2nd Shincheonji Online Bible Seminar Ended Successfully

If you’re paying attention to Christian news in Korea even a bit, you’d know that the COVID 19 pandemic was a great threat to churches. Many churches were closed and the members are decreasing in number… except for one church: Shincheonji. Rather, Shincheonji members are growing in number in the exact same situation. What’s the difference? Even though the negative reputation of the church, curiosity gets ahead.

Shincheonji opened the 2nd Online Bible Seminar this year on 25th Sep. Man Hee Lee, the Chairman of Shincheonji was the lecturer and he lectured on Mt 24 where explains the signs of Jesus’ Second Coming. Approximately 15,000 people participated in the online Bible seminar and around 700 were pastors. Adding up the 1st Online Bible Seminar, which was held on 14th Aug., around 30,000 people listened to this word.

Chairman Man Hee Lee introduced how he received the opened scroll and his life as a believer sincerely. After that, he pleaded to the participants, “I’m carrying out my mission that was given by Jesus to spread fulfillment of the Revelation. Please check if what I’m teaching is true or not.”

In this seminar, Chairman testified the fulfilled reality of the New Testament prophecies according to Mt 24, which is called “Little Revelation”. This book tells what will happen in Jesus’ Second Coming.
The Chairman of Shincheonji explained that the signs written in Mt 24 aren’t about physical natural disasters or wars. Rather, it’s about the spiritual event that happens in the religious world and they’re written in the parable.

For instance, Chairman Lee said, “Jerusalem means where God is. The wars on here are not physical wars from the world, but spiritual wars.”, while he was mentioning about one of the signs of Jesus’ Second Coming: ‘Wars in Jerusalem’.

He added, “The incidents happened today,” “I’m the witness who saw and heard everything from where it happened. I’m able to testify because I saw the whole fulfillment of the Revelation.”
He also emphasized several times that believers must realize God’s word and go to where they can receive salvation. He mentioned that he’d like to tell the pastors about the detailed fulfillment of the Revelation from chapter 1 to 22. “Please tell me any time when you think this is wrong after listening to this lecture,” he added.

Surprisingly, the pastors are highly interested in both online Bible seminars. About 1,700 pastors participated in Shincheonji’s online Bible seminars and many of them want to attend the Revelation lecture that will be held in October.
Are you interested in Shincheonji’s online Bible seminar? There’s only a Korean version till now, but here’s the link below.

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