[Primary 1] The Parables of the Secrets of Heaven

When you’re successfully keeping your new year’s resolution to read the whole Bible, you may meet Matthew 13: sooner or later. Jesus used many parables when he testified about the kingdom of heaven. If you had been focused on the contents of the Bible while you were reading the Bible enough, you’ll notice that the idea of ‘going to the kingdom of heaven’ was new back then. Then, shouldn’t Jesus tell them easiest as possible to the audiences? Why did he even make it difficult to understand by using parables?

There are two reasons:

First, God prophesied through the Old Testament prophet that a person will tell the secrets of the kingdom of heaven in parables in Ps78:1-4. Jesus was the one who will tell the secrets of the kingdom of heaven in parables, therefore, he did it to fulfill the prophecy.

The second reason was to hide the secret of the kingdom of heaven from Jesus’ enemies (Mt13:10-15). At the first coming of Jesus, Jesus was considered as heresy and people wanted to kill him. What made people wanted to kill Jesus is the spirits in them. Since his rebellion, Satan’s job was thwarting God’s plan. If the enemy, Satan, and his people, knows the secret of the kingdom of heaven, they’ll be able to ruin God’s plan to build the kingdom of heaven on the earth. Therefore, Jesus hid it from his enemies in parables. It’s like hiding the important messages in secret codes.

Then, why do we need to know the secret of the kingdom of heaven in parables? What are the perks of knowing the meaning of parables?

The result of those who understands and doesn’t understand the parables differs from heaven to hell. When a person understands the parable, their sins will be atoned. Then, they’ll be able to see and enter the kingdom of heaven. When a person doesn’t understand the parable, they won’t be able to find the kingdom of heaven because they didn’t receive salvation.

If it’s a matter of heaven and hell, we must know! However, how do we find the answers for the parables? When and who will give the answers?

Jesus told his disciples that he will send another counselor. When the time comes, he will speak plainly about God’s secret, which is the secret of the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, what we must do is finding the counselor who was sent by Jesus when the prophecy written in parable fulfilled and its reality.

What do we need to know? For some denominations, pastors tell their members not to read Revelation because knowing about it might harm them when they don’t understand the book. Does it make sense? There are three mysteries in Revelation and believers who wish to be saved must know what they mean.

1. Mystery of the seven stars and the seven golden lampstands in Rv1:20.

2. Mystery of the beast with seven heads and ten horns in Rv17:7.

3. Mystery of the seventh trumpet in Rv10:7.

If we don’t know the meaning of any of those above, can we see the fulfillment of those parables? Can we accept Jesus’ Second Coming and enter the kingdom of heaven? If you’re a believer who wishes to go to the kingdom of heaven and live happily with God, we need to learn the new language: the language of the kingdom of heaven, which is parables.

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The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life. (Rev 22:17)

Come, don’t hesitate to hear more about it.

One thought on “[Primary 1] The Parables of the Secrets of Heaven

  1. There’s minimal solid teaching on the Bible these days, especially on Revelation. I feel fortunate reading and watching this post/video. I look forward to tuning into Shincheonji Church’s explanation of the Book of Revelation on 18th October😃❤️


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