[Basic Lesson 5] Basic Biblical Knowledge Lesson 3

At some point in our life, at least once, we wonder: why do people die and suffer?

Some people have been searching for the answer to the question and it is what religions are about. Many guessed various answers but didn’t find ‘the answer’ and the solution.

Are you still curious why people die? Why would God make people mortal? Why do we have to suffer? Then, this lecture is suitable for you.

Before we begin, do you believe that God reigns this world now? If you have learned the truth that Satan took over the world and ruling it, you might wonder: why would God make Satan in the first place? Does he like torturing people?

Of course not. Technically, God didn’t ‘make’ Satan. Satan is a creation, but he wasn’t Satan when he was just created. He was the most knowledgeable archangel (Ez28). God says he was glad when that angel was made. That beloved angel betrayed God because he got arrogant, wanting to become God. That’s right, we call it a ‘fallen angel’. Satan is the first fallen angel. God didn’t make him be Satan. The creation turned into Satan.

That Satan tricked Adam to give the world he was given from God to Satan. It ends up Satan ruling the world and Adam, the sinner. People were born from Adam’s sinful seed and became mortal (wages of sin is death Rom6:23). God, who is life, had left people, so they couldn’t gain life from God then perished. Since Satan is ruling the world and dirtied humans, people suffer and die under Satan.

For more detailed content, please check this video.

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