-5).
In Rev11:3-4, two witnesses are called ‘two olive trees’. Olive trees produce olive oil and witness’ say the testimony of what they’ve seen. In Jn15:1, Jesus calls himself a true vine. Vines produce wine. Jesus says Jesus’ testimony. Therefore, “Do not damage the oil and the wine” means do not hurt witnesses who testify what they’ve witnessed and the words of Jesus.

4. Pale horse and its rider

When the fourth seal is opened, a rider appears riding on a pale horse. His name is Death and Hades follows behind him. He received power to kill a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine, and plague, and by the beast of the earth.

This rider has a name: Death. It means he was appointed to carry a task to kill. Because he kills, Hades follows behind him to swallow the dead spirits. The spirits are killed by the beast of the earth. It appears in Rev13:11 and it’s a destroyer who is used to judge the betrayers. It belongs to Hades and it tramples on the Seven Golden Lampstand tabernacle and marks the congregation members with 666 (Rev13, Rev17).

The rider kills a fourth of the earth also with sword, famine, and plague. It means a fourth of betrayed tabernacle members are spiritually killed with the sword (word of judgment, Eph6:17), famine (no word to nourish, Am8:11), and plague (killing the spirits).

5. The souls under the altar

When the fifth seal is opened, the souls, of those who had been slain because of the word of God and testimony, under the altar plead for avenging their blood. This means the martyrs pleaded in front of God’s throne to punish Satan because he killed the innocent God’s workers.

They were told to wait a little longer and given white robes. There’s a time for judging Babylon, which is the dwelling place for demon. They have to wait until then. Giving the white robes to them means that the martyrs’ actions were acknowledged as righteous (Rev19:8).

They were told that “wait until the number of their fellow servants and brothers who were to be killed as they had been was completed.” Fellow servants and brothers here are betrayers: pastors and members of the Seven Golden Lampstand tabernacle. They were also chosen by God and Jesus as the martyrs did. The difference was people in Seven Golden Lampstand didn’t keep the promise.

6. The sun, moon, and stars were darkened and fallen

The sun, moon, and stars here mean the chosen people (Gen37:9-11). Therefore, heaven is where they serve God – their tabernacle. The reality of the sun, moon, and stars are the pastor, evangelists, and members. They once belonged to God, but they received judgment because they betrayed God and didn’t repent. They were thrown to the earth – they now belong to gentiles (Rev13, Gal3:3).

Mountain and island were moved from its place mean that their branch churches now belong to the gentiles. Until then, the betrayers didn’t repent.

Rather, they stuck to the gentiles and want them to hide them from the wrath of the Lamb. This is hiding in caves, among the rocks of the mountains. They chose to rely on the gentile pastors and belong to the gentile organizations. Due to their corrupted behavior, breaking the promise, worshiping the gentile gods, and committing adultery, they were banished to the gentiles.

After this judgment, God and Jesus harvest and seal people to create the new nation, 12 tribes. New Heaven and New Earth, Shincheonji, is the promised place where God and Jesus dwell.

Closing the lecture, Lee Jae-sang, Thomas tribe leader emphasized that we’re one in God and Jesus. He advised the audiences to listen to the seminar till the end to gain complete faith and be precious people, who will be in the grace of God and Jesus. He ended the lecture by shouting “WE ARE ONE!” I also hope you listen to this seminar to the end and learn the reality of Revelation. WE ARE ONE!

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  1. This online Revelation seminar is a beacon of hope during these unsettling times. Shincheonji is explaining Revelation without cost through seminars broadcast in 138 countries/24 languages to millions of people. This is surely the hand of God helping us in these tough times❤️


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