[Revelation Chapter 1] Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant

Shincheonji Online Revelation Seminar finally began! For curious people, I’ll deliver the content of each lesson. Since this is for believers and pastors who are curious about Revelation, its pace is a bit wide. I recommend you to read the related chapter before reading one. If you’re ready, let’s begin.

[Revelation Chapter 1] Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant

The first lecturer is the chairman of Shincheonji, Man Hee Lee. He’s the witness who saw and heard the fulfillment of Revelation from chapter one. Even though his age passed 90, his voice delivering Revelation was sprightful as young men’s.
Before the lecture, he introduced himself that he is not Jesus and he was only a humble farmer. He didn’t graduate theology school or was evangelized by some person. He was guided by a star to his life of faith and only testified what he saw and heard about the fulfillment of Revelation.

After introducing himself, he began to explain Revelation chapter 1 verse by verse.
The content of chapter one was John, God’s promised pastor, must testify everything he saw and heard about Revelation. This prophecy has steps of delivery and the final destination of Revelation are the servants in conclusion. The revelation was given to build the kingdom of heaven on earth, the same as the kingdom of heaven in the spiritual realm and the servants must know the content of Revelation.

He added Rv1:1-8 is the summary of the whole Revelation. Its contents say that John was chosen by Jesus to send letters to seven messengers (and he sends them in Rv chapter 2 and 3). In Rv1:5-6, even kingdom and priest purchased by Jesus’s blood was mentioned. Also, mysteries in Revelation were mentioned in verse 7 (So many contents were contained within 8 verses!). Man Hee Lee emphasized the importance of knowing the mysteries of Revelation. He quoted Rv21 that God’s kingdom will be fulfilled by God on earth. Then, he reminded the believers of the purpose of faith: Heaven and living with God forever. (Editor’s comment: If we don’t know the fulfillment, we can’t find the kingdom of heaven, where God dwells.) He finished the lecture with his plead to pastors that they must teach the revealed word to their members to guide them to heaven. He also encouraged them by saying whoever has this word is one in God. “In God and Jesus, WE ARE ONE!”

Chairman of Shincheonji, Man Hee Lee was sprightful as ever. He looked like he truly wants the believers and pastors to become one in the revealed word and go to heaven together. That’s what I want. 🙂 I hope this word of truth spreads to the farthest and everyone is saved in the name of Jesus.

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  1. This news is a beacon of hope during these unsettling times. 36,000 people, including 2000 pastors, attended the Shincheonji Online Bible seminars in August and September 2021, with thousands applying for their follow-up course to study the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation for free. Moreover, Shincheonji is now explaining the book of Revelation without cost through online seminars that are being broadcast in 138 countries and 24 languages via YouTube to millions of people. This is surely the hand of God helping us in these troubling times!❤️


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