[Revelation Chapter 4-5] Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant

Hi all, have you read Rev4 and 5 before clicking this post? If you haven’t, don’t rush reading it. I recommend you to read the chapters first.
Following the wide paced Shincheonji online Revelation seminar, we came to Rev chapter 4 and 5. The lecturer was instructor Lee Jung-woo from Peter Tribe.

Instructor Lee introduced himself before beginning the lecture. He was a believer who served the church diligently. He didn’t have any concern about his life of faith until he saw a leaflet. It said that if you receive the mark of the beast, you’ll go to hell no matter what. He learned that receiving the mark of the beast will make him go to hell, but he didn’t know what the mark is. After that, a friend of his recommended him to listen to the word from Shincheonji. Through that, he was able to learn what the mark was by listening to the clear testimony. The testimony was according to the Bible. That’s how his life of faith in Shincheonji began.

After introducing himself, the instructor Lee taught Revelation chapter 4 and 5. Both chapters take place in the spiritual realm. Chapter 4 explains how the image and the structure of God’s throne look like in the spiritual realm. Chapter 5 explains how the sealed Revelation is passed to those in the spiritual realm.

Rev4:1 says “After this”. Before Rev4:1, Jesus told John to send Jesus’ letters to the seven golden lampstand churches, therefore, John sent the letters. “After this” in Rev4:1 means “After John sending the letters”. Jesus wanted John to see the events that will take place in the entire events in Revelation, therefore, he called John to the spiritual realm. John went up to the spiritual realm and saw the image and the structure of God’s throne. Below is the illustration to make it easier to understand.

Through the open door among twelve doors, John entered. Below is the true meaning of what John saw:

(1) God sitting on the throne.

(2) 24 elders sitting around God’s throne. (They’re in charge of administration)

(3) Lightning, peals of thunder, rumbling = The spirits moved fast like lightning / God giving commands to fulfill Revelation.

(4) Seven lamps blazing before God’s throne = Seven messengers before God’s throne. (They educate with God’s word, see and report to God)

(5) Sea of glass = Open scroll before God’s throne. The word washes the inner person.

(6) Four living creatures = Four archangels. (They’re like military officers: they work in the war and judge)

– They look like a lion, an ox, an eagle, and a man. Their appearances are different because their tasks are different.

(7) Eyes covering four living creatures = Heavenly army, the angels

(8) Six wings of four living creatures = six elders that help archangels. (They’re always with four living creatures.)

Now that we learned how the real kingdom of heaven looks like, we’re eager to go to the kingdom of heaven. However, we don’t have to go. According to the Bible, the kingdom of heaven comes to us. The important thing is, ‘when’ and ‘where’ it will come. It comes to the new heaven and new earth where the one who overcomes is when Revelation is fulfilled. (Rev1:8, Rev21, Rev3:12, 21)

The reason why Jesus showed the kingdom of heaven in the spiritual realm to John is he wanted John to create the kingdom of heaven on earth. (Mt6:10, Ex25:8-9, Jn5:19, Rev4, Rev21) Therefore, Shincheonji was formed according to the image and structure of the spiritual realm.

Shincheonji twelve tribes are the only place where God and the kingdom of heaven come.

The way to go to Shincheonji is in Rev5.

The time of the fulfillment is the same as Rev4: after sending letters to seven lampstand churches.

In Rev5, there is a sealed scroll in God’s hand. In the Old Testament prophecy, sealed scrolls are prophecies of the future event that weren’t fulfilled yet. Therefore, no one was able to understand the content even if they could read (Isa29:9-14). This sealed scroll has time to be fulfilled (Hab2:2-3). When it is fulfilled, one pastor who received the opened scroll delivers (Ezk1-3). When it was fulfilled, Jesus was the one who fulfills the Old Testament prophecies and delivers the fulfillment.

What is the seven-sealed scroll that God has? God hid his will in Revelation with parables, therefore, Revelation was written in parables to avoid Satan to understand it and thwart God’s plan. The strategy was successful, but some pastors ‘interpret’ Revelation, while Revelation says if you add or take away from this book, you won’t be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. We must learn well to enter heaven.

There’s only one who’s able to open the scroll: Jesus (Rev22:16). Opening the scroll means fulfilling the prophecy. Jesus opens six seals in Rev6 and opens the 7th seal in Rev7. What gives him the authority to fulfill the prophecy is overcoming the world (Jn16:33, Eph2:2). Overcoming the world (defeating Satan) means Satan’s secret. If one knows who’s Satan, he won’t be deceived by Satan.

There’s a witness who saw everything and testify when Jesus opens the seal (Am3:7).

How the sealed scroll in God’s hand can be delivered to us? Here’s the process.

God -> Jesus -> Angel -> John -> Servants (Rev1:1)

(1) Sealed scroll in God’s hand (Rev5)

(2) Jesus takes the scroll and opens seals (Rev6, Rev8).

(3) Gave it to the angel and the angel gives it to John. John eats the word (Rev10).

(4) John delivers the word to the servants. They are harvested and sealed with the word (Rev14, 7).

The elders and four living creatures sing the new song. The song says that Jesus purchased the kingdom and the priest through his blood for his father. Didn’t Jesus’ blood save all humanity as he died on the cross? The blood he shed 2,000 years ago is used to save people in Revelation.

The night before his death, Jesus made the New Covenant through his blood. He said that we won’t eat Passover food until this Passover is fulfilled in the kingdom of God. The Passover food was the word of Jesus’ blood. The reason why we can’t eat the Passover food is that he’ll not be with us until he comes back to fulfill God’s kingdom.

Therefore, the effect of the blood of the lamb, Jesus, appears at the second coming (Rev5:9-10, Rev1:5-6, Rev7:14, Rev12:11)

Both chapters introduce one pastor who saw and heard God’s will and word. Only one person can testify the word. Believers who wish to enter heaven and live with God forever must find the person.

We’re facing difficulty now, still, we are one in God. We should become one with the word. This is the peace. The instructor remarked that let us become one as the kingdom of heaven where there is freedom, peace, and love. Let us become one and wash our sins. WE ARE ONE!

2 thoughts on “[Revelation Chapter 4-5] Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant

  1. Wow Thank you for making Rv 4 &5 clear to me. It’s amazing to learn what heaven looks like in the Spiritual realm in Rv4. Also to see how the sealed book in God’s right hand is opened by Jesus in Rv 5. This is truly Amazing to clearly know what these chapters are saying. Took 50 yrs to finally understand. Thank you❤️ 🌿🙏🏾


  2. This news is a beacon of hope during these unsettling times. Shincheonji is explaining the book of Revelation without cost through online seminars broadcast in 138 countries/24 languages to millions of people via YouTube. This is the hand of God helping us in these tough times!❤️


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