Georgia News Day Also Knows Shincheonji’s Online Revelation Seminar! Spread the Word!

It’s the 2nd week of Shincheonji’s Online Revelation Seminar. If you don’t know what is going on, please check this post. Starting from 18th Oct., Chairman and tribe leaders of Shincheonji explain clearly about Revelation to 27th Dec.

This news is reported also by Georgia News Day! Check this out.

This article is introducing the information of the seminar. Please visit the link for more information.

I can’t believe they openly teach the very fulfillment for everyone. The meaning and the fulfillment of Revelation are available for everyone, for free.

What’s the catch? Its pace is very wide. They cover one or two chapters for each lecture. Shincheonji teaches Revelation twice a week, therefore, they finished the second lecture last week. Still, they’ve already taught chapter 3.

It’d be better if you read Revelation before listening to it. It’ll help your understanding of the meaning and the fulfillment of Revelation. Or, you’ll have time to discern if the content is according to the Bible or not.

As the article introduces, it’s on the Shincheonji Official Youtube! If you’re interested, please visit here.

Rev Chapter 1

Rev Chapter 2-3

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